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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself would be to be confident that you are going to do great in everything you do. Don't stop looking for scholarships. Pursue a career that will make you happy everyday of your life. Don't get caught with foolishness from other people. Remember school comes first no matter what. Be confident in who you are and what you will beome in life. Just be you and noone else.


DO NOT BE AFRAID. Be confident, but not too confident. You do not know as much as you think you do. Do not be intimidated either; all those people around you are as confused and uncertain about life and each other as you are. Stop doubting yourself. You have every imaginable path in front of you; explore them even if it means backtracking many times. Take chances, but don’t get that tattoo. Or get that tattoo, but don’t take yourself so seriously. Ten years from now your best asset will not be your looks or your income but your ability to laugh at yourself. Study a lot, but stay up late too. Those honest, long conversations you have will be difficult to come by later on because people "just don’t have the time". Don’t take out those loans! Eat pizza for breakfast; you’ll get away with it. You are NOT fat. Do not buy books from the bookstore! It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do yet. Do not limit yourself. Call mom often, she needs it. Your roommates might not respect your things or your sleep; respect them anyway.


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely give myself some tips to maximize my college experience. First, I would tell myself to not sign up to room with someone I already know from high school. College is a time to broaden your horizons and it is sometimes difficult if you are already trapped in a specific social circle. Secondly, I would tell myself to look for as many unique learning experiences that I could. If the college had a summer abroad or a semester at sea venture, I highly recommend that so that I could have developed more culturally. Thirdly, I would tell myself to stay open minded. Professors get you to do certain tasks in class for a reason. They are trying to help you become a better you. Group projects are not meant to torture, but to get you to learn the art of working with others and the art of compromise. Those two skills are highly needed in the work world. Lastly, I would tell myself to stop and smell the roses. Don't be in such a hurry to graduate. This is a once in a lifetime experience.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I'd tell myself a few things: apply to those scholarships; if it gets too hard, take a breath, itll be ok in the long run I promise; don't worry about where you'll end up, just apply and go for it; and finally, college isn't scary, it's just a bigger better high school, that you have to pay for.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself so much valuble information. I would tell myself to be focused and that my freshman year in college is my most important year. I would tell myself to cherish my grandmother since her passing has inspired my passion to become an epidemiologist. I would have made sure that I never lost my HOPE scholarship because of my silly antics in my freshman year. Finally I would tell myself about the woman that I have become focused,diligent and determined. Even though it has been and will be a difficult journey I will continue to keep my head held high and succseed.


If I could go back in time and tell the high school senior Nia about college life, I would make sure to talk to her the most about procrastination and time management. In high school, most of the time I could get away with studying the night before for a test. Once I entered into college, I quickly found out that I could not do that anymore. Procrastination is the WORST in college, especially if you do it on something big. There have only been a few occasions that I've gotten away with procrastinating, the times that it almost became the death of me were the worst. Staying up late to finish (or at times start) a paper made me regret it so much the next day. With that being said, I would tell her to start practicing time management because if she can manage her time well high school, doing it in college should make her life so much easier. Yes, it will be difficult to manage studies, a social life, and sleep, but learning how to set goals and organizing your priorities will make the transition into college life so much smoother.


Go to college, but go when you are ready. Not everyone is ready right out of high school. You dont need to waste your time, money or any one elses if you are not serious about it. When you do finally go, make sure you have a plan and make it happen. Get involved with campus activities, but not so involved that your grades suffer. Most of all. Enjoy it! Experience it! Live it!


The opportunity to rewind to when I was a high school senior to give myself advise, would have prevented much difficulty. First, I would tell myself to actually apply for scholarships and do some volunteering, which is a fun way to serve the community while increasing my opportunity to earn scholarships. I would encourage myself to take more college honors classes, reassuring myself that they are more fun than regular classes and permit free printing. To save myself money by avoiding the freshman mistake that I made, I would beseech myself not to buy my textbooks from the college bookstore, rather to buy them from online used textbook sites. Waiting until the last minute to complete assignments has caused many sleepless nights, so I would admonish myself to practice better time management, preventing future in-class dozing. Lastly, to better my college social life, I would tell myself to join an organization as soon as possible, allowing me to meet others with similar interests while building my college resume.


