Ashford University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


financial aid department. Had me sign up for student loan and then it did not get approved because of delays caused by the school. Now i have an outstanding balance but do not have my degree beause of it, and no way to get a student loan to cover the balance.


Most students are apathetic about taking classes. It appears that they just want to get through life or either transfer out of Ashford. Mostly, it is a school that one goes to if they want to take general courses than transfer to another university one or two years after. I feel the same way and will probably do so.


Their is nothing worst than the weather.




Unfortunately, because I am taking classes online, you lose face-to-face interaction. However, you are a part of discussions with your classmates on a weekly basis as often as you like (minumum of two responses). Sometimes it is easier to speak your mind in writing, but for an actual debate, you do lose the drive and real emotion, like in a real conversation.


Parking is definitely an issue! My school is growing, and despite their best efforts to keep up with the growth they can't keep up with everything, and right now parking is lacking.


The cost of tuition. With all my financial aid it still leaves a tremendous balance in the thousands -even after grants and loans!

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