Asbury University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a person wants a school with a large campus and strong school spirit, then Asbury is not a good match.


Everyone should give this school an opportunity. However, if you are not into working hard and trying to better yourself this school is not for you. Also being apart of a community that is really supportive then this school is not for them.


Our school wants to spread the Word of Christ to the world. We encourage all to come to our school who want to gain more from their relationship with Jesus Christ. Asbury University would not be an institute that would feel "comfortable" for individuals who do not believe in God or who live a life-style that contradicts with the Bible. Lesbians, alcoholics, drug addicts, (ect) would feel out of place but they would be welcomed.


I do not wish to discourage anyone from not attending this school but it would be good advise that anyone who does not desire to emrace the Christian lifestyle will find it hard to fit in with the majority of the students and rules. However, even then there is still a good chance that they would not be outcasted because that role seems to go to the kind of people that are unable to defend their position on certain topics, such as being a Christian.


One shouldn't attend Asbury College if they don't like to follow campus rules, such as curfew, no dancing, no boys in girl dorms (& vice-versa), dress-codes, and other community standards. If one does not have the desire to follow Christ, they may not feel comfortable in this spiritually-rich community, although they are welcomed. Those who don't want to put forth their best efforts, who don't strive to work hard, and who lack a strong work ethic, probably shouldn't attend this school.


I feel like someone who is into the party scene should not attend Asbury. Asbury is a school based on a Free Methodist background so the school is very stron in its beliefs and set of rules and values. You do not have to be Methodist to feel welcome at Asbury though, I'm not and I feel great about being here.


I think this school can be a very positive experience for anyone who will allow it to be.


Anyone who is not Christian or who likes to do drugs.


Abury College is dedicated to educating young adults who want to engage in our culture, and live a holistically informed lifestyle. Asbury is not for party students, students who want to rebelliously break community standards, students who won't take their education seriously, or who don't wish to engage with their community. Asbury has more rules than most schools, but there are great reasons for most of them. Namely, Asbury is very concerned with community and teaching Asburians how to make responsible life and vocational decisions.


a student that doesn't value their beliefs ( whatever they may be) strongly