With my current knowledge about college I will do several of things differently. The major three things I will focus on are the lack of a foreign language classes and advance placement classes after my freshman year in high school, the amount of time I will spend with my school counselor, and the lack of my search for funds to pay for college. During my high school career there was only one year in which a foreign language was offered and the classes where reserved for the seniors that year. I will find a wavier or different a way to satisfy the foreign language requirement for enrollment into college. I will take the advance placement classes and the test for college credit that my counselor advises me to take. The counselor and I will meet several times during my senior year. I will ask for information about workshops to fill out the federal financial student aid and other scholarships. I will bring that my parents attended the workshops so that they will know which information I need from them. The knowledge I have now would have aided me greatly in obtaining entry into college straight out of high school.


If I could go back in time and give my younger self advice I would be better off. I would tell myself to write more scholarship essays, take the Advanced Placement Literature Exam, and volunteer at the Midway Museum. I was lazy during the course of my senior year. I only filled out a handful of scholarships. I meant to do more, but I did not. I would stress the cost of school and the activities related to being in college, if I could. I would advise myself to take all the AP Exams possible. I would remind myself that I get college credit. I would stress the fact I do not want to repeat coursework simply because I did not take a test. I would advise myself to volunteer at the local museum. It would not hurt to confirm that I want to work with a museum after I obtain a degree. The experience could increase my focus and determination. Honestly, I would give myself advice that would resolve current issues. The increased money, more college credits, and focus would only benefit me. I wish I really had a time machine so I could talk to my younger self.


If I could reverse the clock a few years the first thing I would do to my high school self is reach out, grab her by the shoulders, and attempt to shake some sense into her. I would then sit her down and get her to listen the only way I know she would-- hand her a coffee. Taking care of a parent at 17 is not easy. I know looking back I thought I was doing the best I could. My driving point to my former self would be that there is an exorbitant amount of help out there if you just ask. Back then I didn't even think school was an option. I knew I wanted to be a vet, but I had given up on the idea for financial reasons. I know now there are a number of options, and many people in multiple places willing to lend a hand. I'd make sure she knew there is no shame in not doing everything on your own. The drive and determination I had back then would have fed off the assurance of a future well= managed.


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior, I'd tell myself to take some college classes, while also attending high school. That way I will be ahead of the game and know what I'm getting myself into with college level classes. I would also tell myself to make sure to study an hour for each college class I have. I honestly wish I could have raised my GPA up to a 3.5 so that I could have graduted with honors, so I would tell myself to also make sure to gradute with a 3.5 GPA or higher. I was too busy trying to have fun and forgot about my studies.


The best advice I would give to my naive high school mind, is to simply enjoy the luxuries and simplicities of still being a child. Back then, I couldn’t wait to be an “adult” making real money that was my own, having my own car, doing whatever I felt like, because I would finally be able to govern myself, and it is only now that I have realized how senseless and foolish I was to wish it all away, instead of appreciating it. I would give almost anything to have one more week of dreadful early mornings and long lectures with teachers that actually cared about my success. I would pay anything to still be able to have a long lunch break where I could openly talk to the people that I cared a lot about, because I now no longer have time to even say a simple “hello” to them. I would advise my former self to never get into anything I couldn’t handle, but most importantly of all, to remember to take time away from the hustle and bustle and just appreciate the present.


Dear Jassen,If I told you I’m future you, would you find this to be true? I’ve come to offer my sincerest advice, to let you know that life won’t always be that ideal paradise. Through all my experiences, old and new, my best advice: Forget what is taboo. “Whatever do you mean?” you ask. Just know you can stop hiding under that mask. College is a place where no one cares. Break through your shell if you dare. Don’t be afraid of the change because you will find your fair share of the strange. Soon you will find yourself at ease, not caring who you please. College is all about taking chances; just make sure you don’t make any wrong advances. You don’t want to push away those who are close. The friends you make aren’t like most. So cherish every moment together because college isn’t meant to last forever. Right now you may not understand, but you know as well as I do, life never goes as planned. So when I say I’m future you, do you now find this to be true?


