Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are all friendly and incredibly smart. Everyone makes you feel extremely welcome.


Most of my classmates are very down to earth, laid back country people who are here trying to better themselves financially and job wise.


I have friends on campus that come from all different religions, races, genders, and backgrounds. I don't think that any student could feel out of place at Arkansas Tech. We have people that were born and raised in the same town as Arkansas Tech and we have people from the Middle East and Asia. LGBT students would not feel out of place at Tech either. I have yet to see or hear about discrimination of a LGBT student at Tech. All types of students interact at Arkansas Tech. Tech even encourages this by assigning roommates from different ethnicities. My first year at Tech my roommate was from China and we are still good friends to this day. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall I would say that one table would be jocks, one table would be band people, one table would be the people from frats, and the last table would be scattered groups of people that don't fit in these groups and teachers. The majority of people at Arkansas Tech are from the United States with a fair number coming from Arkansas. The students are very politically aware and active. We have clubs for republicans, democrats, and a group for people who just don't really like government. I would say that overall these students are pretty evenly spread. The financial background of most is middle class, although some have enough money to join fraternities and some have to work full time to pay for their college. The students at Tech talk about how much they will earn some day and thing about it even more. Money is one of the greatest motivators for students in colleges everywhere.


Most of my classmates are friendly, but some of them can be annoying.


Oh, wow - what a hard sentence; however, my classmates have the following traits: trusting, caring, honest, kind, influential, open-minded, enthusiastic, friendly, willing to learn, and down-to-earth.


My classmates are very diverse, most of which I only attend class with but are not hang out buddies of mine.


They are friendly, helpful, encourageing, and not judgemental. If I were to ever need help with anything, I wouldn't hesitate to ask any one of them.


There are a lot of them but everyone is very nice and friendly; there is a lot of diversity here.


My classmates are opinionated, academically focused, and determined to graduate at a good standard.


My classmates were very supportive and helpful, they wanted everyone to succeed.


There is a lot of diversity in the students. I have had foreign exchange students and older people in my classes. In my Comp. I class, some of the students were very immature. It was like I was in high school all over again.


My classmates are very engaged in almost all of my classes that are required for our major, which means that discussions are usually pretty interesting and enlightening.


My classmates are energetic, compassionate, and open to new experiences.


Some are ok and others think to highly of themseleves


My classmates are diverse.


Video gamers and technology geeks.