Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


finding people who are more like myself. it's also hard to find anything to do that isn't related to partying. theres stuff out there it's just not shared openly to everyone.


Returning to finish my undergraduate degree as a 37 year old student while having to work full time has proven to be financially challenging. I had to abandon my pursuit of a bachelors degree halfway through my schooling at age 21. I am frustrated because I am trying to come up with the necessary funding to complete my biggest life goal of obtaining my bachelors degree without going into cripplng debt. I need help please! Thank you!


Getting on a varsity sports team.


The most fustrating thing about ASU's Tempe campus is how large it is. It has often been compared to a small town, and it is nothing new for a vistor or Freshman to get lost at least ten times before finally learning his or her way around the areas that are frequently traveled. Even Seniors have no idea where certain buildings are despite living on campus all four years.


For me, the most frustraiting thing about my school is the amount of students there are. There are a lot of students in the classes and just around campus and personally it feels a little too crowded at times. Other than that i really like attending Arizona State University.


Emphasis on sports rather than academics


The most difficult thing about ASU is the absolutely insane amount of general education classes that are required, the lack of organization in humanities major maps, and the lackluster quality of Gen Eds. I have a very hard time feeling like my guidance counselors have any truly helpful information to give me. The school boasts amazing conpliance with environmental standards, yet they generally do not even recycle when it really matters (in the cafeteria). The office that helps people settle their students account doesn't exist anymore because too much tuition money was being returned to students.


I would be nice for more online groups to socialize for the online students.


I get lost easily on such a big campus.


I am just transfering to this university and so far the tranfer process has been great. There website works very well.


The most frustrating thing that occurred throughout my career at ASU was the struggle to have one specific teacher help me through a difficult class. I went out of my way to seek help from her to succeed in a class that decided whether or not I would graduate. Unfortunately, she did not show the same enthusiasm to assist me with my struggles.


The out of state fee is ridiculous and trying to become a resident is even worse. To become a resident in a state you only have to do a few things, but in order to recieve in state tuition for ASU, there's the crazy process you have to do. I could be consider a resident in Arizona but I'd still have to pay the out of state tuition for ASU. It's just not fair and frustrating.


The cost


The Barrett honors college turns out to be an in group. I believe there may be in-group favoritism going on in the form of allocation of resources and research projects. Additionally, the application process is subjective and varies with time (one of the admissions people even agreed with me that it was).


I am not frustrated with my shcool.


The most frustrating thing about Arizona State University is the high tuition costs. I mean seriously... should it really cost over $1,500 a class when you are not even being taught by the actual professors? I do not believe they even pay the teachers assistants so what is the cost for?


The most frustrating thing about Arizona State University would have to be paying for printing copies. If the school is so big on recycling then paying for copies is unnecessary. Other college campuses allow a student a specific amount on pages to print per year. Also there are enough students who pay tuition. Some people’s tuition can cover the cost of ink. We as students pay for other things we are not aware of.


Arizona State Universitys' Tempe campus is notorious for having more students than available parking space. During certain peak hours it is virtually impossible to find a spot to park. During these times the campus parking and transit department must have a field day given how many people are parked illegally. Im not certain if the Tempe campus is trying to phase out the idea of people commuting to school or if they just want to control the amount of vehicular traffic on the campus. One way or another, if you plan to commute to school, leave your home early.


The most frustating thing here at ASU is the amount of money they charge in additional fees (seperate from tuition costs) especially for Civil Engineering majors. We have to pay an additional $700 per year just for a hands on project that we only do for 6 weeks. Other than that, I love it here at Arizona State as a Civil Engineering major.


Nothing. I absolutely love it here.


The most frustrating thing is the school internet. When you are working on your work projects, you need internet and basically all you work comes from researching. The internet and school tech support are slow.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that every thing is done by computer. For example, whenever I go to the student service building they never directly help me out but rather send me to some site on the computer where there are instructions to do it for myself. It frustrates me because I do not feel as if they are really guiding me in the right direction and I would rather them help me on a one-to-one level as opposed to doing eveything alone on the computer.


It is hard to get the necessary classes you need


It is really hard to navigate the financial part of the ASU website. I always have a hard time trying to figure out what financianl aid I have and what has been accepted and how much I owe, etc.


It is a huge campus and difficult to get around.


The most frustrating thing is that we only have 15 minutes between classes and there are so many students, and the campus is so big that we sometimes have a little bit of trouble getting from class to class.


ASU tends to make things exceptionally complicated when you are trying to get something done, like making the website difficult to navigate or advisers never responding to your emails. It feels like the school is constantly making changes they want while ignoring what students want, and then as our tuition and fees increases, they keep spending more money on things students aren't interested in, like a giant chiming clock on the memorial union.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the population attending. There is such a large number of students attending ASU that it is hard to walk around campus without feeling crowded. This student population also has a large portion that seem like they are not there for an education, but for partying. This is unnacceptable because it gives our school a bad reputation.