I would tell myself to study more and tone down the social life a bit. Your friend's name won't be on that diploma too.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is create a set of goals. I would ask myself what would I like to accomplish by the end of high school? Then I would make a plan on how I would like to reach them. The next advice I would give myself is make the right friends. Friends who use others, friends who engage in criminal activity, friends who immature, and friends who you can never have a serious relationship with are a waste of an investment. Make the right friends rather than being influenced by the wrong friends. The final advice I would give is to excel in academics. I would develop good academic habits for college, absorb the information that is taught to you, and leave high school with a good GPA.


High school was an opportunity that I took for granted. I did well, and graduated. But I am a firm believer of giving it your all. If I had, maybe I would have more open doors in collegiate experiences. In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancerous brain tumor. Recovery was neither a smooth nor gentile process. Many of my treatments influenced my feelings toward everything- including my education. I began questioning almost every aspect of high school. Fortunately, I had a change of heart. I stayed in school, and was even more motivated to graduate. My path was still somewhat rigid, but I did not falter. By December of 2010, I was a cancer survivor and high school graduate. I continued my education in spring semester of 2012 as an undergraduate in psychology at Armstrong Atlantic State University. It is not always a clear path to my college degree, but there is progress. If I could give my high school self any advice it would be to hang in there, and push yourself to your maximum potential. “The harder the work you put in, the greater the reward you get”. These few words say so much.


A lot of minority groups remove the idea of going to college or a university based on the financial aspect and don't realize that it’s an investment to their future. Being the first person in my family to attend college, I didn't do my research like I should have and if I could do it all over again; I would have definitely made a lot of changes. First, I would have taken the SAT/ACT; it is one of the biggest mistakes a lot of students execute. Also, I would have researched/compared the schools of my interest. There is a lot to look at when comparing schools because each has different criteria/requirements for each major. I would have also studied more and efficiently. It is important that high school students study efficiently so that they don’t kill themselves in exhaustion to get an average passing grade. While I have always been involved in extracurricular activities, I would have liked to volunteer in organizations. Not only does it make you a better person, but it also gives you a different perspective in others and in life. Which I believe makes you appreciate everything you have.


I would advice myself to fill out as many scholarship applications that I could. College is something that should be taken very serious. It can be very expensive having to pay for books, tuition, food, and other things.


If I could go back and talk to myself about the transition from high school to College I would tell myself that I needed to listen and look at the scholarship opportunities earlier. Also I would have warned myself that I would be moving from one state to another. I would also warn myself about certain teachers, not that the teachers are bad but the teachers have different teaching styles. I would warn myself that the work load is not that different, but that you need to keep track and not procrastinate as much. I know these things now.


College life is an experience that no one can take from you. It is the beginning of adulthood and independency. If I could go back knowing how college life is now and give myself advice about making the transition, I would tell myself: hang around positive people, college is a different world, and never give up no matter how bad the situation. Surrounding yourself with positive people is important. Being around people that have goals and are ambitious about their future is aspiring for someone trying to do the same thing. College and high school are different worlds. High school is hand-held, whereas in college you are on your own. Making straight A’s in high school is different from making straight A’s in college. College work is more detailed, requires more preparation, and better study habits. Last but not least, there will be times where financial aid is slow coming in; moreover, an advisor might misinform you regarding financial aid, or scheduling a class. These things could set you back. Through it all, if you have faith and stay grounded, with positive people around and professors that are willing to help, surviving the college life is possible.


I would tell my Senior high school self to enjoy college, to study harder than you ever have before, but to give yourself to enjoy the freedom. I would also tell myself to enjoy college but to make sure that school work always come first before anything, because your not spending money for college to party. In addition, I would tell myself to not stress too much over school work, but allow youself plenty of time to complete the work. I would tell my high school self to be friendly but always stick to your roots no matter what anyone else tells you. I would tell my high school self to go to events, that way can make so many friends and that way you can have a study buddy if you need to. Most of all I would tell myself to keep your head up even if things do not go as plan, becasue everything turns out better than planned.


