Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The things I brag about the most to my friends about Arkansas State University is the art and film classes are the best. I also tell my friends that the instructors actually do work with you if you are respectful, show up to class, turn in your work on time online, etc. Another thing I brag about is the food is mostly good, pay your fees, and don't lose your I.D. Most of all campus life is great. I love going to the football games, track and field events, concerts, and art exhibits.


I don't brag about anything, really.


The brag most about the athletic facilities, housing, and the surrounding city.


Arkansas State University has a really cool P.E. and fitness center!


I mostly brag about the event Asu host. The greeks make you feel so comfortable around campus. They host numerous talent shows that students can join and express themselves. Asu is also an clean campus, people are walking around daily picking up things. I also brag about the amazing food we have. Its great Im always in the cafe feeding my face. The library its so peaceful especially downstairs its very chilled and laid back. Asu is a great campus to brag about and thats exactly what I do.


Not much bragging goes on.


I brag about the fact that I have close access to a gym, cafeteria and library.


The fact that it is college in itself is amazing. Arkansas State is always growing and advancing. We recently had a rec center and new dorm rooms constructed. When you come to this college the look and feel of it is impressive. I brag about the friends I've made, and the events that ASU puts together. ASU is a calm environment and can not be considered a party school, but it is well balanced. It's perfect.


We have a very spacious campus but with the small campus body feel. There is a very generous mixing of people groups here which adds to the excitement in the campus body. The sports teams and their facilities are good and it is a lot of fun to go out and watch your favorite team on a beautiful afternoon.


The class size is just right and ASU is a growing school that is very student-oriented. With a wide variety of activities on campus, there is something for everyone.


I brag about how hard it is and how smart I am for getting in the CLT program


I brag about the cool professors and how they know so much.




Work load. Hands on experience. Sheer amount of knowledge gained is unsurpassed.