Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


people who aren't shy and like to party.


The type of person to attend Arizona State University should be someone who is looking to be pushed to their full potiental and acknowledges that they are getting an educate they are paying for. Students that genuinely care about succeeding in school and are willing to go the extra mile to do so are the type of students that walk Arizona State's campus every day.


A person that is driven and focused.


Unique individuals who are eager to learn and expand their knowledge. Students that are into art and the environment who feel the need to make a difference in their community. A student that is well-rounded and driven. Students need to have good understanding of what they want out of school and who they want to surround themselves with. This is a school that can provide unlimited resources if taken advantage by the student.


Someone who likes to party


Social, career-minded.


Any kind, it's diverse.


Arizona State is one of the largest schools in the country so it caters to anyone who desires to come here. However, the type of person who would thrive here is outgoing, hopefulT, and satisfied with the task of having to search for a cohesive community. If you are close-minded and want to experience the world, ASU is like traveling without leaving the US. The amount of study abroad students is amazing. If you want to major in humanities, do not come here. It is satisfactory, but you will not be inspired. STEM students; you will love it.




Someone who wants to get a job right out of college and someone who wants to get a real authentic college experience.


The kind of person who should attend Arizona State University is someone who has fresh ideas on how to make our world a better place. Each degree program requires an entrepreneurial segment where they teach you how you could potentially invent, refine, or grow your own business.


This school is for someone who wants the social experience of being around many different types of people and clubs while being able to focus on school and take classes that can challenge them and prepare them for a career after college.


The sort of person who should attend this school is one who is willing to work for their success. ASU is full of opportunites to be academically successful, build a strong resume, and make connections to the world outside of college, but one has to be willing to take advantage of these opportunities. They need to be able and willing to ask questions so they can clearly define the path they want to take. They also need to define what sort of college experience they want. ASU has the ability to cater what they choose.


Love meeting new people, going to parties? Love have opprotunities around nearly every corner you turn? Then I highly recommend ASU. Anybody that loves sports or wants a chance to have a good career in life should consider ASU. Even people with a highly busy schedule like myself can find a way to still be a full time student and succeed. There are so many things to do, and people from all over the world come to Arizona just for ASU!


Anyone who likes the big campus atmopshere should attend ASU. It's a great school, academic wise and has a lot of groups for everyone and anyone. We also have a great sports program too and people are very school spirited here.


Anyone that is welling to put there life on hold, so that they can have a better future.


Someone who is outgoing and enjoys a small city and an army of people willing to help them.


An individual who desires to create their own educational experience.


Arizona State University is in the top 100 universities would wide. ASU is a good college for people that do not want to pay, or can not afford the very high cost of some universities. If you like having a very large school with four locations valley wide, then this is the place. The Tempe campus is the best campus and the original location.


Well, anyone can attend whatever school they wish to, despite their personality, but since ASU is such a large school, an outgoing student would be better suited for the environment. If you are the type of person that is deathly afraid of of being in contact with tons of people in the same space, then you probably do not want to attend a huge school like ASU.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person that is very dedicated to their studies and someone that is very determined in what they want to do. A person with great educational goals set for themselves is the type of person that should attend ASU. People that want to get a good education and succeed in life should definitely attend Arizona State University.


ASU is such a large school that almost anyone can find somewhere to fit in.


Arizona State at the Tempe campus would be the perfect environment for a student looking for a large diverse community full of opportunities. The University is comprised of many smaller colleges and four fully functional campuses all in very different settings, so the options are endless. It is the perfect school for someone looking to experience the traditional American university. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and there is always something happening on campus.


This school is really for anyone who likes being put into a situation where they meeting new people. This school is very large and has many people. It is important to know because sometimes it can be overwhelming. Arizona State although is big, is very fun. Their is always something to do on campus and new people to meet. Just make sure to get involved, and find a group of people to make your own.


Everyone who wants to have a good education should apply to ASU!


Any student should attend this school who is looking for a good education. Arizona State University has some of the top professors teaching the classes. It is a large campus with many new people to meet and to learn about cultural diversity and acceptance.


Someone who wants to have a good time while getting a valuable education.


Everyone who desires knowledge and have a sufficient capability to handle the academic life as well as the relationship with others.


Someone who is outsoing and doesn't mind being around a ton of people. Also someone who can really focus on what they need to do. The school is big and many people like to go out. If you focus on your school work and what you need to do, you will be golden.


Someone who doesn't know what they want to study, or someone interested in Business, Economics, Engineering, research, Aerospace, Construction, Genetics or Nursing.


