Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself not to slack off at all. If you can, live off campus as soon as possible. Your family will have to learn to survive without you and you will be able to get some freedom from the family. Feel free to do what you want and join whatever club or organization you want. If your parents have a problem with it, tough, you've been held back from experiencing life since high school. Even if you feel like you are alone, don't forget about the friends you have, on-campus and off.


If I could go back in time and warn myself about how difficult the transition would be, the first thing I would warn myself about would be long hours. Long hours of studying, missing home, and getting used to roommate. I messed up my freshman year of college because I wasn't used to the stenuous amount of studying I would need to do to uphold good grades. Therefore, my grades weren't as good as they were in high school and my scholarship was affected by it. Getting used to roommate took a lot of time as well. Everyone goes in hoping for someone just like them, but it seemed as if my college chose someone, for me, that was completely opposite. I had to learn her ways just as well as she had to learn mine, and in the end I came out with a great friend. Missing home is something most, if not all, people go through. It's hard to come back after a rough day of school to no mom or dad there to offer a word of advice or a big hug for comfort. For these reasons, college is one big adustment.


Know what I know now, I would tell myself to enjoy college life as much as possible. Get involved in the college and the students. Savor every moment because you can't get that time back. In regards to a career choice, make sure that you research all interests before pursuing one. Slow down and take everything in. Learn about all that interests you and even what you may think you want to learn about. When you get older and have your family, you may end up at a place you that you would never expect. Trust in God that you are going in the direction that He wants you go; be open to things that are unexpected.


Some choices we make throughout the stages of life can affect the foundation of one?s future. A significant choice of mine was to not obtain a four-year college degree. This did not lead to all regretful consequences, however it was a momentous decision. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have said ?do it now!? It took me four and a half years to obtain an Associates Degree General Science. I realized that I could combine my natural talent in Math and Science and my interest in Ethics. I am now a full time Medical Assistant. I work extremely hard and feel that it is an unservice to not only me but the patients I work with to not continue my education. Being in the medical field I have finally found what has sparked my interest. If I could go back in time I would have attended a four-year college. This decision has prolonged me in obtaining a Bachelor?s Degree, but has also brought me to my interest in a rewarding medical career.


Throughout my life, I have always been told that ?the difference in try and triumph is a little umph.? I always understood this concept but I never really considered it to the extent that I do now. During my senior year, my parents had urged me to apply for scholarships. I did apply for several, but looking back I wish I would have doubled my effort. I would spend at most an hour a week looking for scholarships and only applying to the ones that were quick multiple choice surveys; I would not even consider applications that required an essay. Now as a paying student at Arkansas Tech University, I have come to understand what my parents were trying to prepare me for. I have developed a deep sense of envy for those at my universtiy that do not have the burdeon of student loans. As a college student looking back, the best advice I can give a high school senior looking to attending a university is to apply for scholarships. While this may require a little more work and effort during your senior year, it will be a graduation present that keeps on giving even after the big day.


I would tell myself that it is very important to stay motivated. I would make sure that, as a freshmen, I understood the impotance of putting school as a first priority.


My first year of college I went to a different univeristy. I could have had my tuition paid for if I would have chosen ATU first. I did not and therefore I am receiving no financial aid. I have applied for numerous scholarships over the past year and a half but have not received anything. I have gone to the president of the university and other administration to attempt to earn scholarship but have yet to earn any. If I could go back, I would shoose the school that paid for my college due to financial struggles.


I would say make the most of everything. Learn something from every class, you are paying for it and it is required for a reason, to make you a more worldly person while in college and mostly, after college. These four (or more) years are the last to be exposed to different things. After college most people go to a job that they will keep for a while and their daily lives are repeated. In college, the day is unpredictable with the people and classes you can take. Whether you think you are learing, or not, weeks and years later you will remember something from each of your classes and realize it was good for something. The knowledge you are exposed to in college is much more than in high school, its unique and precious.


Don't worry about a thing. Remain alert and your eyes and ears open.


apply to this school. Get a job. Save as much money as you can.


Pay attention in class. The things that you are being taught actually will help you in college. Also, watch your grades. Don't think oh it's just high school it doesn't even matter and just slack off because you're a senior. If you keep up your grades you won't have to get a loan and stuff. That will take a lot of stress off. Don't get in the habit of slacking off either because once you start to get into that habit it's hard to get out of; especially when you start college. Because once you start to fall behind it is very very difficult to catch up. One other thing, high school is small but there is still a lot of diversity there. Accept it and learn about all of those awesome people cause college will have a lot more of them. Don't be shy, get out of that habit as well. If you don't talk to anyone then you'll miss out on a lot of awesome opportunities.


