Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


people who are more shy and are interested in other things beyond greek life and partying... there is a lot that is offered by asu, it's just hard to find it.


A person who thinks they can get away with "partying"


If someone doesn't want to go to a major party school, Arizona State University is not the school for you. ASU students are into football and all other types of sports, so students who are into sports would be a good fit for this university. The university does give a lot of opportunities to all students, like jobs and internships, so students who are determined and are willing to work will easily get those opportuinities at the university.


I think everyone should attend ASU. They have a program for every major and a club for every personality.


Someone who cannot learn on their own. Most professors breeze through powerpoints in lecture and are too busy to help all 200 students in the class.


ASU has a great amount of people and diversity. Every day I see tons of new people and I rarely see the same person more than once. If a student isn't comfortable with a great amount of people in and out of class, I suggest they find a smaller school that fits their needs. Classes tend to be big and I can understand that a great amount of students can be overwhelming and hard to focus on what the professor is teaching. As a student it's important to be self disciplined and stay away from distractions at ASU.


Someone who is able to put themselves out there and really make an everyday effort to meet people. There are a ton of people at the school so it is your responsibilty to go out there and make friends. I suggest someone who is driven, and hard working, because there are many social distractions that can easily hinder the abilty to make good grades, and do well in the classroom. Students need to be ready to work hard, and have a definite goal in mind.


The only people that should not attend are people who are not ready to attend for some reason.


If you are a very anti-social person that does not like to meet new people, this school is not for you. Don't like big crowds, or the high chance of being in a class of a few hundred? ASU is definitely not for you. If you are not willing to put in the work to earn that degree, or approach your instructor when you need help, you will surely fail.


Someone who hates the heat and is not willing to engage with others. This school is great for those who are willing to go out and engage with the large student body ASU posesses. If you do not take advantage of the adventures such as hiking around Tempe then you should not waste your time here either. People who are too lazy to stay on top of their shool work and balance the rest of their life will also struggle here.


Everyone should attend this school :)


Arizona State University is one of the largest in the country. It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the four campuses. I would tell someone who wants to attend a college where everyone knows each other not to go to ASU. Everyday walking around campus you see people you have never seen before. By joining clubs and making friends with classmates you can make yourself more familiar with your peers; however it is impossible to know every single student on campus.


The kind of person that should not attend my school is a person who is not willing to learn and open their minds to new ideas and new experiences.


If someone continues to fail even after gaining academic assistance, than they really aren't trying at all. That kind of person shouldn't be at ASU, and I know because I thought the same thing about me. I may have applied what I've learned now to do better this semester, but at first I wasn't trying as hard as I should have. Going to college is one of the hardest obstacles in life, and if someone isn't striving to succeed, then they shouldn't deserve the chance to better themselves.


I really don't know. In my experience, after transferring the previous semester, this school really helped me to keep it together. If it weren't for my advisor, I would have droped out.


This school is great for all different types of people. There are many campuses that ASU offers, depending on your major. If you like to be surrounded with lots of people and are constantly looking for something to do ASU is for you. If you don't like the heat then ASU is not somewhere you would want to come to school.


If a student is not willing to put the effort forth to maintain a solid grade point average and attend their classes, then they should seriously reconsider attending ASU or any college.


This school is well rounded but because it is located in a desert state, people that dont like sunshine or cannot do well in heat should stay away because that's all we have here is heat and sunshine.


I would say that Arizona State doesn't have superficial limitations on who shouldn't attend their school. Believe me when I say this school has something for everyone.


I have not yet attended, therefore, I cannot answer this question.


A person that has no ability for self-control should not attend this school. Online school is fast-paced and one must always make sure that they are up-to-date on everything or else they will fall behind. A studentl lacking self-discipline will surely fail.


a close minded, shy and unindependent person


People who are not motivated to succeed and people who do not walk through life with an open mind should not attend Arizona State University.


People who aren't willing to work hard shouldn't attend.