Don't be afraid to branch out, make new friends, and try new things. Sororities are the best way to meet people just like yourself and the only thing you have to do is commit. Make sure you study every chance you get, do not put things off until the last minute, it will not get done. Enjoy your college years.


Work just a little bit harder in my classes. I gave 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} but my ending GPA in high school fell short of a full scholarship so I guess I would just tell myself to try just a little bit more to see if I could make it and not have to worry about money for college.


I know if I had the chance to go back and talk to myself , the first thing I would do is slap myself. Don't go to the Art Insitutes, you'll drop out in a month. Don't break up with your boyfriend, it will make things even worse to think things through. Don't start college early, you will certainly regret it later. Get a job! Don't just sit there and do nothing. It won't help you or the tenison between you and your dad. It will only get worse if you do the same thing I did. So many things have happened over the summer months and I don't want to live through them again. The one big thing I would say to myself is to not get pregnant. Making decisions concerning school and everything is a lot harder dealing with a pregnacy and not being able to tell if it will ruin things forever or not but it will make things a lot harder to deal with. Other than that, everything goes well.


I would have went to a two technical college and pick up something in medical field. Then I would have worked and applied to a four year college to get a Bachelor Degree in the medical field.


As a highschool student you need to start studying for the SAT in the ninth grade and make sure you read books with challenging vocabulary words. If your school has extra English tutoring take it because I struggled with writing in high school. Even though it did not show in my GPA it was evident in my SAT score. Some scholorships are avaliabe to people who are thirteen years old so start applying sooner than your junior or senior year. Get into the habit of having to study on the weekends even though you do not want too. Interning or jobshadowing under other people is a great way to help you decide your career. This also shows you on a regular day what situations you may incounter in your profession.


If you had to do one job day and night what would it be? That should be the focus of what school you are going to. Not how many hot guys go to the school or how close is the mall. College is a steeping stone for your career primarily your social life is secondary. What is the subject you hate the most? Now it is going to be your best friend. Eat, sleep, breathe it until you know it like the back of your hand. Do your friends motivate or hinder you? Encouragement and motivation from just yourself is going to burn you out quickly so find a friend that cares about your success in school. Are you to prideful to admit you are not the best at everything? Well get rid of it, you soon will learn that you are not the best naturally but, with a little work and practice you will be. Do you study for a test the night before? Well that A in highschool is equivalent to a C in college. Getting a B with hard work is more priced than a no effort A. Get it together college starts now.


If I could talk to my high school self, first I would tell myself to relax. My teachers made college sound scary like you were in it all by you self and if you messed up that was it. Once I got here I realized I’m not in it alone and that if I do mess up there are ways to still get back on track. Second, I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarships as you can. I didn’t understand why it was important to do that. I thought that if I did fill one out, I wouldn’t get anything. Third, I would tell myself to be decisive about picking a college and do research to make sure it’s where I want to go. I based my opinions about a college on how it looked and how many boys where there. All that is secondary to finding about what programs they offer, how many people actually come out of the school and are successful, and does it suit your academic needs. Last, I would tell myself to be serious about school, don’t take it lightly because college is really when life begins.


Be sure to take time out for yourself. College will be the busiest time of your life and enjoy all that it brings. Of course you will get all of your work done like you always have, but be sure to relax. Do not stress out about deadlines. Just be sure to start on projects and papers early, and it will get done. Also, buy your books on the Internet or from used bookstores. Campus bookstores are convenient, but the prices are higher. Always buy the books required for the class. The books will always be useful to read for tests.