I would advise myself that making connections with others is one of the most important things about the college experience, because networking is the best way to find a job after graduation. Joining clubs and extra-curricular activities is essential in meeting others and connecting with them. Campus organizations and activities are ways to find people with common interests, which helps in forging the bonds that will help land a job. Initially, college will seem intimidating, but it is important to accept it and have fun. Studying and homework should always take priority, but there will always be plenty of time to socialize with friends afterward. Finally, I would tell myself that college life is not nearly as strenous and time-demanding as many of my high school teachers would have me to believe. There is plenty of time for friends, band, homework, studying, and anything else that needs your attention. College life is not something to worry about, it is something to enjoy and experience.


Don't procrastinate. Buy rainboots. 8:00 a.m. classes may be a better idea than 1:00 p.m. classes. Read the chapter when your teacher tells you to. Get organized. Don't drink the night before a test. Dont eat out so much...go to the grocery store.


Find a college that makes you feel at home. Like you belong there because a good majority of your time is spent walking around the campus going places. Find a campus that caters to what you need and not necessairly what you might want. A campus should make you feel at home so if it makes you uncomfortable being there its probably not right for you. To make the most out of the experience you need to get active and involved, find friends that will support you and even guide you. Talk to the teachers instead of just listening. Interact with them, it'll make learning easier. Take a leap out of bounds and expand your learning by maybe taking classes that interest you even if they dont go towards your degree. Always look for ways to broaden your horizon, gather experience and knowledge, but most importantly be yourself and have fun. Thats what college is for. Its a growing and learning experience that will make your life so much brighter.


Obviously the reason a person goes to college is to get a good career. But sometimes the really good students can get caught up in partying and what not. Some advice I would give to anyone out there is be aware those MOST colleges have a party social life. If you don't want to get sucked into it, don't attend a big school, since the bigger schools have a lot of partying. Also when choosing a school, think about the career you would like. See if that school has a good program for your career path choice. People also need to remember that when you get to college there are going to be alot of different people with a lot of different beliefs then you. You just need to stick to what you believe and don't let others corrupt what you believe in your heart. Also, be open to new friends! I came to ATU knowing nobody and I made so many life long friends!


When you are looking for a college, you don't just want to look at how expensive and well-known the university is. Yes, those are important factors, but you also want to take into consideration the faculty at the school, the location of the school, the surrounding area, and how big the school is. Is the faculty nice? If they are, that usually means they sincerely care about your opinions and your needs. How far away from home is the university? You don't want to go too far, but depending on your degree this may not matter. What is the surrounding area like? Are there things for you to do off campus? It can be really frustrating if you're stuck on campus all year with nothing to do on the weekends. You don't want a school that's too big for you because then it's harder to contact your professors. However, you want to do some research into the university's credentials in the area you plan to major in! This is the most important!


There are several things a student or their parents should know about choosing their perfect college and making the most of their experience. One of the most important pieces of advice that could be given is to choose a college that best fits the student. When I was choosing colleges, I wanted to make sure the school i attended wasn't too big. I don't believe i would do well in an environment that is always crowded and where the teachers arent genuinly concerned about my educaion. However, some students do better in that kind of environment. It all depends on that student's personality. Once you have found you're perfect college, it is important to make the most out of your experience there. Join clubs, attend sporting events, and enjoy the free social gatherings the college provides. It is important to make friends and make these years the best of your life. You'll never get these years back, so why not enjoy every minute of it?


Visit as many colleges as you can, and not just on pre-arranged mass visit days. You'll learn the most if you go on a normal day and see students acting natural; most high schools have absentee forgiveness for such days. Sit in on some classes to try and get a feel of the place. Don't let your friends decide where you go, and be careful about rooming with your best friend; You will make a lot of new friends at college! Be sure of what kind of atmosphere you want at college - city, rural, or in between. You should live on campus your first year, it really does help you focus on your schoolwork and become part of the amazing social networks that develope in your class. Most of all, stay positive! The first year of school is tough, it's a big change in your life. Also, don't forget to call home! Mom and/or Dad just lost a kid to the big bad world, they're gonna be worried for a while! Good luck, and Have FUN!


Finding the right college can be tough if you don't know where to start. I started looking at colleges at the end of Sophomore year in high school. I think it is important to get an early start so that the student and their parents have plenty of time to go over information, make campus trips, and send all paperwork in in a timely fashion. Every prospective student and their parent(s) should take their time in looking over the prospective school's information. Make sure your school has everything you might want and at a price you can afford: degrees, housing, financial aid. Once you've made up your mind, don't forget to relax and have fun in college. Try new things, meet new people, but don't forget to stay true to your self. Stay on top of your school work, it's important for keeping those scholarships and staying in school. Don't stay away from home too long, or at least keep up with your parents because they'll definitely worry and miss you after a while.- and you'll miss them (or the dog, whatever). So, have fun and ENJOY!


