Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our rugby team is one of the finest in the nation.


In my opinion Arkansas State University is best known for offering a wide variety of opportunities to its students. It is a great university to find diversity.


off hand I would say it is possibly its variety of classes available to the students


My school is best known to help the people who wants to try and succed in whatever they are trying to go for.


My school is best known for its school spirit and family atmosphere.


I would say that the school is best known for its small town enviroment. The city of Jonesboro is relatively small compared to most large university cities but it allows for a large number of activities to do around campus. The city itself is in the middle of prime delta famring area so the school offers a very good agriculture program.


Arkansas State University is well known for the friendly students. I remember my first day and how it was so easy to get along with everyone. The campus has a lot of diversity through the students and the teachers. There hasnt been a single day that I have gone to class and not met someone friendly. Everyone there is very smart and easy to get along with, which makes learning for me easier!




My school is best known for our music program, which I am currently enrolled in. We have a masters program for vocal and instrumental performance, which is fantastic!


Arkansas State University is known for its exceptional Nursing program. It also has one of the only two physically therapy programs in the state of Arkansas. The university was also recently forced to change its mascot from the Arkansas State Indians to the Arkansas State Redwolves.


giving much financial aid to minorities.


I'm not sure that ASU is "best known" for anything. There is a pretty equal amount of studying and fun, plenty of culture and a fairly vast amount of people to share the experience with.