Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The professor really don’t care about you. They are just here to make money because I feel like there’s a different between every school. I felt that the community college I went to they truly wanted you to do well but at the university, they only want people who they see can succeed not welcoming everyone.


The worst things is the driving distances. I am a full time mom with a second grader and I live an hour away from school, so I have to make plans for the both of us to keep us on track at school.


The worst thing would probably be the fact that alot of people that come here already know each other from high school as a majority of students are from surrounding areas in Arkansas. It's hard to get involved in there groups because they don't needed added people. A person like me who came here from out of state, who doesn't know anyone has had a hard time adapting and making friends as others feel they don't need me in their groups.


There is nothing I consider to be the worst about my school simply because I have only looked at was is good


There's nothing really bad about my school.


A lot of emphasis is on the Greek life and sports and unless you are involved with them, you are kind of "out of the loop". Other than that, academically, I am satisfied with my campus.


The worst thing about my school is that there is not really enough computers around campus, compared to all the students that attend here.


PARKING! The parking here is ridiculous. You have to pay per semester to park on campus and most of the time you have to walk at least a half a mile to get to your class. Also, parking tickets are handed out ALL the time here. This school literally has a ten page manual of where and how to park. I've gotten several parking tickets, but I have had some of them appealed, because obviously I shouldn't have had them.


The worst thing about my school is that it is boring.


I consider the high price to be the only bad thing about my school. Arkansas State is a fantastic school with friendly students and knowledgable staff. I love it here.


Nothing is really bad, but the worst thing would be the accents of some of the teaching staff. Some teachers at ASU have such thick accents that it is near impossible to understand what they are saying.


The amount of finanical aid offered and awarded to the student body. It may be some sort of favortism toward the majority race (Caucasin).


The cafe, because its too crowded and the food is always cold.


There is nothing that i consider bad.


I am a non-traditional student and one of the things that bothers most about my school is the lack of school spirit. We do not have a big crowd at our football games, and hardly noone goes to the girls basketball games. It's sad. We need school spirit! I think people should get more invovled with school.


The university's student account policy.


Lack of faculty in my disipline.


The school grading sysytems is not fair how some professors grade.