Arkansas Tech University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about ATU definitely has to be the small class size combined with the one-on-one experience a student can get with the professors. I have yet to attend a class with more than fifty students, and there are no more than twenty-five students in my major classes. Since the classes are so small, the professors make it a habit to actually get to know their students. They also are always available when they say they are.


The best thing about Arkansas Tech University is the Library. There is so many things available to help you and there is always an open computer.


The best thing about Arkansas Tech University is the involvement on campus and in the classrooms.


Low student to teacher ratio which allows more one on one learning for each of the students giving a better chance of graduating with the expected degree and greater opportunity for success


lots of activities


One of the strongest aspects of Arkansas Tech University is the small size of the college. The small class sizes allow for heightened one on one interactions between students and professors, which allows stronger relationships to be formed. These relationships are beneficial both during college and afterwards. These teachers are more likely to remember personal details about you and your work, which adds strength to recommendation letters.


I think the best thing about this school is that every major has a good program. You get taught what you need and the teachers enjoy teaching you the material.


One of the best things at Arkansas Tech University is the fact that they require all students to talk to an advisor before every semester. Because of this requirement a student is less likely to waste money on an already expensive education. ATU is also working to add more tutoring and on campus programs to help students make the best out of their education. I have had professors tell me directly that they do not want their students to feel as if they are wasting their money. I believe they are doing their best to honor this statement.


The best things about my school are the teachers, the community, and the opportunities for success. Most of the teachers on campus care about thier students sucess and are willing to help the students succeed. There is also a great sense of community, both in the dorms and campus wide. Finally, Tech offers many opportunities for its students to recieve tutoring and assistant in finding fundings/jobs.


The best thing about my school is the business teachers. My teachers work very hard to help the student as much as possible. They all have multiple office hours to fit around everyones schedule. They work very hard on the classroom lectures and all of them are prepared to teach the class that they have.


The very first thing I personally noticed about Arkansas Tech, was the friendly enviorment. They try to blend the freshmens into the family as such & do a very good job at it. They have made every opportunity to show the new attendees what college life is like & have several group sessions in the summer to get you used to the campus. They have advisors that help you through the first year and show you the ropes which is a great help for a incoming freshmen. I wouldn't have known anything without these type summer meetings.


My school has a small, yet large enough campus. The people here are friendly and will help you out in any way needed. Most of the classes I have been in, have been rewarding and interesting. The professors are kind and helpful. I have made great friends who I can rely on and will stay in contact with for the rest of my life.


There is always people willing to help you and are kind. If you have a problem, there usually someone nearby who can give you the information you need.


The best thing about my school is the environment on campus. The people are friendly and the campus is small enough that people know a lot of other students and you can always count on seeing someone you know on the cway to class.


My teachers, overall, have been amazing. Ive had a few bad apples, but mostly i have been very impressed with my professors. I have learned so much and this school has prepared me for a successful future. I can complain all day about the administration and how they spend our money, but the one thing they do right is the hiring process.


The best thing about Arkansas Tech is the size of the classes and the genuine care the teachers have for their students. The classes have the perfect amount of students. They are big enough to have group discussions with several different opinions, but not too big. It is obvious in most situations that the teacher truely cares that their students succeed in their course.


the best thing about my school is that the classes are small. I think this is the best thing becasue students can get more attention from the professor.


Teachers are hear to teach the students, and do so passionately. Also, the surroundings are very beautiful. Tech is also cheaper.


small class size


Arkansas Tech University has an open-door policy that requires professors and other faculty members to maintain regular office hours. This differs from many other schools, where instructors might be unavailable outside of class.


The people


The quality of the education for the price. I have an IQ or over 140 and i feelchallenged in quite a few of my classes. But then again i am lazy.