Don't just go to college because its the next step. Go to college when you have a clear idea about what you want out of life. Otherwise you will feel lost and no where near the end of the tunnel. But when you do know what you want, go for it with everything you have, don't stop reaching for your dreams.


I would suggest that you look at potential future plans. Do you want to focus on research, do you want to own a business, do you want to cook? Have some idea of how important your interests are to you and choose a school that will provide the opportunities you need to succeed in your interests. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, apply to at least three schools. Financial Aid can also be important. If you know you do not want to be in debt when you graduate with your associate's or bachelor's degree than choose a school that offers you scholarships and awards for good academic behavior. Take your test early and be prepared with a winner's mindset. You can succeed, you can fulfill your dreams! It just takes a little preparation and hard work. Good luck!


My advice is when looking for a college or university it is important to look at many different programs. Choose a program that is going to give you what you feel is important. If you want to have some experience for when you graduate look at what kind of internship program they have. If you want to do more of a research based career then look for schools that give opportunities to work on research projects. It is important to find the school that will give you the closest experiences for your goals and interests.


Go with what your heart tells you is right. Don't follow friends to their choices just because you're afraid to go by yourself. The best part of college is meeting new people!


Advice that I would give to parents and/or students would be to not just look at tuition. Think about their personality because they wouldn't want to be at a college that does not suit them. For example, if they do not like big crowds, they should look for a smaller college. I would also tell them that to make the most of their college experience, they need to, first of all, keep GOD first in their lives, keep their priorities in order, study hard, and do the best you can to keep their grades up and then if they have time to have fun, they can have fun. Like my mother told me, work comes first.


My advice would be to find a place where the student is comfortable. Touring different campuses is an excellent way for students and parents to get the "feel" of a campus. Of course making sure its a crediable school and offer the degree you are interested is also very important but I would definitely recommend visiting a several different campuses before making your final decision. College can be the time of your life but only if you're smart about it. For me, and a majority of students, it was my first experience of being on my own and being "free". You have to make decisions that you never had to before. Deciding whether to go out with your friends or studying for a test can be a hard choice for some. The key is balance. Have a good time and make the friends you will never forget, but don't forget the reason you are going to school. If you mess up your first year it will be alot harder to get out of a hole, so it is better to start off on a good foot. Always remember these are the best smart and enjoy them.


Everyone is unique and this should be remembered when looking into a campus. You should always visit the campus at least once before applying and talk to students, instuctors, and locals. Try and talk to students that are going after the same field as you. Ask about the classes and instructors. Get a feel before you apply. Getting involved and living each day to the fullest is the best advise I could give.


Finding the right college is very important. If you do not like your college then you will not have a good college experience. If you are religious then make sure you pray about which college is the best choice for you. Also, listen to your parents. Even though you may not think that they know everything about your life, they do know some because they raised you. What they tell you is not punishment. They are just trying to help you make the best decisions in life. To make the most of your college experience, join everything you can. Get involved. If you dont interact with other students then you will not have a great time in college. Go to every event that you can that is offered within your university. You may not want to at first, but in the end you will realize that it is a good thing to get involved.




Make sure you can be comfortable where you are. The place you choose will become your home, and the place you create amazing memories. Make sure the school you choose has plenty of on campus activities, because it helps new students get to know others and get involved in their school. The only other thing to worry about is if your school teaches the major you are wanting to obtain, and if that major is accredited. It also helped me to know that my school is not a research school, so the professors ambition is to teach what they love.


Don't go by what High School was like. I went to super small school (36 in my class) and now i attend a fairly large college. I love it! Get involved with things like the BCM and have a little fun along with your relieves stress and tension. Become friends with your roommate, you're around her for a year after all. Make the most of it


look for a school that fits your personality


The main thing that parents and/or students should look at when looking for college is the quality of the department they will be enrolled in. You should not choose to attend one college just because it is close to home, because they might not have a well established name in the field of choice. Another thing that should be looked at is the size of the school. Some people will feel uncomfortable at a big school. If the student does not feel like they fit in, chances are they will not be as successful. The third thing parents and/or students should look at is the cost to attend the college of choice. I put this item third because I do not think it should drive your decision for college; however, it is something that needs to be considered. The less loans you take out for college, the better off you will be when you graduate. The final thing that should be looked at is the social activities the school sponsors. No matter where you go, you will meet a lot of new people and will make friends, but the more activities sponsorsed, the better time you will have.


