Asbury University Top Questions

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It is very easy to make friends.


This is a school that is dedicated to christian values. It has a strong foundation in community and and helping everyone around the world. The school is supportive to everyone who attends and will allow you to recieve the best education and have the best resources.


The fact that it was in a small town so I felt safe walking down the street and everyone seemed so friendly.


Asbury College offers a program called "Achieve", geared towards older students who are established in the workplace, or had previous college credit. It allows the students to attend class one night a week for a 5 week period to complete your degree in 2 years. Compared to other colleges in the region, this allows more flexibility and at the end, you receive a degree from a strong college.


small in size, high standards, small class sizes, excellence academically.


It's small but very thourough, Profesors really care about you as a student and campus life is very upbeat and friendly


The media department is very strong allowing students to intern every 2 years to work at at the olympics. The media faculty are very strong helping students excel in the field.


it provides a secure enviorment for learning that allows the student to take chances