Ashford University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition the advice I would give myself would be that while being on my own has many temptations every decision can have consequences whether good or bad. For example, you may be tempted to go out to parties with friends. While that may be fun if there’s work, that you need to complete that is your priority because that’s why your there. You’re there to get your education and be the first one in your family to earn a college degree. Another example, is that there will be large amounts of financial temptations. For instance, a portion of student loan monies is given to you to help with living expenses while in college. When that happens take only 20% of the total amount given to you each semester and take the rest and start to pay back on your student loan so by the time you’re ready to graduate you would have paid back at least 50% of the actual loan amount you have borrowed. Also, if you could get additional scholarships and grant to lessen the amount needed to borrow do so as well.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first of all say hang in there and graduate, do not settle for anything less even a G.E.D. I would also tell myself not to take my time about returning to school i.e after almost all of your children are grown, but instead head into that classroom take charge and become the person you were meant to be, before you hit 40. I would tell myself that life will be full of challenges however if you work harder and smarter you will accomplish every ounce of goals that I put in front of my path. Challenges and obstacles will make me stronger and everytime I meet or exceed those challenges I am setting the presidence for what my children will accomplish. Do not wait, now is the time.


To go ahead and go to college it is not as bad as I thought. and to get all my paper work in and done before class starts. So I wouldent have to do it all at once. Oter than that I would leave a few surprises so I wouldn't be board.


I would tell my high school senior self to go to a community college. Where tuiition is much cheaper and you won't have to worry about spending thousands of dollars 10, 20, 30 years later, only to end up graduating from a CUNY college with a bachelors degree anyway. I would tell myself to not get caught up in bad company and to stay focused because time flies and before you know it many unproductive years could pass leaving you feeling depressed, unsuccefully and left behind. Don't listen to those negative voices telling you that you can't do any better and you will never be able to reach the level of success necessary to do anything. You will have days when you feel a lack of confidence, and a lack of ambition, but push on. The harder you work today the less of a struggle it will be when you get older. The sky is the limit and only you can hold yourself back. Talk to career counselors and people in your field of interest to assist with goals and aspirations. Stay focused and make sure that what you do can help yourself and others around you.


I would place my experienced hand upon his wiry shoulder and look into his naïve expression and I would sincerely say, “Don’t wait. Don’t do things the way I did. Don’t struggle through life for eight years and let hitting rock bottom be your inspiration for going back to college. You don’t regret how you lived your life, but you will wish you did it in a different order.” I would then turn my freshly enlightened self toward the office and tell him, “You get your butt down there and talk with the councilor. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Be proactive. Do it now so you don’t end up with all of my responsibilities; balancing full-time employment with full-time education with full-time fatherhood. College life isn’t all that hard, it just takes true dedication, you are responsible for your own actions, and no one else is going to do it for you.” With that, I would kick myself in the behind, sending me on my way, calling out, “Oh yeah! When you’re 22, don’t eat the soup at Jerry’s house!”


I would suggest to everyone do your research and make sure that you are around postive indivduals who want to see you flurish forward and make a postive note in society. If you are to succeed you need to alway remember that you can make it just alway tell youself to keep a positive mode at all times.


As a high school senior please make sure to enroll in College after graduation. Doing this, will ensure your future financially and personally. If you graduate College, receiveing your degree opens doors for more opportunities and allows the opportunity for your to use your knowledge, and skill in the most beneficial ways. This way you don't have to worry about enrolling later in life and given youself better opportunites as well.


Right after I graduated high school I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter I lost everything had a full ride to ASU on a basketball schlorship. I don't regret having my daughter but I wish I would have waited having children until I was done with going to college and finding a dependable job. So instead of being 27 years and not having a full time job I would have my degree so the jobs that require degree I would have it completed already. I am a mother now my children have a while going to college but I want them to see if mommy can go to college and accomplish it with getting a degree they can accomplish the same goals.


I would have told myself to now have waited so long to go to college. I waited 10 years before I decided to go to school. It was a employee package that our employer paid for us to go to school and get some much needed college coursework to help us with our job. I still till this day, cant beleive I waited so long.