I would encourage the parents and their children to go through the buildings on a tour, as is provided by the campus. Also, talk to the staff at financial aid and student services so that you can develop a full idea about the campus. This will allow you to see if it suits you in your personality and interests. This is so that you can choose the school for its academics, activities, and facilities.


The most important thing is to find the school that is right for you. The enviroment and the people around you must be your kind of atmosphere for you to be sussessful. Don't stress about it when you find the right school you will know that it is the place that you want to be.


Check all of your options and apply to any school that you might have the slightest interest in. Look at there actvities and programs of studies. The best answers you are going to get about any school is going to be from those who graduated or are currently attending that school. They will give you all the positives and negatives. Stay on campus at least your first year. Thats where you meet so many people and get involved in so much that you get a sense of direction in life. I absolutely loved my first year and was always meeting new faces. College is where you can bust out of you box and get to explore who you are and who you will become. Apply early and visit the colleges you can. You will be surprised at what is out there for you. Especially when it comes to scholarships. Apply to everyone you can get your hands on. You will be surprised at the ones you can recieve and far they really can stretch.


The advice I would give to students is to truly think about what the colleges you are considering are offering. It's an important decision and truly taking into consideration the options is key. Parents need to say their opinion but try not to force their student to attend a certain college. This can lead to frustration. College is a great time in a young adults life. Making the most of it is important. Trying not to get too caught up in school work is important because it can make a person go crazy! Go out and do something every once in a while. However, knowing your limits is important. School is the reason you are there, so that should be your first and foremost priority. With careful consideration and knowing your limits, college can be the best time of your life! Enjoy it!


I would advise everyone to walk around campus with their parents to get familiar with the surroundings. If it feels comfortable, go into some of the student buildings, library, and classrooms. This will allow you to see what's going on before you're actually there. Usually there are tours with higher level students for this. Also, I would look into the financial aid as you get higher up in classes. Make sure there's enough. Look into jobs on campus because it often creates ties with people and allows you to get great recommendations for graduate school or careers. Another thing to do is ask students about the food in the cafeteria and go to a couple of games on campus to see if you like the environment. It's important to get involved before going to the college. You don't want to end up somewhere that makes you uncomfortable or bored. Also, speak to professors in the area you may be interested in. This is all very important for anyone going to college.


Make sure students are actively involved in activities that will further their career goals from the first day of class. I'm a broadcast journalism major, and work on several student-produced television programs. At my university, students are encouraged to participate in all areas of production from their first semester. Nearly every other university I applied to required students to be juniors to participate in student-produced programs and restricted on-air positions to seniors following an audition process. Everyone's college experience will be different; be aware of exactly what you're looking for, and talk with students and faculty to find out if it's available at the schools you're interested in.


Don't skip classes, do all your work, and don't choose a school based on the amount of scholarship you will receive.


To read in between the lines on if they would actually want to go to the school.


If you do not go to the college of your choice make the most out of it you never know u may make some friends for a life time. Don't be afraid to go outside of your norm.


no advice


Do not go to the school just for the scholarship or money. Go to the school that makes you feel at home. Don't settle for the second best because you will regret it later and wish you had gone to your number one choice. Go visit the school before you commit to attending.


Talk to people on campus BEFORE you decide. Appearance, size, and location don't mean much when the campus treats students horribly. Find out from students if the campus cares more about students or money. Do not make the mistake of going to a school where student's comfort levels are limited or negatively affected because they want to save more money for their own pockets.


I would encourage parents and students to take as many college tours as they want. To really experience the college, take a couple days to tour the campus, eat in the cafeteria, attend a sports activity, and interact with students. In order to make the most the college experience, my only advice is to be friendly. Making friends and being involved is the only way to have a positive college experience.


Let your child decide. Help in the decisions, but umtimately it's their life the are beginning.


College is somewhat an adventure. It can be fun and even dangerous. The college that you choose should first be based on what you want to do in life, next how much college can you afford and then do you want to be close or far away from home. Always try to make new friends, they will come in handy when you need help on homework. Talk to your professors if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to ask! If you dont' understand there is a chance that there is at least one more person in the class that doesn't get it.


Tell your children that thi college is no joke. You will have much fun, and you will enjoy yourself greatly. But this is not high school. This is much harder, and each year you progress it will get even more hard. Learn to study, but most importantl;y learn to manage your time. Otherwise you will be miserable your entire college career.


Do not follow your friends follow your career.


Study hard and meet people.