Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have encouraged myself to learn to love learning sooner. Toward the end of my Bachelor's Degree and certainly now in the midst of my Master's Degree I have learned to love learning. And it makes all the difference.


I would tell myself Jacob, Life does not always go the way you think it should. Just because you think the Job you are currently working is the where yo want to be. Does not mean you should put your College Education on hold after just an Associates Degree. Jacob I know you are really busy at work and think you dont have time for college, but the truth most colleges are working hard to provide you with more online classes and new inovative ways to lean than ever before. Jacob I know your current Job told you, college is not necessary to be successful but ask yourself this? What if you wake up one day and the Job you are working at has changed? Last when you find a subject you are struggling with or your find the material to be dry. Look for real life events that relate to your classwork apply it to your daily life so you feel like its life or death for the individual. I know you love people Jacob and if you apply your excitement and passing about people to your work. You will be successful and learn so much more.


I would really only give myself one piece of advice if I were to go back in time and talk to myself: do not change a thing. I get that many students make mistakes, but why should you change anything? I have made my fair share of mistakes, but had I not made those mistakes, I wouldn't be the kind of person I am today. I'm working harder in my classes, I'm pushing myself to be successful, and I'm just all in all a better person. Why would I want to do over anything if I am a better person because of mistakes I've made in college? So, to my past self, don't change anything, don't do anything over, and don't give up just because you make a mistake.


I would tell myself to always double check what you are told and do not delclare until the end of my freshmen year and take a few random classed that you are interested in to check out a those remaining majors you are still considering. Once you declare a major you will have few opportunities to take them and they offer diffrent ways of thinking. Once comitted to a major you get focused on one way of thinking and thats not bad but you will miss out on those other oportunities which really make the whole experience complete. Even if you take classes for you intended major take a few others. You might find your true path. Also do not procrasinate because it can get away from you very quickly. Also always have faith in yourself. You get the grade you want if you really try. But most importantly, that you can drop classes with a "w" if you aren't doing well in a class and it would't affect your gpa. It is a great if you get get one of those professors that don't teach the way you learn. And don't specify an orientation.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior I would share two valuable things I have learned so far. First I would say to my high school self, "practice on planning your study habits." Now that I am in college I realize managing your time for your study period has to be something that has to be done on your own. In high school it is planned for you; go to school at 7:00 A.M. leave at 3:15 P.M. In college no one is going to hold your hand and say "go study at this time" or "hey I will give you an extra day to do this assignment and still give you full credit." After saying that, I would also say to myself "you are going to make the right decision to go to Arkansas Tech University first instead of accepting an athletic scholarship for track and field." Turning down the scholarship was big for me, but it was the best decision I have ever made. It has helped me prepare for college academics so that when I do transfer for sports I will excell in both.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would start off by saying I'm proud of you for making it this far. Then, I would continue to say, in high school you did not struggle that much in your studies. However, once you get to college it is a whole other ball game. You need to study and do not procrastinate. Also, have fun and make amazing friends and memories that will last a lifetime.


Don't listen to what dad and mom say about pursuing the Medical Field. It's not your "cup of tea" instead pursue what you're passionate about, Graphic Design with a minor in Theatre. Trust me, everything is going to be on the internet in the next 10 years. The classes will hone your artistic skills even more, and you'll learn new techniques and experiment with different mediums. It's going to be fast paced so be ready to work. There would be many late nights working either on writing plays or papers or art projects. By the time you get to my age, hope you will be at Pixar. I'm not given up yet but my road is much harder than yours because of the decisions I've made. I have to learn the things you would learn in half the time, so that's why you should go straight to Graphic Design. Once you're done, applied into an advance art program to develop your craft even more. Here's the title for our first animation, "Brotherly Love."


I would tell myself that college isnt a scary experience. I believe a lot of freshman feel that way, and that they are going to be judged so they should tred lightly. I would tell my high school self to stay true to who you are and be comfortable in your own skin. Because you will never be happy acting like someone you're not. College is a place to find yourself and love who you are! Every one is different, so it's okay! Put yourself out there and be you! People will be fine with it, and it will give you the experience of a lifetime. You are going you for the rest of your life, so now is the time to find out exactly who that person is, and own it!