If I could talk to my high school senior self , then I would say good job on not getting caught up in teenage activities that could of harmed me and affect my future. I honestly do not regret any of my high school life because I was a top notch student who card only for his grades and academic well-being. I say if it were not for my good behavior, then I would have gotten my degree now in college. High School prepared me for being somewhat independent about my academics and decisions I must make in order to pursue my dreams. I learned how to get use to working hard and applying detail to my work. My high school was the best at giving me the chance to explore and discover myself before I get to college. I, again, do not regret any history of my high school years because they were worth my whole life and future.


I would tell myself to always go for your dream. Don't ever let someone tell you that what you are trying to do is impossible. Following your heart is the best way to go into school. It takes time and dedication, so studying what you are passionate about will make it go by much quicker.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time, there would be many things I would change. Ever since elementary school, I always maintained a great GPA. When I started high school as a freshmen, I was going through some difficult situations that caused my grades to drop. It was hard to focus and get back on track when I had so many things on my mind. If I could go back in time, I would prevent myself from receiving failing grades. I would also get involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. These activities really make a student stand out when applying for scholarships. Now I realize how expensive it has become just to attend junior college. I cannot receive financial aid and I do not qualify for a fee waiver. If only I had been an athlete, or better student I would've received a scholarship that would help pay for my education. My parents now have to pay school fees with their own money that they work so hard to get.


Take more pride in your school work. It seems useless now, but you do not realize how important your education actually is. Being street smart and book smart is a deadly and highly sought combination. Go ahead and study then take your SAT's and ACT's. Just because you took the ASVAB doesn't mean you have any idea what you are up against. Your college education something you are going to pay for and it will be worth it in the end. This is an even bigger satisfaction if you have more to show from your high school years.


I would study alot harder for each class, a couple of hours per day and studied each class each day. I would have tried to obtain an A or B grade and prepared myself for SAT/ACT exam. I would have enrolled in sports, particularly basketball and joined other clubs, such as book club, christian club or have started one. I would have made as many friends as possible and probably remained friends until my married life. After doing all of the above, i've would gotten scholorships and have applied to Southern Unisverity in TN. There I would have been taking Nursing/Social Service and gotten my B.A. degree and most likely sought a position in TN. I consider myself to be a kind hearted individual and am genuinely concerned about people. I like Tenessee because the quality of life is better and its quieter and also it's great place to raise a family. I want to some day make a christian difference in this world. Finally, I would like to be remembered by the people that surrounded me, as a great person who always uplifted people with just a smile or a kind word.


College is a wonderful and difficult time. You will need to push yourself harder to focus on the goals that you set, but they are worth every step. When you get that diploma, the stress, the papers, and the late nights will all be worth it. You need to remember your love for learning, because that will be an asset to you in this. Remember that you have to have some bad with the good; you have to take some classes that you feel are not important to get to the fun ones. Once you do get to the classes that you love, you will really love them. You will blossom as a student and your self-esteem will grow; you'll also get bragging rights when you score A after A every class - and it feels great! Good luck to you and never give up, there will be days that you want to, but remember your goal to become a teacher and to change lives; this will help to keep you focused.


Complete your college education before getting married and having children, because if you do not, you will not be able to return to college until you are old and your children are raised. Life will be a lot easier, if you just wait until after you complete your degrees.


Wow, I would have told myself to have a more direct path to an achievable goal in mind. I would have not take so many college prep classes without totally committing to them. I would have taken some commprehensive career oriented tests including personality type assessments such as the Briggs-Meyer and understanding Gardner's seven basic intelligences. I woul have told myself to begin with introductory classes and electives and build up to harder courses built around my major. I would tell myself to work harder at studying for the S.A.T. and other college entrance tests. I would have told myself to research and study the job market at that present time to ascertain which career fields were the most prevalent, secure, and sustainable. I would have told my former self to speak more with my school counselors and even try to speak with relatives about the entire process but unfortunately this option hardly existed at that time. I would have told myself that life will be extremely hard and the little fun that you are having now is not worth it compared to the sorrow, struggle, and pain that will be endured in future years.