Someone who is motivated because it is easy to get distracted. Someone who is very social because there are a lot of fun things to do.


There is not a one specific person that should go to this school. Any person would be able to come here and fit in. Arizona state is very diverse and is adaptable to anyone, no matter your race or personality.


I'd suggest that students of any background should be encouraged to attend ASU. Since the campus is one of the largest in the national the diversity of every aspect allows for people to feel comfortable and accepting of others.


A person driven towards higher education should attend this school. They should be willing to attend some big classes that can have up to five-hundred students. Potential students should be self-motivated to be the best student they can be by attending classes regularly, asking questions, reading, taking notes, studying, managing time, preparing themselves for their major, not letting money be an issue, and being socially active in school.


Arizona State is a university for any student, no matter you're personality. Whether you be the book worm, athlete, slacker or party animal, ASU is for you.


A person who does not feel cramped or overcrowded in class and can be independent in their undergraduate studies when it comes to studying and pursuing tutoring if needed. Critical time management skills are needed for such a big school such as ASU and can make a difference in grades, social life, family life, and most importantly your sleep schedule. One must be ambitious and dive for educational opportunities such as volunteering or extra credit projects. Befriending teachers and teacher aids can set you up for great recommendations and internships later on in college life.


ASU is a very diverse campus, which is the main reason i chose to come here. The type of person that should attend this school is not only someone who is willing to meet new people and try different things, but someone who is serious about their education and willing to have a good time.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be someone who likes the sunshine and does not mind the dry heat. I believe this school has a large liberal view and is very environmental friendly place. If you are coming to college to have a good time then this is definitely the place. There is much to do activity wise and socially. There are a lot of outdoor activites to be invloved in due to the amount of nice weather year round.


Someone who likes an urban setting, with a lot of students. Someone who doesn't mind just being one student out of 70,000.


I believe everyone can attend this school it's just the person themselves, they have to a have certain drive and a want to continue their education. Having this want to strive more than you can ever dream can drive you to glorious lengths. I guess it requires a certain "want" that's in all current college students that attend this school. Anyone, who believes that they can do better in life can attend this school and any school for that matter. Yes, anyone can attend, it's just a matter of time when they realize what they want.


A partier who doesn't particularly care what their grades are. Or if you're research-oriented or care about solar panel energy.


One can get lost in the crowd, but the business school is pretty reputable and with such a big school there are all sorts of people here. It is a safe bet that if you are looking for any political philosophy, sport, hobby, or anything else, one can probably find it at the biggest school in the country.


Someone who is serious about learning, able to make good social choices, and able to withstand the heat.


A person who likes to interact with people and be in organizations would love this school.


Arizona State being in the top three largest universities in the United States, provides education for many kinds of people. It has so many different majors, and classes, that one could create a fulfilling education that fits them perfectly, without having to spend the time creating the environment and the classes for this education.


People who should attend Arizona state university are people looking to go in to a career of Buisness, Education, the Arts, or Journalism. These four parts with in ASU are very competative and have high expectations for their students. These programs are known to be the best with in the state. However, Arizona State is also for the students with a lot of school spirit and like to party hardy. ASU has been known as a party school too. Many people dont survive their first year from all the parting they have done. Although the ones that do survive, succeed.


One of the great aspects of Arizona State University is that wide variety of students would feel comfortable attending this school. ASU has a plethora of extra curricular activities. For example, in addition to a variety of sports for athletes to participate in, there is also a spectacular gym on campus. For artisitic students, there is a small museum on campus as well as classes involving theatre, music and paper art. However, what really makes ASU great for any student is its diversity. With over 50,000 students attending, the school is able to benefit students with virtually any interest.


Because of its size, ASU is home to almost every type of person imaginable. No matter who you are, or where you came from, you will find people you get along with at this school. As long as you show up with an open mind and desire to make friends, you will! You should also have a desire to learn and explore the many programs this school has to offer, as it is full of oppurtunities to grow and succeed.


A person who is open to alot of diversity and many different classroom structures. I have personally expierenced many different classroom settings; some of my classes ranged from 19 students to 498 students. Also, someone who wants to be involved with the community, the school pride and the tradition. At Arizona State University, I feel as though, it is an enviroment in which the students are active participants in social embeddedness and all kinds of activities.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone that wants a good education and meet friendly people. Here you learn to become much more social and you learn a lot more about many "life lessons." And the student should be open to experiences that promote independence.