Asbury University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the atmosphere of community where students, teachers, and administration worked together to help students achieve their goals. I enjoyed the integration of faith and learning in the classroom. The small class sizes and the friendliness of the teachers made the learning experience positive. And, there was tutoring and help offered for students struggling with their studies. I felt that the education I received was excellent and academically challenging because I am finding my graduate classes to be easy in comparison.


The best thing about Asbury College is its spiritual community life. It is focused on each individual and meeting their personal needs, whether it be spiritual, academical, emotional, or physical, and always putting Christ first in all that they do for His glory. Genuine relationships are built this way, and it is an encouragement for everyone to grow together as a whole Body of Christ on the campus.


I consider the size of my school the best thing about it. I enjoy having classes with fewer students, this gives the professor and the students a better chance of getting to know each other.


The best thing about Asbury College is that I am an Education Major and it is considered to be the top college in the state with regard to students who obtain teaching jobs after graduation. Graduates in Education from Asbury College are heavily sought which makes my future look bright.


The best thing about my school would have to be the professors and advisors. They have a genuine love for their students and really care about what is happening in their lives. They try their best to make it possible for everyone to succeed. You can also see their heart for the Lord in the way that they act towards others and interact in chapels.


The best thing about Asbury College is that it is a Christian liberal arts college. Asbury provides a wide range of career options, both for graduate and for undergraduate students.


The best thing about my school is that while attending I have had some troubling issues to deal with and with the help of those around me and wanting to find what I was missing and fill the void, I have been able to grow tremendously in my faith, although I am still working ardently at it.


The best part of my school is the unity i feel with my friends, through religion, sports, and other interests.


I love the interaction of both students and staff of the college. Its like a small town, even if you don't know everybody you at least recognise everyone on campus. I cannot think of anyone on campus that is not friendly.


The best thing about Asbury College is the tradition that can bring both traditional and nontraditional students to the same campus. Asbury was established in 1890 and has been a leader in the academic arena during that period. When walking on campus, you feel a sense of pride that you can carry the torch of those who came before you, continuing the legacy. With the class offerings available, this brings nontraditional students, as myself, to be able to experience a great small college atmosphere that I would otherwise be unable to.


the best thing about Asbury College is the location. Wilmore is a quaint little town south of Lexington. KY. it provides us with a nice environment for a Christian Community, without the placement in a huge city. If we need more activity, we can simply journey into Lexington for some fun.


The school is very supportive and they are not just focused on your studies but how you grow as a person. You are not just a number at this school.


Student life is alive and well


The vulnerability people are willing to display; deep, aiding friendships form relatively quickly. They generally continue to strengthen, deepen, and challenge one's identity (in a good way) throughout the time spent here.


How close people are becuase they like hanging out with each other a lot and halls are really tight.