Do not go to online college. Get the whole scollege experience by going to an actual physical school.


Don't quit school! Start college right out of high school and don't stop until you have reached your goal. If I had given myself this advice earlier, I would not be in the position I am in today. I would be done with my education and reaping the rewards of my hard work. However, it is never too late to go back to school and finish what you started, and I am so glad that I will soon be accomplishing the goals that I set for myself so long ago.


I am not the typical college student. I am now 33 years old and a mother to a wonderful 2 year old son. One of the main pieces of advice I would give myself is this: don't throw away your education. I had dreams and hopes just like almost every child out there. However, I let those dreams get pushed down until they were almost nothing. I am not sure if much would have changed if I had better applied myself and I am not sure that I would have wanted it to. I believe I am enrolled in school now because I will appreciate it. I am eager to learn not only for myself but for my son. I hope to give him the best role model and show him that education is important. I also hope to help him discover his dreams and achieve them. I think the biggest lesson here is to learn from my mistakes. I have my hopes and dreams back and they are in my son's eyes. I didn't utilize my full learning potential once and I refuse to do it again!


Don't give up. You can do it, it just seems complicated in the beginning. Do as good in high school as you can so that you can get into a good school. I would go to school right after high school too.


Dear self, It is never too early to prepare for college. Remember that everything you do will determine your academic future. Have fun but, stay focused. If you want to do well, make sure others are doing well too. Volunteer in your community and do as much good as possible. It’s great that you volunteer already but, you can do more. Be proactive in your search for school. Make sure that it is a great fit for your ultimate career goal. Research the school and make sure that it has academic integrity. Talk to current students, educators, and counselors in order to judge your future surroundings and quality of education. Always study and work hard. Your academic success is very important. There are lots of computer programs that will help you prepare for the SAT’s. Don’t be afraid of math. It can’t hurt you. Remember that practice makes perfect (playing games in class on your scientific calculator will not). College is expensive. Don't be discouraged. Grants and scholarships can help you. You have dreamt of being a journalist since elementary school. Don’t limit yourself. You can do it! From, Your Future


In order to just make ends meet these days, it is important to have a college education. Go to college with the mindset that you are in it for the long haul. It is important to make friends and participate in extra-curricular activites, but these should always come second to your school work. Take advantage of being a college student where the only responsibility you have is to go to class. Soon, you will have a family, a career, your kids will be your responsibility, and you will be put last. Be diligent in your school work and commited to class. It will all pay off in the end, I promise. Have fun, and good luck!


I would say go to college, immediately. I know it is no the most attractive option for you, right now, but do it. Your life will be more fulfilling, prosperous, and under your control. You may even find out that you love it. Don't worry about what you want to do right away, just enjoy the experience of meeting so many new people with fresh ideas. There are some classes that will be required, but there will be many that you choose to take and will love them. The experince of learning what you want to learn is very different from the controlled learning you have experienced so far.


The advice that i would give them is that everyone get nervous about going to college and its okay to be. The should make college the way the wanted toand not the way people wanted them to. Experience what college really is and Define what you want to get out of college. My advice is define who you want to be and the person you wanted to be. Make new friends and dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because when you do you see the world a lot better. Dont let people bring you down and just be you because thats the best way. Always pay attention in class and just ask a lot of questions because professors love it when you ask question. Make friends that want the same thing out of life and dont judge people without getting to know them. I know sometimes people that been in college tell you that college is hard and it is but college is what you make it.


I would have went to collage as soon as i graduated.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to follow that dream of higher education. Don't let the bumps in the road get in your way. Be the first one in your family to obtain your degree, it's not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is organize your time and remain focused on your studies. Get support from your family and friends, they can help keep you motivated. I was really nervous about courses. Don't be, have confidence in your knowledge and abilities. It has been so many years since I went to school, I started to discount my abilities, telling myself that there was no way I could get through an assignment, or write a paper. I was so wrong, I am rocking a 4.0 and have a fantastic time doing it. Your never to old to go back to school!


