Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

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What’s unique about ASU is the fine arts and film departments are both dedicated to the creative visual artists and film practitioners through hands-on instruction while building and refining their crafts and skills. I am an artist that strives to be my best at drawing and painting. ASU challenges me through academic rigor that builds my confidence and develops my critical thinking skills. I also want to be able to use my artistic skills in my minor of Creative Media Production. It is designed to nurture students with a passion for storytelling and expressing themselves through visual media.


For those that don't have transportation, the college offers many ways to get it. The college is also located in a part in town where there are plenty of places to eat to go on a walking distance off campus.Professors are very understanding of any problems that you have.


I do not necessarily know what other schools may or may not have, but Arkansas State University has a great fitness center. I am definately one of those people that like to try to stay in shape. This school is also in the process of building a swimming pool area where we can cool off on hot summer days.


Since I didn't want to move to far from home, I decided to only pick a college within a pretty close distance to my home. ASU was my decision in the end though and I'm glad that I did. There are so many opportunities here to show for. Leadership positions are available everywhere. Basically there is a club somewhere on campus that suits everybody. Even if there isn't, you can make a club up. Thats another thing about this college. There is so much freedom. The staff is also very nice.


Nothing in particular. It has a very large array of studies to choose from and a quite sizeable campus.


close to home


ASU is a great college to make life-long friends with lasting relationships. It is located in a very close-knit and family-oriented community. The admission process was easy and the application was easily accessible. Finacial aid is processed and disbursed in a timely manner. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus and within the community. There are also various leadership positions that prepare students for future leadership roles.


Jonesboro isn't a huge town, but it also isn't a tiny town either. The location is great, being close to Memphis, Tennessee. The main reason I chose ASU is because my pre-earned college hours would definitely transfer, and because of their many majors to choose from if I were to change my mind. Also, ASU is the only school in Arkansas that has a Forensic Science program, which was my major when I began college. There are plenty of ways to get involved as soon as school starts, even before. Many nationalities are represented at ASU too.


Even thou are sports teams are division 1 dont expect us to beat the top ten schools. We are good but its definitely a growing athletic program. We do a little better each year, and we get on ESPN sometimes but in 20 years I think we will be at the top forizzle.


They make all the freshman live on campus, which is dumb for me, but whatever.


Arkansas State is the best deal for the college education. Top Faculty, New Buildings, Great Campus Life, all for a community college tuition in the north. Also there are tons of opportunities for scholarships, a lot of my friends get paid to go to school at ASU through all the rewards and scholarships available. Going there was the best college choice ever, and there is no question in my mind that I would do it again one hundred times over.


Arkansas State is unique compared to other schools because it is a community in and of itself. Once you step onto campus you forget you are in Jonesboro, AR. Many students know and interact with each other.


It has a very comfortable atmosphere and we have one of the best rugby teams in the world.


My school is unique because it is not as big as some other school and gives you a chance to get to know more people than at a bigger school.


At Arkansas State University you have a very diverse population. Arkansas State University has a large campus with plenty of activities and programs going on. Being at ASU you notice how to value the knowledge you have. The instructors here are great, not one of them have negative attitudes and are very egar to help. The food here is the best part, the Student Union is where everyone comes together and communicate. As a freshman, I must admit I am very happy I chose to come to Arkansas State University.


Arkansas State University is a perfect for size for many students. It is not so large that it is overwhelming for newcoming freshman and not too small so students still get the full college experience and a feeling of independence.


This school was a school that recruited me.


What's unique about Arkansas State University is the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff. They really want to help the students.


I don't see any ways in which my school is unique.


They have family housing!


I think it is the fact that it is just the right size. This allows you to get to know many people, but not be overwhelmed by tons of others that you will never meet.