Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are a few frustrating things about Arkansas Tech University. That is that they seem to always be under construction, the trees that they are adding to the school, and the financial aid.


The only frustrating thing for me about Tech is the low availability of mass transportation. I do not have a car, and there is only one small bus that takes students to the store once a week. That is the only thing that I would like to improve here.


There to me is not enough social activities on the weekends, however I do realize a lot of the students go somewhere else on the weekends so the need is not that large.


The most frustrating thing is trying to balance all the massive amounts of homework, classes, a job, my family, and my friends. I have never had that much trouble balancing it as before and living a long way away from my family is stressful.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact the parking. There are not very many parking lots by the buildings that everyone uses, and our school is growing but we are not getting anymore parking lots.


Not getting answers as far as scholarships and financial aid is concerned.


The most frustrating you'll deal with is parking. A lot of students attend here and many are off campus students. Yet that can easily be adverted by arriving early and looking ahead to plan for morning classes so you can convenietly get the best parking.


Sometimes they don't give enough details about things like what books you need for the following semester. Other than that they are very organized.


I haven't found anything frustrating about ATU.


Getting my loans in intime for the next semester


Sometimes the internet doesn't work, and the email breaks. Some of the services are slow.


The parking is incredibly frustrating. There's not enough for the on campus or off campus. There are more and more students coming each year, but they're not adding parking. The campus police are very slow to respond. I've never seen them pull anyone over for speeding. Usually we only see the tickets they leave on windshields. It makes it difficult to rely on them because they don't seem to be around. It takes them almost an hour to help people get their keys out of their car when accidentally locked in.


Is the fact about regestration for classes before they fill up.


To save money, they turned off the air conditioning in several buildings.


The school is very laid back. So sometimes it takes awhile to get something done, or have something done for you.