Armstrong State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who knows what they'd like to do and love extra curricular activities


Anyone can attend this school all are welcomed.


A person should attend this school if they want to get the full college experience, without the large classes.


This is no particular type of person that should attend this school. Everyone is welcome here no matter race, age, or background.


A person that is responsible, hard working, and want to focus on a career.


A person who is goal oriantated would do very well at Armstrong. This is a very academically challenging school that sets high standards for the students who attented Armstrong. An armstrong student should be able to study indepedently from groups and attend class reguarly.


People who aren't looking for a big school and don't mind associating with non-traditional students.


I believe , by the majority, individuality and originality is socially appreciated at Armstrong. Many members of the University tend to be drawn in from an underdog, rather than those who make an attempt to be noticed. Educationally, a student will succeed if they have perseverance (although, any one can with such a quality). Armstrong is ideal for those interested in the discipline of medicine or criminal justice. For those who can appreciate southern hospitality, serene nature, and the sun, the school can be seemingly irresistable.


I believe a hardworking , outgoing, and intelligent person should attend Armstrong Atlantic. Individuals who are wanting a good eduacation and are willing to work hard, then AASU is the right school for you! If you are wanting to be in the medical field, I would strongly reccommend Armstrong Atlantic!


Any student who feels more comfortable with smaller classes (approx. a little larger than high school classroom size). Also any student who simply enjoys a calm lifestyle. Armstrong Atlantic is a smaller campus without a constant upbeat lifestyle. Also this campus life is close knit. There are many events and a lot of people know each other.


Our school is diverse. The majority of the people that attend is white, but we have students from all fifty states and from over 45 countries!!!


Someone that is serious about school. This University is not easy and you will need to study.


someone who takes college seriously.