Arizona Western College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Its ever changing, improvements and mellow atmosphere to learn and be at.


One great thing about a community college is the size of the classrooms. Friends that are attending Universities complain about how many students are in each of their classes. Not being able to concentrate, participate, and even perform as great as one would with small number classroom. I believe with there being a small number of students the professor will be able to put a great input on the students academic progress and also if he/she is having problems with the information which is being taught at the time. I have yet to experience a classroom at a University.


I love brag to my friends about how close the teachers get to know their students on our campus. At some colleges the teacher forgets your name by the next week, where as at Arizona Western College the teaches make you feel excited about learning. The other thing is all our student services about on the same floor in the same academic complex, so you never have a reason why you cant get the help you need.


AWC is very student saavy. The faculty make it so easy for students to obtain information regarding grades or ask for help if you don't understand a subject. There are many different options we have to obtain help or ask questions. Also AWC offers many different locations to take classes at, making it easier for the students to get classes they need.