If I knew then what I know now, I would have told myself to take the road to higher education immediately following high school because doing so later in life is much more difficult when you are out of practice. Juggling a family and teaching your children at home also prove to be a challenge in concentrating fully on studying. I would have encouraged myself to not let my circumstances and family stand in my way but to go after the things in life that I wanted, to follow my dreams and career goals. Transitioning into college life was not very difficult as you just need to stay focused on your goals, the most important thing is to not give up on yourself or your goals. Keep focused and work hard and you can accomplish anything you want to do.


I would tell myself, there is absolutely no time to waste and an absolutely awesome college is available in Clinton Iowa. The college would allow me to complete my degree for my bachelors in as little as three years. Placing me in an extremely demanding and satisfying field. Where I can apply my education to many diverse field opportunities. I would say you will not wait until your 37 years old, you have to start immediately after High school. Be satisfied with your achievements and develop a well rounded lifestyle.


Looking back now, I would tell myself to not allow fear to keep me from trying things even if I fail. There are so many opportunities when your at college and too often I allowed the fear of failure or what others would think or say about me, to rule my decision making. College is your chance to try things whether it be sports, clubs, organizations, leadership roles, and much more. You can even challenge yourself academically by learning a new language and studying abroad to really be engulfed in the language and learn the culture. Enjoy all the activities available and cherish all the memories you make with both friends and acquaintances. So often we think of failure as an end, but don't let it be an ending; learn from mistakes and failures by allowing them make you stronger and wiser. I learned so much and have so many great memories, but looking back there couldn've been so many more. It took the first couple of years to work through the fears; learning who I was, what I was about, and being confidend enough in who I am to be who I am without regret.


Things happen in people's lives that change them for the better. Don't give up hope and keep on going to school. Don't give up for other's mistakes because you are a strong individual and will accomplish many great things in life. You don't want a low GPA because your missing so much work from your classes. You need that GPA scholorship that Ashford offers to all students because without that scholarship it will be difficult to pay off your tuition. Just think about the brighter sides of things. Stop feeling down and putting negative thoughts in your head. Your an amazing person and need to keep the reputation up that your the first to attend a 4-year University and actually have a career. Work hard for that 4.0 and don't let anything hold you back.


I would tell myself that even though I think an education isn't important it is more important than I would or could ever know. Without an education I would be stuck in a laborous dead end job with limited ability to succeed. My rate of pay would remain at or below middle class for the rest of my life and I would be extremely unhappy with my job day in and day out till the day I retired. My going to college has changed my whole outlook on life and my future endeavors. Now the world is what I chose to make of it instead of what it choses to make of me. I now have the ability to succeed and I will be capable of being more than just a labor worker. I will be able to better other people's lives as well as my own. When I recieve my bachelors degree I will be respected for the things I know and capable of helping society instead of society having to have to always help me. I will be doing a job I want to do instead of doing what I have to do to survive.


If I could go back in time knowing what I know now about college life I would have stayed in college the first time I attended college. I am a first generation college student in my family, and all I have ever wanted was to purse my dream of graduating from college. I want to be able to provide for my family, and not live from pay check to pay check. College life is not bad at all. I have become a very well rounded individual since I got my first degree as a Medical Assistant. I am now on my way to getting my Bachlor's in Health Care Administration, and if I could go back in time I would have done all of this a long time ago. I would not have struggled as much as I did, and I would have been able to take care of my children a whole lot better. When I walk down that isle to receive my Bachlor's degree that will be one of the most profound days in my life. I will have worked hard to receive this diploma, and overcome many obsticles along the way to get there.


It's okay that you can't decide what to do yet. Don't worry about the pressure and demands to make a decision - you already know that anything you start right now, no matter how glorious, will lose its luster in short order. Rather than forcing yourself into a college path that may or may not lead to where you want to go, just relax. Take some time. You have amazing adventures ahead, and when you get through those, you'll be able to see your choices and options for the future so much more clearly. Yes, physics is so exciting right now, but next year, maybe it will be abstract math, and the year after that, it could be going back to writing fiction novels. The value of what you do is in every day, but when you're investing in your future, make sure that you are certain is the future you want. Trust me on this, the final answer will surprise you, and all the time in between waiting to find the right path will be totally worth it. That certainty will see you through.


