Armstrong State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Armstrong Atlantic State University is best known for being an upcoming major southern school in south eastern Georgia. It is also known as the home to many civilian and military students. I would also have to say that it is known to hold large amounts of nursing / pre-med students.


They are best known for their nursing program and physical therapy program, also for being an extremly hard school.


The town it's located in. I also like the greek life.


Our school is best known from academics!!!!




Armstrong Atlantic State University is most known for its Health Profession degrees. It is a very popular nursing and hospital administration school. People in these majors are almost guaranteed a job after graduation


A small school that is hard. People of savannah call it abercorn high but alot of those kids do not make it because they think because they are in htier hometown it will be easier and it is not.


We have a really great sports system (but no football - everything else that we have is fantastic) and we also have a great nursing program.


My school is best known for nothing.