Armstrong State University Top Questions

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Armstrong Atlantic State University is unique in this area because it is the only four year university that still has a satellite campus, which allows students that live further away from the main campus the opportunity to obtain their core classes before moving or traveling to classes every day.


Our school is an arboretum.


I'm not sure. It seems to be an inexspensive medical school honestly.


Small class sizes. A lot of history within the story.


The diversity, dining, and student resources makes Armstrong Atlantic State University unique compared to other schools.


It's close to home so I can see my family and old friends. It has a great atmosphere and southern hospitality that I've grown up with. It has one of the best psychology programs around; Not to mention, it's close to the beach!


The beach and the eclectic vibe of Savannah make Armstrong Atlantic State University unique. Savannah is a big city with a small town feel. It is nice to be able to get to know a wide variety of people and always be able to meet someone new.


It challenges the students to think critically.


It's pretty much strictly academic.


I really like how the classroom setting is at Armstrong. I love knowing all of my teachers. I love knowing that my all my teachers know me and that i am not just a number to them. I like to connect with people and at Armstrong the campus is small and comfy which allows to connect with people. Also because it is simple campus it is not as nerve racking as other univserities.


AASU provides a friendly and stable enviroment for learning . Its in one of the greatest cities in Georgia.


My school has a dental hygiene program that I am very interested in.


It's a college that is much cheaper than most of the surrounding colleges. Plus, it's right in Savannah which means inbetween classes, I'll have something to do other than just sit there and wait.


The diverse student and faculty body host a ethical community that strives with events and gathering to promote student involvement on campus.


The diversity and eagerness of all students. The atmosphere at AASU is just great. Everyone gets along, tries to help another succeed. It is a very secure campus and the teachers at this school are phenomenal.