I would advise myself to be prepared to discovery my real self. High school is a time of fun, college is a time of self discovery. Everything that you think you know, you dont. Even when you thought you were sure, you weren't. Its like a whole big world opens open in front of you and life starts becoming a reality. I would advise myself to be open minded to all possiblities. Things you thought you did not like could be there very things that you might enjoy. I would also say to be prepared for alot of studying, procrastinating is the worst thing you can do in college. Every class will not be an easy A like high school. You will actually have to work for it and dedicate alot of your time to learn these knew things. Its all worth it in the end. The last thing I would say is stay motivated. There will be obstacles along your journey. There will be mistakes you will make, and things you regret. Things may get so tuff you want to give up, but just remember you are the only thing that stands in the way of your dream.


If I could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships! I made the mistake and didn't apply for any scholarships in High School. If I applied for scholarships then I would not have had to pay so much money out of pocket. I would also tell myself to get better study habits. I would practice them with my schoolwork in high school and get prepared. College studying is much more strenuous and it takes way more time than High school. I was not prepared for all the work that it takes when it comes to studying.


I would have encouraged myself more to pursue the hope scholarship because obtaining a college education is very expensive.


I would encourage myself to be more active and to join more student groups if possible. I would also tell myself to pack less.


There is a monumental amount that I've learned since enrolling in college. If I could give my senior-self advice, I would have a plethora to say. First, I would say that college is where you grow into an adult and find yourself. I have changed vastly since my first day of Freshman year. It is okay to not know what you want, but you will find yourself and then you will be ecstatic with the wonderful person you grew into. Next, I'd say not to be blinded by the fun that surrounds you and let your academics fall by the wayside. I have seen many people not have academics as a first priority and they did insurmountable damage to thier GPA. That is a waste of money, time, and intelligence. Finally, I would warn myself that growing up is harder than you'd think and you will face some trying times but that is when you discover which people were being counterfeit and who your true and blue friends are for life. These are the best days of your life, so grow, know, and show that you can be greater than anyone ever expected you to be.


Well I think I would let myself know that it is better to have an higher education than just a high school diploma. Once you have recieved a higher degree, more opprotunities are avaible to you in life. Sometimes at a young age you really do not see that it is better to finish all the things you might not like than to find out later that you missed something you might need. so I guess i would sum it up by saying as along as you do what you have to do to move forward in life than to have to go back and do it at a later time becuase it the older you get the harder it gets to get some of education completed.


I would advice myself to develop better study habits and remember that my life choices are my decisions. Never give up on wat YOU really want to do or change for no one in the world. Failure is not an option, college is not like high school, you can move at your own pace and graduate when YOU'RE finished. Don't rush to keep up with your "friends" but do your best the first time and stay focused. Sometimes you'll fall and fail but when given a second chance USE IT!


At this time, making the transition from full time employment to full time student is a huge step into the unknown. I am at a point in my life where the salary cap has been reached. I feel confident to persue my degree in Dentistry because of the 25 years as a Certified Dental Assistant. The Dental Assistant Nation Board has helped educate me in many areas of dentistry and I am encouraged by all the


Note to self, Do not let people try to persuade you that you cannot make it - you CAN. Never doubt yourself - you will make it into the college of your dreams. One really good tip to remember always keep track of your know information and always educate yourself in the areas of financial aid, scholarships, transferring, and transcripts because you will get thrown for a shock when some of your classes are not paid for or do not transfer. Also, take big deep breaths alot - college is not easy, you need to be prepared. Stay motivated and determinated because that is what is going to get you through the hard things. Keep your head on you shoulders and know that with each test you take your getting better and keep on working harder. Also, always have a back up plan for books because most of the time the school bookstore is not the best place to go. NEVER procrastinate! ALWAYS be on your tip toes because once you are behind it is hard to get back. Most of all take care of YOURSELF!

Pa Houa

If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is: 1. work hard at the begining of the semester, it will always pay off at the end 2. get to know your college, that makes college life more than just boring classes 3. get to know your teacher, connection starts in college 4. study one to two weeks before exams 5. ask question, no question is a stupid one


I would tell myself to stay foucus on your school work, remember your goals, remember that you are doing it for you, keep the faith in God, never give up, and be yourself but grow as well.


