Armstrong State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That there was a credit hour cap on receiving financial aid.


Before I came to Armstrong Atlantic State University, I wish I would have known how to prepare to for the Regents Test. Before this test was removed from the university, I was struggling to pass this test. Failing this test multiple times effected my performance in other classes. However, I was able to maintain a decent grade point average.


How much to study for one class.


I wish that I would have known about the exit exam before I came to this school. It was very tough passing the test. If I didn't passed the test, I would have never gotten my degree.


Armstrong is a commuter school and therefore the parking in the school is horrendous at certain hours. Therefore parking can sometimes leave you parking in designated spaces that are extremely far away. It is best to get to school at least 10 minutes before your class starts. If not you risk getting to class late.


I wish I had known how hard it was to get into the graduate programs. So many students are trying to get into certain graduate programs' for example the physical therapy program only accepts about twenty students per year when a few hundred students graduate with bachelor degrees in rehabilitation sciences.


It can be difficult to get involved in campus events if you aren't interested in the traditional types of student groups (i.e. sororities, fraternities, sports, religious clubs).


I believe I knew all that I needed to.


I would have like to known that it was this hard. I know school is not all fun and games but compared to how people tell you college is it is a lot harder.


About Scholarships.


before attending school, i wish i would of know what i wanted out of life, that way i could of better made dissions fit to what i wanted to eventully achieve...


I wish i would have known that college would be this expensive and and that it would be a lot of hard work because college is very time consuming.


Actually, when I came to this school, mentally and enthusiastically I was prepared. I kicked it into gear grade wise during my last two years at high school, and I was ready to apply the same work ethic towards Armstrong.


How difficult it was. I was not prepared for the tough courses, but they have taught me a lot and I appreciate them now.


Before I came to Armstrong Atlantic State University, I was a freshman and didn't know what to expect! I entered in as a Pre-Nursing student and thoroughly enjoyed my first year. I was put into a Pre-Nursing Learning Community comprised of students that were all first year freshmens and Nursing majors. Before I came to the school I didn't know how much of an advantage that became. On the other hand, I wish I would've known changing my major from pre-nursing to Biology Pre-medwas going to be much harder requiring even more dedication.


I wish had known more about thelocation of the school.


I wish that I had known my school was going to be this challenging so I could have prepared myself more. My major is very demanding on academic achievement and strives for you to do your best.


The course rules and regulations. There are certain courses you can not retake!


I wish I had known how complicated the professors can be.


All the information that I needed was on the web. I was well informed.


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