Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A lazy, not dedicated person should not attend this college not any other colleges. If one is not going to pursue their goals towards success in college, then he/she does not need to waste their time or other people's time. Another individual could have that opportunity to fulfill their dreams.


People who arent focused or devoted to their education.


Arkansas State University offers such a diversity of opportunities that I believe all people could find something here that interest them.


People who aren't willing to try new things and experience new things. Also who is not willing to try and work hard and don't have the effort to do things that they need to do shouldn't attend this school.


A person who doesn't have any intentions to learn.


Someone who isn't going to get involved in campus life wouldn't have a very good experience at Arkansas State University-Jonesboro. This school is a medium-sized school with a population between 11,000 and 12,000. Therefore, if a person is looking for a smaller or larger school, they should look elsewhere. Also, if they plan on living on-campus it's usually a lot of walking to all the educational buildings. A person who plans on being involved in the school- not just attending for the sake of an education- should attend this school.


Someone who isn't very social because there is not too much to do unless you want to rush Greek, play sports or want to join a Christian group.


The school would be great for students who plan to be serious with their career.


There isn't anyone who shouldn't attend this school. Someone who doesn't like to learn could easily be motivate at Arkansas State. Someone who doesn't make friends very easily could have a dozen friends the first day. Arkansas State is a place for everyone and does well to accomodate for any type of person. Even the type that doesn't like to learn because they do so much to help you out and make sure you stay motivated.


You shouldn't attend this school if you're a homebody. Someone who wants to stay close to family is not well suited to ASU unless their family already lives in Jonesboro. Plus there's always so much happening on campus that it's hard to leave to go home.


a middle class white person.


Those that do not study and want to party more than attend classes. If you fall behind even a day it can be hard to keep a good grade and sometimes they do not let you make your work up.


Anyone seeking a difficult degree.


This school has a place for anyone and everyone. The only way someone shouldn't come here is if they don't have no hope for a better future and no potential to grow. Since everyone has potential to grow and I believe everyone has a little hope then this school is for anyone who is interested in learning and growing.


Someone who is really concerned with bragging about what school they go to. I love ASU, however, it is not quite as impressive as duke or yale so, people interested in that aspect of college should probably take their money somewhere else. ASU is much more laid back than someone like this would like.