I'm receiving a well rounded education and attending a great nursing program at AASU. It has taught me responsibility, hard work and helped me set goals in my life. I've also met alot of new people and friends. College holds the most value to me in that it is going to insure a good future and a well paying job.


College is one of the best experiences a person could ever have. Where else could a student go and have the world come to their feet? You meet other students who have come from all over the world, teachers from all over the world. You learn life lessons as well as life skills. You learn to depend on yourself. You learn to believe in yourself. You learn who you are as an individual as well as who you are within a group. College provides a safety new that allows for mistakes and recoveries, wrongs and rights, slips and falls. College is not only an educational journey but also a personal journey to yourself.


I am originally from Russia where I finish only high school. The American system of education is completely new to me: a great diversity, bigger classes, new mates in each class. In addition to my college shock, I experienced cultural shock. But I put every effort to combine my college and family responsibilities, to demonstrate to my daughter that nothing comes easily, that she has to work hard to be successful. I am also eager to prove that education will provide a stable future, no matter in what country you have to live. My College Success class was a valuable experience in where I received knowledge about school policy, majors, managing stress. . Choosing a major in college can be overwhelming when there are so many interesting fields of study. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, and, as a result, students switch majors several times or even drop out of college. To find a satisfying major I learn as much as I could about my skills, interests, values, and personal preferences. I thought of what you might like to do for the rest of your life, and what you wouldn’t want to do.


I have learned that you must do anything and everything you can to understand that subject. Do not depend on teachers for sympathy. But also, I have learned that if my teacher is not the greatest, I should tell their boss and not let bad teaching be the reason I fail a class. Put in many hours of study time. If you still are not passing tests, ask your peers who make B's or A's how they study. College is valuable only in the way that it makes you rethink your future career and if you are willing to do anything to recieve a degree in that field.


After attending a community college for a year, I realized I wanted to take a different route than I had originally planned for. While I'm currently attending a technical school, I feel as if I have found my calling with business administration. For some, college is about having fun, and being in a sorority. For myself, college has been an eye opening experience. I am learning what to expect in the real world, and I am going to make the most out of the education I am recieving. My ultimate plan is to become a wedding planner, and possibly own my own business. Had you have asked me a year ago, I would have given a completely different answer. That's the thing about college though. College is all about experiences, and the choices that are made. It's about finding that one thing you're truly passionate about, and it's about setting and planning goals for your future. While attending school, I have found something that excites me, and I am especially thrilled about achieving what I now know I want to become in my life. Schooling after high school was definitely the right choice for me.


Not been in collage yet. Yet I intend to merge psychiatric therapy and physical therapy. To try and help people that don't like the idea of traditional therapy. I would use a gym environment to try and teach people to self heal. To use safe exercise practices to help themselves and others. I plan on using course's in athletic training to help binde the two extremely useful therapy's in to a third more personalize-able therapy.


So far my online college experience at the University of Phoenix has been great. I have learned so much during disscussion and with the assignments. The staff has been extra helpful for me being new to the online community and school, so many years after my high school graduation. I have had the honor of maintaing a 3.0 gpa and have excelled in my computer and technology skills since my enrollment. I have been to community college in the past, right after high school, and it was not as ingaging and wonderful as this experience. I am able to tend to my family, focus on my future as a teahcer, and go to school on line. It Is amazing and the values of having an education are unspeakable. Tis experience means the world to me and the future or my children and I want nothing more then to continue until I have a masters in education. If I do not win the experience does not change for me. Thank you, Ashley


My college experience has been teaching me about the value of time and hard work. I have learned to deal my time more wisely and still have time for my family and myself. Also that no matter how hard something is there is always someone who will be able to answer your questions and help you out. Attending college is important as it is a way to help teach people that hard work pays off in the end and that there are many people out there who are just like them. It gives them a since of how things will progress in the outside world and in the work place.


So far i've gottan the chance to learn who i am, and who i want to be, my goals have become more realist, and i have also learned what is really means to be in controll of my own life.. its as simple as that, so far i've learned about the person i am, and the one i wish to become.