Sweat the small stuff... We always hear those famous words of our elders,” listen to what you're being told, you'll go far”. It’s so true, although we would like to think that the are just being bossy. As seniors, we tend to think that we know all there is to know because we have been “educated” and are graduating. In order to smoothly transition into college successfully and life thereafter, my advice would be to start early and stay on top of it. Take ownership, it's your future after all. You begin this new chapter by believing it's someone else’s job to complete the paperwork that follows your submitted application to the college. However, the truth of the matter is, no one will take your financial, educational or future desires as seriously as you would. They have already been there and committed to only those details that within their job descriptions. Many of them are unwilling to go the extra mile to assist someone new with these processes. It’s quite possible that no one did it for them, why should they push for you. Be persistent, push for results, be a pest.


I often think about this question and the first thing that comes to mind is that I would have told and adviced myself to evaluate the importance of education first before making that step into going to college. With that ingrained in me, i would tell myself to research on courses and take additional classes to challenge my intellect and boost my confidece from the onset before enrolling in college. Going to College in the southern part of the country was great because of the set up and structure of the university. I always beleived that i had to pursue a course that was my sole interest but from what i know now, i would tell myself to take interests in other fields to make myself marketable when i graduate. I would also tell myself to ask more questions during orientation and surround myself with a lot of resorce facilities and people who are accustomed to the system.


From deep within the crevices of my mind, I would have told myself to work harder instead of messing around. I thought it was a game up until this point. I find I was dead wrong. I wish I could have warned myself. That if I kept doing what I was, my future was bleak at best. I have realized now, that through hard work and responsibility, you can succeed and make something of yourself. It is just that last push to get you going is the tough one. But once you are up, you start moving. You make mistakes, we all will and do. Being able to share that piece of information with myself would have been quite helpful in gaining more knowledge of what not to do. I would have learned and have learned a valuable lesson of knuckle-crackng work and effort. Success is not going to just fall into your hands. You have to work for it. Every single time I could have done something different, I would have scorned myself for not being responsible. Because I know I can be. For those who believe it is a ride. Get on or get off. That simple.


I would tell my younger self that, even though you might not choose a school based on the best reason, it will end up being the best decision of your life. Following someone to the school they choose is not usually for the best. By making this choice, however, you will sometimes end up in the best situation you could have possibly imagined. Change is terrifying, but things will work out for the best. The people you will meet and the experiences you will have will enrich your life and make you a stronger and better person. Thanks for that.


College is one of the most important learning experiences of your life. You will learn a wealth of knowledge about your career but most importantly you learn a lot about yourself. You have the choice and freedom to do whatever you desire. You have to be self disciplined to study but also create time to enjoy college. No one is there to tell you to go to church or classes, or to not go to an event. You have to be the mind of reason. Each choice you make has consequences. The world is waiting for you to decide your path. You will see many different options, whether it be sexual orientation, religion, etc. You must choose your own path. Don't let others influence you because some of these decisions can affect the rest of your life. You come from a small christian town so be ready to see and hear some things you didn't even know existed. Be cautious but don't be afraid to try new things. It's your time to make a name for youself and start the rest of your life.


I would give myself the advice to be more confident, that everyone has flaws and that they are so busy worrying about their own problems they won't bother you about yours. I would also advise myself to take a couple of the prerequisite courses for college like Algebra and English during summers. I think getting ahead of the game would of helped me a lot. I would of told myself to take more diverse classes and to join more clubs and to be just as active as possible in the community.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior I would give myself the advice to look for scholarships. It was not easy for me to pay for college at first, and although I did find that playing soccer would pay for my school, it was almost a little too late. If I would have found more scholarships beside soccer to pay for my school, I would not be struggling to pay for my University now that soccer is not my option. I would also tell myself to study more because altough college was not that difficult, it was still hard and I can only imagine how much harder a University will be.


