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Tell us about your professors.

I love my professors! I feel that going to West campus really makes education that much more personal. But, let me tell you, science teachers are not these boring, geeky stereotypes. Actually, all of them have this really cynical sense of humor that is funny: beware, it rubs off on you! But, seriously, they all really care about your well-being academically. My OChem professor actually holds voluntary saturday reviews before our midterms and goes through the practice midterms with us. He doesn't get paid any extra to do it, but he wants us to actually understand the reactions. The genetics professor offered her personal statement critiques for us, too, as long as we actually made an effort to make ourselves known. I am also a research assistant for my previous Cell Biology professor, and he has been super helpful in the lab, walking me through the procedures and teaching me stuff I am not sure about.

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My professors are all easy to approach and very knowledgeable. ASU really puts some thought into who they hire and it shows. The staff want to see us succeed and will tutor us as much as we need. They tell us in advance what they expect of us and give us their office hours, phone number and emails before the first day of classes.

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All of my professors are different. Some are organized, others aren't so much. Some are strict, some are lenient. Some care about students' grades, others don't.

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