Arizona State University-Tempe Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known more about the financial aid aspect before attending ASU. The financial aid office is not helpful in any way shape or form as far as helping students on a personal level is concerned.


A lot of the classes when you're past freshman year are very big. Most of my classes are 80 to 100 students big, with only one or two TAs and the instructor.


I wish I had the opportunity to live on campus. Being engaged in school culture is a must but in order to continue school a full-time job is a necessity for me. Large campuses are huge and the ability to network is huge in today’s world. It will allow you to connect with people from across the globe and increase your knowledge and begin your career. Within each person you meet is the opportunity to increase you ability and outlook on life.


The vast variety of majors and potential jobs that correlated to these (niche) majors coming out of school


I wish I had known how many student organizations there are at ASU. There are over one thousand. I transferred from a community college where I had been very active with clubs and organizations. Now I have to figure out which organization to join. There are two Harry Potter clubs. Two! On a more serious note, I wish I had understood the size of the school. It is truly immense but I really enjoy that because there never seems to be a dull moment.


I wish I went into college with more of a set path. If I had known that I was going to change majors so many times I would have attended a community college for a longer period.


Financial aid won't help you much after your freshman year.


It's expensive


The one thing I wish I knew before coming to ASU was to really try for as many scholarshps as possible. In high school, college seemed like more of a far-away concept than an actual place. I never truly grasped the importance of scholarships, so I didn't put one hundred percent into searching for them. Now, without enough scholarships to pay for room and board, I'm living at home and commuting to school. Without being able to stay in the campus atmosphere, it can feel like I'm outide looking in, not a part of the community.


Honestly having a good source of transportation on campus would have been a good asset to know when I started at ASU. I think it's important to know how to ride a bike, long board, scooter, etc... before attending ASU. I've realized that these sources of transportation can save a student a great amount of time in between classes. Since the university is so big, I think it's important to have a source of transportation to classes to make it less frustrating and to leave more study time between classes.


I wish I had known what I wanted to do for a career because it is hard for me to find the classes I need to go for my career due to restrictions of being an ASU online student.


I wish I would have known that I knew about Arizona's online course options some years ago. I was going to put my degree on hold because it is kind of rough going to school traditionally and working at the same time to take care of two children. Now, I can get my work done at my own pace and work while finishing my degree.


Apply early for housing. A bicycle is highly recommended


I wish I would have known that in order to feel like you are apart of this school, you really have to put yourself out there. It won't just happen if you sit around and do nothing. I also wish I would have known more about the program I was getting in. I know that if I would have known exactly the type of theatre I was getting in, I wouldn't have come here.


I came to Arizona State aware of its party reputation, but wish I would have known how hard it is to fit in if you do not drink or do drugs. I embarked here from Nevada to be a part of one of the top business schools in the country, but am having a hard time fitting in because being intoxicated and breaking the law is not my definition of "fun." This being the case, I continue to make the most of the great opportunities on hand and lead a happy, fulfilling life.


The expense


I wish I would have known not to take early classes. I had always been a morning person in high school but that changed when I got to college. Living in the dorms and the larger amount of course work kept me up later at night and made it difficult to wake up early. Having a 7:30 a.m. calculus class was very challenging to pay attention in because I was so tired. Never again will I take a class before 9 in the morning.


Before attending Arizona State University, I wish that I would have known how much it would change me for the better. If I would have known how much I would grow to enjoy and genuinely love school, I might not have taken a year off prior to beginning my post-secondary education.


I wish i had known how much self discipline i needed


I wish I would have been informed that Tempe was a very expensive city to live in.


I wish that I would have known how to go about finding the right grants and scholarships.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known how hard it really is to make friends. I thought since its one of the largest schools in the country it would be easy to make friends but I have not made as many friends as I had hoped and am having trouble meeting new people.


I wish some one told me how vast it is and to really utilize my sources.


I wish i would have known about the many scholarships, help and student only learning work shops that the school and community has available, only now have i discovered this so my advive is to take the school tour, take the school seminars on starting collage and pay attention becuase there is so much information there that can help you succed.


I wish I had known that it was neccessary to be involved in as many school activities as possibe in m high school career and continue those activities in my college career. The more involved students are, the more of a college experience you will gain. The more involved in the school comminuty you become the more succeptable you are for better opportunities such as scholarships, job offers, internships, and so much more.


how much studying is required


I wish someone had told me to be open to any and all new clubs. The best thing to do as a freshman in college is to become involved, but not too involved that it causes issues with schoolwork. Being involved also opens up more opportunities for you and your future.