enjoy it


Being the oldest child in my family and the first to go to college in over twenty years, I have had to learn a lot on my own. If I could go back and give advice to myself as a senior, I would do so immediately! I would tell myself to finish the race strong. With the economy the way that it is, and education becoming less easily attainable, I would tell myself to save as much money as I can, apply for as many scholarships as I can, and look into financial aid options in depth. I would tell myself to apply to more schools and analyze all my opportunities. Then, go visit more institutions, see more counselors and advisors. I would encourage myself to be less shy, and not to be afraid of asking questions because this is my future and it is in my hands. I would remind myself that hard work is rewarding, to never give up, slack, or be discouraged—the best things in life take time. In high school, I was young and nervous. I would tell myself there are oceans of knowledge, to take control of my future, and always push forward.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now I would say many things. I would tell myself first and foremost not to take any day for granted. I would explain to myself how important it will be to get A's and B's in my classes, therefore to actually study for tests. I would give myself a goal during college instead of "just graduating" the goal "to keep a GPA of at least 3.6" so that I could wear the golden rope on graduation day. I would tell myself to stay involved at the Church of Christ Student Center and accept an internship with them even if it meant that you and your boyfriend will breakup. I would tell myself that the most important thing in my life always needs to be God because you will just lead yourself to unhappiness and destruction. Do not listen to the devil when he says turn the other way. Lastly, I would tell myself to watch how I spent my money and to not blow my money on rediculous things that I would not even have after I graduated.


Keep your nose in the books and pay attention to the formulas used in algebra.


Advice for my highschool self ranges from everyday practices to conceptual frameworks. Reflecting on my high-school persona I'm not sure how much I would listen to myself, but here are messages I would attempt to convey: You don't need all the answers, besides you'll never have them. Explore what you want versus expectations others set for you. Don't lose touch with family. You are about to make lifelong friends. When they tell you you'll have to study -- you will Find a quiet study place. Be single... for awhile. As important as your studies may be so is your well being -- take time to RELAX. Integrate reflection into your experience as a way to recgonize how you are growing in this process. Keep a journal. INTERNSHIPS! Study abroad! It will go by so quick you won't know what hit you. Keep your scholarships. Party but not as hard as you want. Become active in your community. College isn't the only pathway. Most of all be you, love you, and never stop exploring you. Finally, take everyone's advice (including your own), but with a grain of salt, because ultimately it's your life.


I would tell myself to study as much as I could and to stay involved when it came to looking for scholarships and awards through the school. I would also tell myself to work hard but at the same time make sure I enjoy my time in college. My four years at this school has been the best time in my life and sometimes I wish I had not worried so much about small things because in the end everything always works out like they should.


The first advice I would had given myself,would be not to talk to boys. In my last year of school I had a big decision to make ,it would have affected my life from that point on. Going to college after my high school graudation would have also been a peice of advice. Now that I am a mom of two children ,and trying to go back to school now is harder than what I expected. My mom offered to keep my newborn child while I went off to school, but it was to hard for me to let her go. If I knew that it would be just as hard now, then I would have went then.To get a college education would have been the main focus in my life, so that I would not have any financial burdens. My life has have challenges, but I have managed to over come all the obsticals that have came my way. Staying focus on my education now is what I will do,so my children will learn the important of having and education. My plan is to prevent my children from making those same mistakes


Join clubs earlier.


I would tell myself to start saving away for college then, because even though right now I am attending a community college. Next year I will be going to RIT which is a 4 year school for my bacholares in psychology and looking at the prices my next two years of college are going to be expensive, however it will be worth it because I will have a 4 year degree from a great school and be moving on to get my masters or ph.d in school psychology or engineering psychoogy.


I would tell myself to work harder on getting out of my shell. College is a time where a person changes the most, and it's harder to make the transition from high school to college when you always keep to yourself. Having more than a couple of friends with similar interests and classes also helps to study for projects, homework, and tests because it helps remembering what you are learning. Another thing I would tell myself is to learn how to manage time more wisely. Besides doing only what the professor assigns, it is also important to take the time to study outside of class. The professors don't have enough time to go over everything they need to cover in class, and I would tell myself to make the time to study the materials more often. Later on it will help to remember everything you need to learn. I would also tell myself that managing time more wisely is important for having a job too. Having a job helps to cut down the costs of college a little more, and by managing time more wisely, you will get more accomplished.