Students who shouldn't attend this school are anyone without a strong commitment to education, or anyone who is prejudiced and intolerant of human diversity. Many students chose to go to college for the social life, but at ASU, the academic expectations of students are high and passing required courses often requires focus, organization, and determination. Those who aren't strongly committed to their work quickly fall behind and waste their tuition money. People prejudiced against certain sexes, religions, races, or sexual orientations would also be out of place because ASU is a place where diversity is respected and embraced.


A person looking for a small school with few focuses.


A person who has trouble fending for themselves should avoid ASU. With 60,000 other students it is easy to feel washed out. Be strong and confident while you're here, and everything will be fine.


One who prefers a small intimate college setting.


This school has a lot to offer. It is culturally diverse with great professors that are professionals in the field of studies. They are very knowledgeable and accessible. The students are friendly and willing to lend a hand. The campus is large, but they are well organized and most degrees are contained to buildings or sections.


If you want a small, attentive school where ALL of your professors will know you, this is not the right school. You will get to know the professors in your major though, and it can be fun to get to know a small community within the enormous body of people that exists. Also, if you can't deal with temperatures above 100 F on a regular basis, choose a school somewhere cooler.


I feel that those that are just going to school to get an education should go somewhere else. If you don't socialize you won't feel like a part of the campus, and unfortunately socializing often requires drinking.


Someone who doesn't like social activities/partying on the weekend.


If you are easily overwhelmed, you should not attend this school. There are so many people here, but if you are not willing to step out and get to know them you will find it hard to enjoy your time here. There are a ton of groups, but they can only help you if you go to them. If you are a person who dislikes stepping out of your comfort zone or who is not willing to attend things by yourself, you should not attend ASU. If you do not like being around crowds, don't come here.


Energetic person! Anyone who wants involved alot.


If you enjoy thinking and are interested in receiving a real education then ASU is not for you. I'm here solely for the school of music which is excellent. The Honors College is a saving grace. Everything else is terrible.


Someone who enjoys small schools and doesn't like big crowds.


The kind of person that should not attend Arizona State Univesity is one who does not like being too far away from home or does not like large classes. Other than that, everything about Arizona State University suits any student because of all the major options.


A person who does not want to work hard and do the work required for the particular course. People who are looking at this college solely to party will not make it grade wise and will ultimately flunk out of Arizona State Univeristy.


I think everyone should be able to attend this school. The problem is that not everyone can afford it.


Anyone, everyone...can you tell I love my school! ASU has four major campus's and I can't think of any type of degree that isn't offered here. Anyone looking to further their education, no matter what thier field, would love it . There are many life styles to choose from, dorms, old & new, sorority life, apartment living on & off campus, something for everyone's needs. At ASU you will find access to library's computer labs, work shops, private tutoring, on line help, there is just no way that you won't succeed if you really want to.


A person that is not serious about their college education should not attend Arizona State University. This is an easy school to get in to but very strict when it comes to following the rules. The programs at this school are very competitive because of its large campus population so any student not prepared to do the necessary work to aquire a good GPA should not plan on attending this school.


I think anyone could attend this school. All types of different people come here and they are able to find what works for them.


Anyone who is suffering in high school right now, because they care very much about academia here.


If you're shy or don't like crowds, don't come to ASU.


People who do not try to become better in their lives.


A person who is intimidated easily by large groups of people or anti-social should not attend ASU. The campus is HUGE and there are thousands of people surrounding you on a daily basis as well as a large campus that can be intimidating to people who prefer small towns.


Just because of Arizona State University's sheer size, I would say that someone who's unfocused or dependent on others should not attend this school. Sometimes classes have hundreds of students, and if you aren't able to concentrate and be responsible for your own success then you will not do well. Professors with that many students have a hard time helping everyone, so if you're a person who likes individualized instruction in all of your classes then this may not be the best choice. You have to be independent!


Someone who has a problem with getting lost in the crowd should not attend ASU.


The type of person who should not attend this school is one who has poor study and organizational habits. With a fifteen week semester, a student needs to be able to stay caught up with assignments in all of their classes. Once behind, it is dificult to catch back up. Study and organizational skills are impotant when attending this university.


Someone who doesn't like to walk a lot. The campus is so huge and most people bike anyway.