Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In the state of Arkansas, it seems that a vast majority of High School music departments have Arkansas Tech Alumni as the teachers.


The one thing that I brag about my school are the amazing professors. Each professor that I have encountered has taught me a new way of understanding and thinking about the world around me which had been so important and beneficial to me not just in the college setting but in real life.


The school has an awsome library and friendly staff.


I brag that I am still close friends with many of my former professors and that I feel I always have a community to which I can return. I also brag about the opportunities I had for undergraduate research and field experience.


I really like that our enrollment is lower than other schools therefore our class sizes are smaller. I believe that this is easier for the teachers and students to communicate. I have bragged that my teachers have been more helpful to me than other professors at other schools have been to my friends.


The way the people are on campus.


I tell them that everyone is very nice and helpful and that the campus is not to big and not to small. Its just the right size!


When I talk to my friends about my school I brag about the age of the campus. My school is a little over a hundred years old and some buildings are still original buildings from when the campus was new. I love architecture, more so when it is older. I love going to a school where there are buildings that are astetically pleasing.


My teachers and class sizes. All through out high school I was told that my teachers wouldn't really care and that the class sizes would easily be a hundred people. My teachers do care and they all have office hours that we can visit them in so that we can get help. The largest class I have is probably less than fifty people and that is huge.


I would probably say I talk most about the campus itself. During the fall and spring, all of the trees on campus are gorgeous, along with Lake Dardenelle close by. The teachers are extremely friendly. They are always ready and willing to talk if a student has questions about a class or questions about graduating


How friendly the staff is and how easy it is to contact your professors when you need help understanding something from class. When I'm not bragging about academics I usually talk about the trips my friends and I take to surrounding areas. We love hiking on Mount Nebo, or going to Lake Dardanelle and swimming or just having a picnic.


BCM is great