Arizona State University-West Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make sure that any college is of the students choice and especially interest. Just that no matter where they go that the student is the one that can make the best of his or herself.


The best advice I can give is make sure you go to a school that is right for you and you only. Most people want to go and have a fun time, but remember that college is a stepping stone for life and your life is the single most important thing you have. You get one chance in life so have fun and make it the best time while still knowing what you are their for.


I would be sure to visit the colleges you are considering not just for a tour but to get a feel for the atmosphere. Really explore the university sit in on a class, check out the dorms, talk to some students, see what resources the school has to offer. Once you have chosen the school you want to attend be sure to get involved. Join clubs and organizations go to the movie night or the football game, or other events don't just go to class, get involved, enhance your college experience it's not only fun but it makes you more marketable. Lastly, visit your professors during their office hours, they are a wealth of information and can assist when you need letters of recommendation for graduate school, scholarships, internships, or other programs. College is a place where you can not only gain knowledge and skills for your career but also grow as an individual, make connections, and have fun, so enjoy it.


The right collage depends on the alumni. If he/she feels confortable with small environments and they see themselves obtaining a useful degree then that is the correct campus for them. Collage is fun, but if you have no dedication and also no support you will not survive. Make sure you are up to date with your classes and stay in contact with your school. Parents should really encourage and stay in there students education so they can feel that there is someone out there willing to wait and see that seed grow and become a great leader.


I would tell parents and/or students that the best way to find the right college would be to consider what career field the student would like to go into after graduation, then find the best school that leads in that field and apply. If the student is not certain what career field they want to go into, then perhaps beginning at a Community College would be a better idea. That would serve two purposes for the student. First, the student can begin working on CORE classes needed at most four-year Universities and second, the student can try out different classes that might point them toward a career at a smaller cost. The college experience is about what the student makes of it. There is a great diversity of activities and experiences to be had on most college campuses, which should be tried and savored. Having wide and varied experiences will make the student a better, more well rounded person after graduation. It is important to strike a balance between fun and academia, but it can be done. Higher education can unlock the door to the future and shape who the student will be later in life.


It is very important to know what type of life you are wanting to lead, BEFORE applying to schools! I had orginally gone to University of Iowa and loved every minute of it, from the weather, to the activities to the education and extra-curricular activities! When my school life was taken away from me there due to an attack on campus, I had to relocate to Arizona and it took me a long time to recover. In that time, I should have researched my schools more and picked a college that fit my lifestyle and needs. ASU West and ASU in general do not meet my needs and I am very disappointed, making every day a struggle. Therefore, encourage your children to take going to school SERIOUSLY! If they really don't know what they want to do and they really don't know where they want to go-save yourself the money, listen to your lovely child and tell them, 'it's okay' and give them time to figure out where they really want to go and allow them the freedom to be happy and to figure it out on their own. Love them and support their decision.


Make sure you make the most of every minute while not forgetting the real reason you're at college.


I would advise parents/students to try and speak to students who have attended the college and program that they are interested in to help decide if it is the best choice. If that is not possible, I would advise them to research the school and professors to find out as much information as possible.


Be involved. Do not be afraid to go out and make friends, and do not go to a school you know you won't feel comfortable at. It is ok to still live at home for awhile while you find your niche so you aren't pushed into a situation you will end up hating.


For the student, I would tell them to find a college that they feel offers more opportunities within their major. It is important to find a school that gives promising opportunities for the student once they graduate. Also, if they want to be involved, observe what activities are available within the school. Another perspective that may not be important to some students, but is to others, is where the school is located and the weather conditions. Each state offers different kinds of weather. If a student is interested in a school and it offers everything that they are looking for, considering the weather may not be a bad idea. For the parents, I feel that it is important to support what their child?s decision. It is good to state your opinion and assist the student in discovering their path towards different colleges, but it is a good idea not to make the decision for them. If a college is selected for them, the student may be disappointed; therefore, the student may suffer. Just support your child the best you can and trust that they are old and wise enough to make the best decision for them and their education.