It may seem like common sense, but to expect feeling lost. It's your first year in a big school, and you don't know the majority of the student body. But one way you can get to know people is to join a club, or to start your own.


"Don't stress" freshman year is really fun, and it's ok if you don't declare a major or you switch your major. Just be aware that if you do switch your major, you will lose all university scholarships.


Nothing, I pretty much knew where I wanted to go and somewhat knew what I was going to school for. I wish the classes were smaller in attendance. ASU is a popular school and many of my friends are going here also, it's nice to have friends close by and meet new ones.


Don't be afraid to talk with your professors, they are there to help in all aspects of life. Also, balance play with your education. Get good grades but also have fun, go out and meet new people. The best parties to meet people are at the begining and end of the year. Don't miss out on the amazing hiking near campus. Camelback and"A" mountain are waiting for you! ASU is for people that love the outdoors!


I wish I had known how important t was to have a good GPA and good standing in my class in high school. I would have worked harder to have succeeded more academically.


How crowded it is.


I wish I knew to get involved earlier and to manage my time better. Arizona State is a very fun place to go, things are always happing. The only thing is, if you do not get involved you will end up falling through the cracks so get involved and new meet people. Also due to the fact that their is always something to do at ASU, you might end up putting school behind. DON'T! Just because ASU is easy to get into, does not mean it's an easy school, because it is not!


That taking a few years off between High School and College would have been very beneficial in figuring out what I wanted to study.


Before coming to this school, I wish somebody would have informed me of how unstructured it would be. Coming from a high school that had rigid teachers and faculty, along with a set curriculum that offered limited choices of classes, I was caught by surprise when I stepped foot at Arizona State. Consequently, I had to learn to manage my time more wisely for I had more homework outside of class than in class. I also learned to become more independent and self-motivated since my former instructors were no longer there to "hold my hand."


Nothing, I absolutely love my university. I wish that I didn't have to pay so much in tuition!


That the different majors don't really get too much of a chance to interact with eachother becuase they are grouped together in classes and in living arrangements as freshmen.


I wish I would have been more familiar with the club and sports opportunities.


Not really, it isn't such a big problem, or a big determining factor, the campus is pretty great overall, there is big diversity, its pretty upbeat all the time, I am having a great time here!


Before I came here I wish I had known how far away some of my classes were. It was definitely a shock on the first day of class when I found out that my classes were all the way across campus only after I had decided to walk there instead of bike. I also wish I had known how to contact my advisor better. I have three different advisors and it was very confusing at first to figure out which one I should contact for which sort of problem.


I wish I would have known that living on campus would be much more beneficial for myself. I chose to commute from home, and now I feel not as involved with my school as I could be if I lived in the dorms. If I could start over I would definitely choose to live in on campus, because it would give me a better chance to make close friends and stay connected with my school!


I wish I had known how much work and studying you need to do out of class in order to pass with a high grade. There is a lot more effort required when compared to high school, so most students come in a bit under prepared in that respect.


I wish I had know that I needed my ACT or SAT scores before going. Therefore the current students would help me sign up for the classes and I would not be so confused and presure on hopefuly getting the class I need and hopefuly it will not being full by the time I get clear to get it.


That the parking and advisors are terrible.


I wish I would have been used to being around so many people. There are thousands of students so I was very overwhelmed.


The cost of parking and a better understanding of the courses i needed to complete.


I wish I had a stronger ability and will to ask questions and debate my ideas fully. Certainly, my first two years would have been richer if I would have understood the mathematical theories in its totality. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and I decided to focus on Spanish literature. It was studying independently where I gained both the ability and the will to procure the knowledge necessary to understand the literary works. Having a foundation in philosophy and psychology helped in strengthening the two important aspects I wish I would have known before I started my college career.


One thing I wish I knew before I started at ASU was the difficulty and ammount of work I would recieve. High school does not do such a great job for preparing students for the rough college life. It was a shock for me to try and adapt, and at day 1, I really did not know what to expect. It is very important in college to keep your family and friends close. College is a time where everyone you know goes their seperate ways, and also a time to grow up. College changes everything in life.


I wish I had known to do exactly what the professor asks you to do. Also keep up with the readings in every class. Do not put the readings off until the end of the semester because it will not be beneficial.