I f I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a few things. First, I would tell myself to take more time and look around at all the schools in the state instead of narrow them down to what I had heard. Taking the time to do that could have changed where I would have gone to. I would have also said to not single out a college because of distance. Just because it is far doesn't mean that it is out of the question. Everything else I did right except for choosing colleges.


My time in college has allowed me to hone my skills of focus and disciplin. College enables me to gain knowledge and experience in my chosen field while also learning to enjoy learning. I get to choose my own classes which means I am more likely to go to class and spend my own time outside the classroom learning as well. Being able to manage my own life is unlike highschool because instead of having people tell me where I need to be, I am dependant on myself to make the most out of my time. This is also a skill that I am glad to have because it makes life more realistic and prepares me for the job force. I hope that my time in college will enable me to earn a better paying job as well as have a career that I enjoy.


College had been wonderful, it gives me a huge boost of self esteem. I've been doing really well in school and its nice to know that I can do something better with my life. Going to college and getting a degree is extremely important to me. I am a single mother, I have a two year old little boy and he means everything to me and I want to better our lives. Everything I do is for him. I don't want to spend the rest of my life working at a job I hate making minumum wage, I want a career.


The thing that i have gotten most out of my college experience is that i have grown up in that i have to do my own thing and make my own decisions. And without the college experience i would not be able to achieve my goals and my dreams!


I have gained a sense of satisfaction and pride out of my education. When I graduated I was faced with a decision to marry or to go to college. My fiance supported me but did not believe I could amount to anything other than a housewife. I went to Arkansas Tech in 2007 understanding that I was choosing to become an accomplished, successful woman who could achieve whatever she dared to dream. I have found happiness and a feeling to stay driven towards the future because I am taking the right steps to a bright future. College has shown me that anything can be achieved if it can be dreamed. I have gained a new sense of myself and my capabilities. This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. That is because I am doing whatever I have to achieve my dreams and finding a new better me because of just that.


Resiliency. I came in as a desolate, hopeless, anxious individual. I will leave with a sense of accomplishment. I will exert force onto the world; a force that comes not from a destructive mindstate, but a force that screams passions. It has been valuable to attend because I came out with more knowledge, self-worth, passion, heart, happiness that you tend to lose in a high school. I became woman.


I have learned to expand my opinions about people who are different from the way I was raised. It gives a person a new sense of direction and thinking about the life they will perceive. Now only will the students become qualified for the jobs they are receiving but who they will be. They will find out who they be rather than what they do. It is a great growing up experience and the education I'm getting is extremely helpful. Finally, to answer one previous question, "if I went back in time would I choose the same school to get my education?" I most certainly would.


I would give myself the advice of continuingto do the best I can in school, but I would stress to enjoy the journey more.


When I speak to my former self I would have to say work harder. I would explain that life beyond high school is preparation and know how meets chance. To get this know how you have to pay attention and learn as much as you can from your teachers, from your environment, and all the opportunities presented to you. College life is not going to be easy you have to stay prepared by being organized, on time and wanting to learn. If you arrive just to learn with out the want it will not be enough and it means something needs to change. Make sure that were you want to be is always in focus so when the opportunity comes for you to fully realize your dream you won?t hesitate to take the chance. By working hard and being prepared the career you seek will be an easy transition, but first you have to work harder in school by bringing up your grades, learning to manage your time, and always putting 125{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in to everything you do. To my former self I would say that working hard will make college life a cake walk and your future bright.


If I could travel back in time, and tell myself anything to make the college transition easier, I would tell myself three main things: some of your best friends will come from here, remember this is not high's gonna be hard!, and study, study, study! I remember going in as a freshman and feeling like I would never fit it. Now, finishing my second year, I realize that it is pretty normal for any freshman to feel that way. As high school ended, I went into college thinking, "psh! easy!" Man, oh man. My first couple of days quickly took that feeling away. I realized I was going to have to buckle down. During high school, I never studied much. Everything came fairly easy to me. However, my college experience was quite the opposite. I discovered quickly that I needed to study at least three times the amount of classroom time. These three things would be what I would tell myself to make the college transistion easier if I could travel back in time.


