Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are easy going and driven


They are nice but again don't really have any interest and getting to know you past an aquantiance or someone to talk to in class to pass the time.


There is a diverse student population at ASU. There are groups for every type of person to find people that share a common bond. At think that all students can find a group to relate to at ASU. Most students wear comfortable clothes to class. People at ASU don't seem to judge each other based on appearance.


My classmates are great!


My classmates are very helpful and are outgoing to other's opinions. We set up study groups in many of my classes and that helped each of us to do well and achieve the grades that we deserved.


International Students are pretty big in number. Multicultural and well mixing are good words to describe the student body.


They accept some bad people but they flunk out pretty quick. Once you get to your sophomore year, you are surrounded by people who don't like to mess around and want the A grade.


ASU is a very, very diverse campus. They have a lot of international students from all over the world (a lot of them are on the rugby team lol) and there is a a good mix of Caucasian, African-American, and Asian but Caucasian is the majority. Diversity is really pushed at ASU, all students mix pretty well.


My classmates care about their grades, but also have a great social life.


Some seem to know exactly what they want to do in life and some of us are just lost in the wind. We are hopeful, lost but still going forward, confused but confident. I think that's just how you have to be when attending college for the first time.


My classmates are all very diverse.


Usually open-minded and opinionated.


They are generally indolent, unfocused, and unconcerned about their grades and/or their futures.


my classmates are a variety of unique personalites and prosperous intelligence. they are all driven and goal oriented; which i fit well in.


My classmates are very good students and are also very friendly, caring, and helping.


My classmates are very cooperative.


My classmates are very academically oriented and are very friendly.


The classroom is more cultural diversity and in the classroom we have reseach projects, group projects, in-class work, homework , essays, quizzes and exams.