Asbury University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for their communications majors as well as education, equine and art.


Our school is best known for it's community, media communications major and elementary education major. Asbury College is chosen to send students from its media communications major to help broadcast the olympics. The college community is great. The College's Elementary Education program is number 1 in the state of Kentucky.


My School is best known for Academic excellence and Spiritual Vitality.


Asbury is known academically media com department and Education department. Our school sends 40+ people to work for the Olympics every two years, and our teachers are nationally ranked. However, Asbury is known for its religious standing, its conservative style and its strict rules.


the Media Communications department and for being a Christian liberal arts college.


Our school is best known for its inviting social atmosphere and its academic program, especially its Media and Communications department.


A heavy emphasis on both spiritual vitality and academic excellence


For its two best majors, Media Communications and Education. People in those Industries often hiring people just because they know Asbury's reputation of producing good students in those careers.


I don't really know. I feel that Asbury trys to make its "environment" its selling point, but the environment isn't really anything like what they advertise it as...