Armstrong State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What I love the most about Armstrong are the small class sizes. Since the classes are smaller, it provides students with a more personal learning experience because the professor actually knows your name and face. I find the smaller classes to be less intimidating and increase my likelihood of speaking up if I have a question or concern about the material.


My school isn't the biggest college campus. It is a little small, which is a goog thing. Everything is in walking distance. You won't be tired from walking class to class. The students and faculty are really friendly. This gives you a chance to meet new friends easily. There are numerous amounts of events that are planned. They have a movie night every monday, talent shows, cookouts etc. The professors are reasonable and won't mind a one on one discussion about any questions or problems with the class.


There are plenty of classes available with plenty of instructors, to ensure that students have an opportunity to take whatever classes they need at a time that fits their schedule, and still have a choice of which professor to take (and most of them are really good). I think this is important because it's imperitive that students not just pick a class, but pick a professor that will help them to accell in their studies. One bad professor can devastate a GPA, and once it's on the transcript, you can't take it off.


The school is a very hard-working school. This can be seen by the accreditation of its courses, for example, it has a dual enrollment program with the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the top notch engineering institutes in the nation. Also, the classes I have taken always present a challenge - something I consider necessary for an efficient course.


It is a smaller school so it is much easier to form relationships with the professors and find help in the career/internship search. Most professors can help you get in touch with local specialists in your field of study.


Since it is in the south, the Southern Hospitality carries on even to the colleges.


I sincerely believe that the best thing about my school would be it's Student Services staff and what they accomplish in such a short amount of time. While not only do they have to handle registration and admissions within such a short time span, and with such a large student body, they somehow handle it without error. I commend them for that


The small school atmoshere. The classes are a resonable size, so your professor knows you by face if not by name. Professors are available and very approachable.


Armstrong Atlantic State University has a strong curriculum for any student enrolled here. This school ranks number three for the most difficult schools in the state of Georgia. I consider this to be the best thing about my school because I know that I am receiving a great education. The curriculum pushes me to work harder so that I can maintain good grades. I am often pushed beyond my comfort level but in the end, this makes me a stronger and a more well rounded person.


The best thing about this school by far is the location. Savannah is a beautiful city and near the beach so there are tranquil places to go to get away from city life if need be. The university is located in the beautiful southside region of Savannah.


I think the best thing about my school is campus life because student get a chance to interact and communicate with different people.