Armstrong State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The professors. They put a lot of effort into their lectures and really care about their students. At this school I learn so much and my professors expect the same from their students that they give themselves. It's hard work and incredibly rewarding.


I tell my friends that I am FINALLY a University student and that I am so excited to get my career started. Armstrong is a great school for me and my classes are smaller so I am able to get the help I need with out long waits to see the teacher.


Armstrong Atlantic State University has staff, professors, and students that are just so helpful and friendly. They are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help you with anything you need. This campus has many activities that every student enjoys throughtout their day. The different classes helps a student to take the classes need to help them accomplish their major.


The thing I brag most about class is that I always come home and I know something new everyday from my class.


How nice everyone is and how easy the classes are. I love how much freer it is compared to high school.


Armstrong has a great Writing Center. Their employees do a great job at helping lots of students with understanding how to write wonderful papers. This is helpful because a lot of students find they do not know how to write college papers.


The cost of attendance after my financial aid, it is much lower than anywhere else. Also, the small classes.


What I brag about most is how nice the campus is.


My school is a place where your concentration on your studies is very important. In my opinion, there are not too many activities around campus that keep you distracted. So, if you are distracted then it it no one but your own fault. As with any school studying is very essential to success in your classes, and because we do not have alot of other activities going on like some other schools it is very possible and likely to do well in all your classes.


The small size classroom setting is very helpful for the student who wants one on one time with their professor. It allows for the relationship between the student and the professor to be closer than a larger classroom setting would; therefore, there is more help offered. Also, the professors I have chosen are very cordial and willing to help - but you must make the first step.


I brag about the surrounding city (Savannah) of my school, the palm trees which brighten everything up, the warm weather, and the beach. The degree programs, especially the medically-related ones are excellent and the restaurants and shopping is also very good.


That it's near the beach.


It's close to home.


Small but good school, not too hard if you do what you're supposed too. Campus isnt too big so it's easy to go around