If I were able to go back in time to when I was a high school senior my conversation would be a lot like the song that recently came out tittled "Letters to Me". The number one thing that I would discuss and stress would be, do not let personal life struggles get you down in your academics. I was a great student, when I wanted to be. However, when I had personal struggles my performance in school was affected. As I went through the high school to college transistion I realized that personal life can not get in the way of academics. I am paying to go to school in college and I was not in high school. If I realized in high school what I realize now I would be a lot better off in the aspects of my college being payed for. If I would have worked to my ability in high school I would probably have a fully paid scholarship, but we all make mistakes. I would tell myself that through everything I have been through,I deserve a lot better and I should help make that possible for myself.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advice my past self that if you are undecided about what you want to do in life career wise, then don't go to an out of state college. Especially, one that is a one major university. I would also advice myself to fill out all the scholarship applications I qualified for and to do it early.


As a college freshman, there is some advice that I would give myself in making the transition from high school to college. First off, I would tell myself that education is critical as a senior. Most students take the path that requires less effort just to get by. If I had known what I know now, I would have bettered myself with choosing rigorous classes that would potentionally helped out with my college major. In addition, I would have explained precisely how important it was to be on time with scholarship applications and university documents. Procrastination is the worst habit to develope, and it is even harder to break, so stay in gear and get your things done on time or you will regret it in the long run. More importantly, expect college to be much harder so prepare yourself now. I would have told myself that if you set your mind to your tasks, you can do anything. Coming from a family with little to no college experience does not mean you have to follow the same path. Branch off and explore the opportunities that life throws at you and more importantly follow your dreams. Anything is possible.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are many things i would tell myself. Many things that i would suggest for current seniors or any high school students as well. First; college is a good choice to make after high school, it opens so many doors in future jobs. Also college can be fun but you have to remember why your here and what your goals are. Many students fresh out of high school are thrown into college not knowing what to expect, and when they get here, they're so overwhelmed, they drop after first semester. Something high school students should get in the habit of doing is having a study schedule and making sure they stick to it, with this college will be so much easier. Some other things are go to class, do the homework, pay attention, take notes, and for lifesake read your books. These books are expensive as it is, not reading them is a waste of money and your grade, and many time professor base there test on the text. College is great enjoy it, work hard, and it will all pay off in the end.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and speak with myself when I was a senior in high school there would be several bits of advice I would encourage myself to follow. One major piece of advice would be to really take studying seriously. In high school I made it through my classes rarely studying and I even graduated with honors, but college is a whole nother ball game. I would definately do my best to convince myself that things will be different and that studying will most definately become a priority. Also, I would stress the importance of budgeting. All of my financial aid for the semester is recieved in the first week and it is very easy to spend too much early on and then struggle just to get by at the end of the semester. Budgeting my money wisely is definately a good idea that would reduce my stress levels greatly. As a final bit of advice I would stress the importance of meeting new people, making new friends, and getting outside of my comfort zone. It is nessicary to do these things in order to really get the full college expierience.


As a junior in college, I have several pieces of advice for myself as a high school senior. First, save money! Even if you have scholarships, you will always need money. Whether its for groceries during college or a new car after graduation, money will always be necessary. Second, take a physical fitness class your first semester. No one wants gain the "freshman fifteen" and by taking a fitness class, you can adjust to college life and still stay in shape (because its for a grade). Your first semester is almost guaranteed to be the hardest and many freshmen tend to be stressed and unfocused, which can lead to overeating.Next, don't think there ins't anyone to ask for help or get involved. Find a church group or student organization and get to know them like they're your own family - and don't hold back. Finally, and most importantly, stay focused and study hard. Because this is such a big change in your life, its easy to lose track and give up. Just remember to limit your social life and leisure time in order to study hard and maintain your grades. Enjoy this time in your life!


