Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


they are great


Some of my classes are difficult, but not to the point where it is impossible. The instructors are also very helpful when you need it. If you seem to be falling behind, talk to your teacher or go to one of the many tutors available at different places across campus.


Gen-eds are never very fun to take, but that is a given for most students who have a major. My art classes are challenging and so much fun! I have already learned so much and my art professor's are already becoming friends of mine. I am majoring in Graphic Design and I can actually tell that my professor's really want me to learn. I think some of the classes at ASU are a lot more fun and challenging than most people give credit for. The most unique class I have taken is definitely Visual Thinking. I had to buy a book called "wreck this journal" just so I could tear it up and destroy it! I also got to play games and use creativity for projects in the class. It was so much fun!


Almost every teacher I have had knew and still knows my name. I loved my Philosophy classes and went every day. I participated in a class discussion every day. The students are competitive and their are many intellectual conversations. My teachers spent any time I needed with me outside of class to reach my academic goals.


The academics at ASU are very good. Most of the professors make an effort to not only know your name but to get to know you as well. Classes range in size from 1-100 people, but the wonderful thing is you can choose your classes based on class size. There are countless areas of study. Also, you even have the ability to create a class if you want to.


The music education track will take you 5 years. I look it as a good thing because it gives me another year to grow musically to get into a awesome graduate school. There are some retarded freshman but they suddenly disappear by your spring semester. The general education requirements have really given me a lot of respect for some of the other departments on campus, especially in the sciences.


A lot of my classes should be boring, I am in accounting. So some of them are, but I really like the professors, and the students I am surrounded by. With the exception of some freshman (don't worry they will be gone by the spring semester), everyone is there to learn.


As a third year student at ASU, I have only had one course that wasn't taught by a professor and it was a general education biology lab. You have to make a minimal effort to get the professors to know your name, but it is definitely well worth it. All of the professors have at least six hours out of the week that they are in their office to help out students. It is easy for me to have study groups for my classes because I am involved in so many extra curricular activities that for the most part I always know at least one person in my class. In my major there is some competition for scholarships, but it is never cut throat or harsh. Everyone gets along in the biology department, I really have no experience with the other departments. ASU Biology really gears their students mostly for graduate school, they like their students to be three dimensional.