Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

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Due to its smaller size there was a close mentoring relationship between the teachers and the students in my major. At the same time the school has a very good reputation for its scholarship.


It's a good school for students, it's not too big or small. Tuition is not high like the big universities. The town is great with no alcohol since it's in a dry county.


The atmosphere between students and professors was wonderful. It is a very condusive college town and i will recommend it highly to any student. The weather is great and if you are an outdoor person, you will love it.


Just the right size and location for me. Not too close but just far enough away.


just the right size and just far enough from home not too close and not too far


Smaller size of the school and small town.


Nothing comes to mind.


Arkansas Tech University is best described as a small community. Teachers, students, and faculty have a very close-knit bond that is more than likely impossible to find anywhere else. Most teachers will do whatever is needed to help students. Students can feel comfortable with their teachers, creating a better learning environment.


While considering college options, I evaluated the criteria for the college that would provide me with the aspects in which i needed without placing my family in debt. Also, the university of my choice offered a campus big enough to provide me with the college experience that I needed as well as the small enough class sizes to give the one on one attention with my professors.


ATU is the perfect size of school. The classes typically have no more than 40 students in them, so the instructors are able to get to know you as a person not just another student. The campus is pretty small so there is not long walks or hikes across campus its all pretty small and all the buildings are easy to access.


The teacher to student ratio is much smaller than any other 4 year colleges which makes more one on one time with the teacher to get a better grade. The campus itself also has a "homestyle" feeling. Everyone is nice to each other everyday at school and they bring a welcoming feeling as you come to school everyday. It only takes 10 minutes to walk across the whole campus and all the buildings are centrally located around places to eat, such as what-ta-burger, taco bell, la hacienda, pizza hut, colton's, etc.


it's small. good education for the money. still expensive though.


Everyone is accepted and included. Fairly easy classes, but still focused.


It has cows, farm land surrounding it. The other schools were more city based and even though tech is in the city it is surrounded by farm land for tech puts a lot of emphasis on its agricultural programss and classes. Its quieter, smaller, definitely more green and more beautifuly landscaped. Its kept neat and tidy by the grounds keepers and it has quite the relaxing atmosphere.


The campus is perfect in size and beautiful. There are a ton of places to study, hangout, and goof off with friends especially when the weather is great.


What is unique about this school is that the tuition is a lot cheaper than most four year universities that I got accepted to. I also like the professors because they are very helpful. We also have our own sense of independence.


Most of the people, students and faculty both, are usually extreemly friendly. Its not too small of a school like other schools I considered, but it still has the small town feel, which I love. For the most part the professors are easy to work with as long as you are a dedicated student.


I did most of my classes online and found the instructors to be very understanding and attentive. I have attented other colleges for online classes and not found this. Also the campus is beautiful.


I really don't know. I just go here


Location. It is in central Arkansas. Perfect for access from anywoere in the state.


My school is unique because of it's size. Arkansas Tech is a smaller university with smaller classes, allowing for more individual attention from the professors. This quality trully makes a difference.