Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Academic programs are all strong and embracing new technology.


The school here is best know for being academically balanced, being cheap to attend, and for giving lots of scholarships and financial aid. Almost eveyone that attends this school can get some sort of financial aid.


It is one out of the four first college's ever built in Arkansas. It has been around for a hundred and one years. It provides a variety of majors and minors to students pursuing in any field. The town itself is a good southern hospitality and very energetic and musically inclined. It also helps provide jobs and opportunities to students and reasonable pricing for the school.


Arkansas Tech is best know for many things and offer many fields of study. One of those fields, they are well known for is the medical field.


Arkansas Teh University is best know for the excellence of their engineering, business, nursing, and agriculture departments. In engineering, they are ABet acredited and graduate over a hundred new engineer students every year. ATU has also just built a new business building that is 3 stories tall and has classrooms that can sit over 100 people. The teachers at Arkansas Tech care about each individual student, not just another number in the class that they are teaching. Each professor strives to help the students succeed to their best abilities.


Our school is best know for its agricultural department.


My school is best known for it's engineering programs because we have the nuclear plant near by.


This school is known for its engineering, nursing, and teacher's degrees. It has really good programs for these areas, but have really good scientific and liberal arts programs as well. It's also a good school that isn't too large, like in Little Rock, and it still retains a good college atmosphere.


Agri-technical and music fields


Agricultural field


Arkansas Tech is best known for it's agricultural department.