This is a question that I think about often. I think that the answer that I have long ago decided is that I would tell myself to learn to study. In high school everything was easy for me, classes were a breeze. When I got to college, I thought that it would be the same I would make A's and not have to study. The first semester proved me right with classes such as orientation to college and orientation to my major. I didn't have study. But the second semester of my freshman year I was hit with Anatomy and Zoology, having had these classes in high school I didn't think I needed to study. But when I started earning D's and F's I realized I needed to study. But I realized I never learned how to study because I had never had to before. As a result I lost my scholarship by .233 and even now I am having to work on study skills because I never learned to study. So I if I could give advice to myself as a high school senior it would be to learn to study now.


I unfortunately would like to say that I needed to listen a little to my parents. They actually had "been there and done that" but wanted to on some issues make my own decisions. I also wished I had been a little more concerned about grades for scholarship and financial help in the future. I also tend to put things off until the last minute and wish I would have prepared things and sent things in before the last minute. Otherwise, I feel I made some good choices and decisions.


Go to college right away. Go while everything is still fresh in your mind. Dont say I am gonna take a semester off because it will be forever before you go back. Even though it sounds like a long time. It will be over before you know it.


High school was a rough time for us all, teenagers reaching adulthood with no or little to no idea of where we were going in the world. I especially had a hard time in high school with hardly any friends and school work swamping my everyday. I was constantly stressed over how I was going to make it possible for myself to go to college. I had to concentrate on school so that I could get an academic scholarship. I didn't want to have to make my parents suport me in college. I wish I would have known that I didn't need to spend that time worrying, that I am happy and I am making it with out adding stress to my family's life. I have made friends like I never had in highschool and with the exception of a bit of a financial stress I am loving my life. I would tell myself that I wouldn't need to stress and that everything would be fine.


If I could go back in time to high school, there would be many things I would tell myself. First, to always be open to new people and possibilities. In high school you are in your own clique and never really leave it, but in college you have to be open to meeting new poeople or you will never make any friends. Second, I would tell myself to start practicing time management. In high school there never really was a reason to manage your time because you were always told when to start and you hand was held along the way. In college that is different, the due date it given and the student but decide when to work on a certain project, no hand holding in college. Finally, I would tell myself to relax. College life goes really fast but it is so fast paced, students should really just relax and practice time management to get through the classes as well as all of the activities offered.


I would tell myself to take the coures in high school that I needed for my major in college. If I were to take the classes that I needed, it would help me to better understand the concepts I needed for college. I would have also told myself not to worry too much about the classes because they are not as hard as everyone says they are. I would say just study every night and you will pass each class and keep your scholarship. I would also tell myself to meet as many people as you passibly can because they will become your best friends for tha rest of your life as they help you to pass classes and through anything else that life may throw at you.


I would tell myself to keep taking the ACT until I was sure I could not do any better. I would tell myself to keep on and on looking for grants and scholarships available out there. I would tell myself to save my money because it gets hard when you have to go to college and work and knowing there are loans that have to be repaid when finished with college.


Naturally the best advice I could give myself, if I could go back in that time frame would to be less stressed out. I lost my full scholarship not because I did poorly but because I was so stressed about it that I couldn't sleep at night. Then in turn, I didn't do my 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} best on exams and lost it because I made a C in a subject. Chill, I would tell myself. Relax more and in truth enjoy the ride. I seem to have the habit of taking on the world's problems and trying to fix them all. I truly would try to concentrate more on myself and the goals I personally need to reach. Try to use my time more wisely and become more involued in the daily activities around campus. I would last but not least tell myself to trust God and have faith that one day his plan will be fufilled.


If I was given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to work hard til the very end. Senioritis comes very early in that last year, and many times students want to give up and be done. The last part of the semester is crucial because it is the time when the majority of scholarship oppurtunities arise and essays must be written. On the terms of scholarships, I would have told myself to look harder for ways to pay for my college experience. It is important to decide on a school, and work on getting the best scholarship deal offered. ACT and SAT scores are an important factor to many of these scholarships, so try to score as high as possible. Also, look in your community for scholarship oppurtunities. Not only is tuition expensive; but, rooming, food, and books are an expense as well. When the hard work is behind, I would tell myself to enjoy the summer and look forward to starting a new chapter in your life. College is not only an exciting time, but it is the builiding block of your career.