Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Helpful,friendly and willing to assit you obtain your goals.


Arkansas Tech is a great school! The students make up a family that is very welcoming and homey. As soon as I came to orientation here I knew it was the place for me. Everyone is very involved and close to each other.


It looks modern, and you can always see people working to improve the university. A student isn't overwhelmed by the size, but it is not super small either.


Arkansas Tech University is a big campus with a small town feel.


My school is resilient, passionate, and fun; truth be told, there are no quitters here.


Great experience for new or returing students wanting to go further in life.


My school is difficult in the field I am in, and very stressful because of this.


My school is not too big so that it's scary, it's not too small that it's crowded, it's comfortably just the right size.


Arkansas Tech University is a great school, classes as well as campus are not too big but not to small either, so you still get a feel of a university.


Arkansas Tech is a great school and there is plenty of help available in the departments. Everyone working here seems to keep up to date with everything and the environment is just a positive one. Students and teachers seem happy here and most everyone seems to get along.


The best academically family group setting for a incoming freshmen.


Ever expanding to fit the needs and requirements of the students.


Good size with an open community.


My school is a smaller school where if you don't succeed it is because you didn't put the effort into it. There are many opportunities for students to succeed. My school does things to help you succeed.


This school has a beautiful campus and is not run down like alot of other campuses I visited.


Groups, clubs, serorities, farternities, friends, moutains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, culture, proffessors, technology, china, africa, possibilities, movies, sports, life long friends, a sense of self worth and we can not forget, the cows, makes Arkansas Tech worth the risk to experience it all.


They are focused on getting students to come here more than they are of keeping current students.


Arkansas Tech is a very committed school to coming to class