Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who would really enjoy this school would be someone who craves a down-to-earth, home town sort of environment. With the campus being so small, it is quick and easy to get from one class to the other. Students here also get along great with other students, and they even see each other all the time walking around this small campus.


Someone who is looking for a relatively small college with great proffesors, who are great to learn form. Prospecive students should be resonsible and hardworking. They should never be afraid to ask question. Someone who enjoys a small town filled with nature and the opurtunity to be outdoors.


Honestly, whoever wants to attend this university should be willing to work, study hard and stay up late. Success is all about dedication and that is exactly what this college expects of you. You will do well here if you pay attention and give it your all. That means, no excuses and lots of sleepless nights. But in the end it will all be worth it. I would bet anything on that.


Tech is a great school. The environment is friendly and welcoming, so everyone is welcome here. Our student body represents multiple ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic classes. Any one who wants a great experience for little cost should definitely think about Arkansas Tech.


The kind of person who should attend this school would be those who are looking to further their education after high school and are wanting to stay close to home.


An upbeat, engaging student should attend Arkansas Tech University. The student should be excited and ready to learn, but also be able to handle the school work while also having fun on campus. There are many extracirricular activities that the faculty encouarages to participate in, as it looks great to prospective employers on resumes. Overall, a student attending Arkansas Tech should be a hard-working, exciting, and people-orientated student.


Only a person of whom is responsible should attend this college. This isn't like High School. Personal responsibility is up held here to a high degree. Only if you have a good reason for being absent during tests are acceptable and plagerism is unacceptable on all levels. Although social interaction is encouraged, illegal use of substances and partying are frowned upon. If you drink, don't think about it. This is a dry county and you can't attend classes and party at the same time. Personal Responsibility is the most need quality for a person attending this college.


anyone that is tight on money and still wants a good college experience and will study hard.


A person that likes to have a party social life, and likes a smaller school, but not too small.


Tech is great for people who like middle sized classes and a variety of courses to choose from. If you want to make great friendships that will last while working towards a degree you'll enjoy getting then Tech is the place to go.


These school is good for anyone, and is extremely diverse. The school has a great teaching department, so if you are interested in a teaching career, this is the school of choice. The music program here is the best around as well.


Tech is a diverse campus. Almost anyone can fit in here. There are all sorts of people here. Students are focused and should take learning seriously.


Someone who wants a quiet campus for fairly cheap.