Arkansas State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I have not started attending yet, so I do not know.


I won't sit here and tell you everything about my university is just perfect. Every school you go to will have their flaws. So far in the short time I've attended this school, I've noticed that some of the requirements for certain activities and clubs are different. There are some requirements that don't seem to make sense. It could just be the fact that I'm a Freshman and I'm not used to how a university runs yet, but I guess time will tell soon enough.


I really dont have anything negative say, but sometimes when your trying to get your schedule fix confilct happens. You have to call so many people just to get answers, and it can stress you out. Thats part of being a college student though you always have to be on your toes. Its best to stay on top of things, and know when its time to get focus.


I do not like that us students are sometimes giving the run around. One office will send us to another, and yet another, just to end up at the same place. It is time consuming.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the administration's disorganized and unprofessional way of conducting business.


The most frustrating thing about Arkansas State University is the lack of parking, and a lack of available computers. For as many students that attend ASU, there are only a few computer labs that are available and most of the time, they are full. Also, there is very little parking available. It is very hard to find parking during most of the day.


My counselor will not help me