Arizona Western College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing i consider great about Arizona Western College is the resources they have. Tutors, computers, and workshops are all fantastic. AWC offers amazing help to those who need it whether it is math, english, or any subject. This is something i consider is one of the best things here furthermore; all of these things help ustudents imporve in our classes with the help they offer.


The best thing about my school is the professors there. A variety of professor have doctorates, some taught at universities, and some even have done research. For a two-year community college, I am impressed. I have the opportunity to be taught by them. Some of them expect you to do the work on your own, as if you were doing your own research to pass the class. Others guide you to the point where they believe you can learn on your own. The environment the professors provide you make the learning experice worthwhile.


It is small enough to have that small school feel, but you can transfer to a 4-year school easily. The reason why I like the small school feel is because @ a 4-year school it just seems too separated. Also, the community that the college is located at is smaller and people get to know each other better.


The best thing about AWC is it has many different places to learn at. AWC offers online classes, distant education classes, on campus classes, multiple on site locations throughout Yuma County and abroad. You can pick what works best for you according to your own personal schedule.