Armstrong State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is beautiful, energetic and strong


Armstrong is a community interactive university with high scholastic standings.


Armstrong Atlantic State University is a university that has a positive relationship with its students, so such so that the university takes surveys when making decisions about the new buildings and equipment before spending funds on future projects, the university always wants student involved because without the students the university will not exist.


Armstrong Atlantic State University is producing quality educated individuals that are ready to join the work force due to the univesity's drive to stay up to date in their various programs of study .


Armstrong Atlantic State is a beautiful and environmentally friendly school that has a great teaching staff and office staff.


This school is totally unorganized


Armstrong is a prestigious, goal-oriented university which has high expectations for students.


The campus is beautiful and very historic.


My school is one that promotes academic success, is culturally diverse, but offers little extracurricular activities.


A work in progress.


It's a very close knit school.


My school is not too big or small, friendly, academic; but not very diverse-you are mostly treated as an individual, not a number.


Armstrong Atlantic State University is a top run facility placed in the historic Savannah, Geoegia, where learning is encouraged and flourishes.


Armstrong is a very clean, cute school located in Savannah which is a beautiful city. The classes aren't extremely difficult, but challenging enough to keep you interested and studying. Armstrong has a great nursing progam as well as many other medical-related programs. These programs are difficult to be admitted to but if you really want it, your grades will speak for themselves and you can achieve your goals. Overall I like this school, however it needs more school spirit!


The most interesting, eager, career-oriented school I have ever been to.


Affordable like a public institution, acedemics like a private institution.


Armstrong Atlantic State University is small, diverse school that offers many great things besides an education; for every student it creates an individual experience.