Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't think there is any worse thing about Arkansas Tech.


The worst thing about my school is that I do not have a scholarship to pay for it.


cost of attendence where Freshmen are required to live on campus. Although the school is mid range in their prices, my finances are keeping heavy constraints on me and my mother who has a single income. We are doing our best without going so far in debt that we would not be able to easily dig our way out. Just hoping that we can keep it up so that I can stay in school.


The lack of availability of some classes in the more specialized departments. If you dont get one class in it may not be offered for another year or more.


I think that Arkansas Tech University could greatly improve its campus by adding computer labs and study areas around the campus for students to use between classes.


The worst thing about my school is not about the school in an education sence it is actually about the campus. When it rains, snows, sleets or any other type of persipitation my campus floods. The campus is not that big, only around 7,000 students, but the buildings are spread out and it gets difficult to walk to and from classes. I live off campus and the parking lots are the worst thing that floods actually and other than difficulty, walking with soaked pants gets irritating.


Student advisors are not as eager to help out the first time entering students as i expected. Upon entering i hoped that as a freshman, I would recieve the help I needed to prepare for the upcoming years.


Currently, the worst thing about Arkansas Tech is the lack of money for students and scholarships. Being the oldest of ten children, scholarships are very important to my family. My brother is a senior in high school and is applying to colleges this year and just recently got a letter from Tech saying that they have run out of money for scholarships - a month before the deadline. I believe that Tech has misused their money somehow and are now in trouble.


I would probably say the worst thing about ATU is the policy to renew scholarships as a freshman. I feel as though students should be put on probation or something if they are anywhere close to the gpa requirement and have a chance to earn the university scholarships back before they are just completely gone. This is because many people don't make enough to be able to pay for their childs education, and the government scholarships don't provide the funds that are needed or the parents make more than 60,000 but still can't afford school.


Parking because there is not enough of it


The worst thing about Arkansas Tech is the parking. It seems as if the faculty and off-campus students get all of the parking spots, while the people that live on-campus have to constantly struggle for spots.


The financial aid. My sophomore year I earned at 4.0 and applied for numerous scholarships and received none.


The administration does not use our money wisely. I have three teachers that have been in a temporary trailer for about 2 years now. Our school has updated our football field, which was ok to begin with. They have built new dorms but the housing system they use is ineffiecient. I had a friend who was a Senior Biology Major with a 4.0...and his scholarship paid for his housing. He signed up for one of the new dorms, but those were awarded to freshman, which are required to live on campus. Doesn't make sense.


The worst thing about ATU is how old some of the buildings are (but they're working on it), and the lack of things to do in the city and surrounding cities of Russellville.


Some of the housing facilities. Yes, there are three brand new halls, but the rest of the dorms are pretty much old and gross. Don't get me wrong, they're clean, it's just that they've been around for the hundred years the campus has been there (2009 is actually the hundredth year for ATU).


Trashy fraternity and sorority functions.


The worst thing would probably be the weather when it gets cold.


I consider the worse thing to be that there is not enough parking for the off campus students because while we are looking for a parking space we are late for class and if we park in the wrong area we get tickets.


There is a problem with smoking. The students are supposed to be 25 feet away from the entrances of the buildings, but not a lot of them comply to the rule. I am allergic to cigarette smoke and they don't do much about it.




Its real easy to lose the university scholarships. The only semester you get a second chance at is first semester of freshman year. Most students lose theirs because of classes that are required but don't apply to field and in the upper classes in their field of study.


The worst thing I can say about ATU is that they do not have enough dorm space.


The school is too small, nothing to do on the weekends, not a D1 college, and it's hard to join a sports team if you don't know anyone.