It's located in a very hot state :D


The most frustrating thing about my soon to be school would maybe be that it is big and I hope I will not get lost and that people will help me. While I attended my soon to be school it was great and signing up for classes is a disaster due to the many require paper work to get the right classes.


The most frustrating thing about ASU would have to be the price of things. Everything seems to be overly expensive; parking, food on campus, tuition. Tuition is currently on the rise, which means naturally that other things will increase as well. Almost everything a person wants to participate in comes with a pesky tacked on fee.


I believe the most frustrating thing about my school is the academic advisors. In my program our advisor switched four times in two years and each of them gave us different information causing may students to have to overload on coursework in order to graduate on time.




The most frustrating thing about ASU, currently is the rise in tuition prices and the additional fees they have started imposing. However, with the economic crisis, as a student I have tried to be understanding.


Classes at ASU are so huge. It is considered normal to have a class with 700 students more. It really becomes problematic when you are trying to get the most out of your collegic experience , when you can't really attend office hours or there over booked because the class size! You have to distinguish yourself in the crowd, get to classses early, and if you can sit in the front row of all your classes. In the long run can be beneficial academically and finanicially. This way you can reap the rewards , and enjoy your collegic experience the most.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the variety of payment methods. We can use cash or card, maroon and gold dollars, or sun dollars. M&G dollars are used primarily for food and students are able to load money onto their I.D. With sun dollars, a student is able to use it at several more locations including places off of campus. The frustrating part is that as a freshman student living on campus, we only have the option of either a meal plan or maroon and gold dollars so we are limited in a lot of ways.


That it is the largest campus in the country, living on one end to get to class on the other. A bike or longboard is recommended.


Tuition keeps going up and my program has very little funding.


The most frustrating thing is that ASU functions like a business, and I notice much more emphasis on that than on education. They hike up the prices of everything, just because they can and they know that because students often have no choice, they'll buy things anyway. Another frustrating thing is the location, because Arizona is a very boring state, so there isn't much to do here except party, but most ASU parties are dumb. Also, because ASU accepts so many students so easily, there tend to be many not-so-intelligent students, which can get really annoying.


Some of the bus schedules are a little off, and at times inconvenient when trying to reach another campus for a class in the afternoon. Also, it seems like the school does as much as it can to attract alumni, draw them back to the campus, but for some reason - even though they follow the developments and events on each campus - they tend to not partake in certain activities or have no interest in traveling back to the area for anything going on.


The most frustrating thing about my school so far is that my suite mate and I didnt have room mates for the entire first semester. That part was fine, but when we asked if we could move in together rather than be placed with new room mates for the second semester they gave us a song and dance about why they couldnt do that for us.


There are not a whole lot of frustrating things specifically about the school, so I guess I'll go with the police, they frecuently patrol the campus and they are so in your face it should be considered a violation of privacy. They will walk around in plain clothes on the weekends, so just be alittle careful if you are going to do something stupid.


It's too big.


The most frustrating thing about school is finding a way to pay for college. Every school nickels and dimes students for everything, from parking to eating. The last thing i would like to worry about is money while I am trying to earn my degree.


It takes forever to work things out with faculty. The faculty will appear nice, and I believe that some or most of them are sincere. But things don't seem to be organized very well and it doesn't come across as though they won't to really make you successful at the school. There are so many things I wish I could get involved in, but it is so hard to get help. I believe the faculty is what defines a school too and when they don't help you, it will affect your succss there.


I wish it could have a tad more ethnicity at this school.


I believe that the most frustrating thing about my school is the number of students that fill the campus. In the majority of my classes there is atleast 200+ people. It is a university, but when I go into a classroom or a lecture hall, I want to leave the class knowing that the insructor recognized me, or that I stood out in some way. I take full advantage of one on one time with professors and at such a large university, that one on one time is hard to get.


The most fraustrating thing about school so far, is that all my classes are far apart. i do not mind walking to each campus but I sometimes have to take up all the time to get to each class. Usually I have to speed walk, I would also consider that the classrooms with hundreds of students is quite fraustrating aswell. During class its difficult to understand the teacher and students do not have the time to interact with the proffesor one on one.


The size is the most frustrating part about my school. Arizona State University has an enormous campus with over 60,000 students and can get very chaotic.


The most frustrating thing about my school is definitely the tuition costs! I'm attending ASU online, and their tuition costs are nearly double what many other schools charge for their online programs. In my opinion, it's worth it because a degree from Arizona State University will get you much further than a degree from a less-reputable online-only school, but the cost is still frustrating!