I would tell myself not to go for 2 different associate degrees. To have a set plan of what I want to do and stick to it without taking any breaks in between.


Chin up little girl, it'll get better! You'll get your act together, trust me. When you think you have hit rock bottom, somehow you will manage to get back on your feet. That breakup is not the end of your love life, and that grade that made you cry will not ruin your chances at a "better life". You'll be ok, in fact, you'll be great! Highschool is only the beginning, college is the middle, and you will find yourself someday standing at the finish line, with that famous shirley temple grin on your face!


Upon graduating college I would have educated myself on the school’s curriculum first and also applied for more scholarships. I would have taken some pre- college courses to prepare me for the type of courses I would have taken in college. I would have encouraged myself to read and studied hard in high school and to not been so focused on sports and having fun. I realized that college was a full-time job that required every part of you to be successful. I would tell myself to be more open to other individual’s views and backgrounds. There are many different people in college, I would encourage myself to get out there and meet everyone that I could. I would tell myself to value my high school and education and experience because once it’s over, you will have to fend for yourself in college.


Stay focused on school and not the social life too much


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice, I would say that time mangement is essential to know. To manage your time you must manage your study time, work, and social events. You must also must be able to put them in order, for example. Which would you put first a social event or your study time for a test in two days? The answer is obvious, but it is up to the individual to decide . Another major factor in college is managing your money some will need to obtain a job, but make sure you only work what you can handle, because if you are working and not able to put in study tim for classes it defeats the purpose. My reccomendation is to work a maximum of 20 hours a week or work summers and save every penny.


I would tell myself to wait a couple of more years before having children. Even though I would never change my life as it is now, if I could tell my high school self to do something different, it would be to wait on the children. Having children and trying to complete my graduate degree for school counseling has been hard both financially and personally. I have had to accumulate a number of student loans and hold a full time job to ensure my children are taken care of. I would tell myself to wait until I have completed my graduate degree to have children, both to help financially and personally. Financially because any money going towards my children could go towards my student loans, however for now I must find other ways.


I would tell myself to really look for scholarships!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college it would be to stick with it and not get distracted with other things going on in my life. I regret not finishing my massage therapy program. If I could do it all over again I would make college more of a pirorty and would have worked harder in my classes. If this would have happened I would have a completly different life to this day.


I have gotten many things out of my college experience so far and I am only a freshman. The thing I'd like to focus on is that at Ashford University I feel like an adult. The feeling of responsibility and respect is the best feeling. My teachers in high school treated me like I didn't know anything. In college, I actually feel like an adult and that I have good ideas. This is very important to me because it makes me try harder because it affects my reputation as an adult and student. It has been very valuable to attend because this is the time that everyone will focus on in the rest of my life. Strangers will ask me where I attended school and what I majored in. Now that I have been realizing that I am an adult and will be respected along with my ideas, I try harder to act like an adult and take the responsibility given to me. This is extremely important fo rthe rest of my life because it will prepare me for the responsibility I must take on when I have a job and a home to take care of.


College really gets you ready for the real world. Because the teachers tell you here you can do this or not, you can show up or not. Its up to you to make the right choice. You really start to find out how is ready to move on with their life's. Thats what I have learned from being in college.


So far my experience going back to school after 8 years has been the most rewarding, more so than the time spent at a classroom during my college years. Having the opportunity to work from home at my own pace, has giving me the freedom to continue my life and lifestyle without major interruptions. Accomodating to my needs in order to fulfill my dreams and my academic goals present a great value in my life. It has re-vamped enthusiasm to not only complete my major, which is Child Development but also add a minor in Psychology, as well as, plant the idea to continue further and go after my Master's in Education. Attending school may have come once again as a way to bring a meaning to my life, who would have thought that all this time I was holding myself back, due to economic problems and personal issues. The beginning of my personal fulfillment as an individual has started again with my re-enrollment in school.


My college experience has given me a greater divergency of scope on the world and in my career. Increasing my knowledge and experience has propelled my ability to understand and has given me the opportunities needed to apply principals and interactions as a professional. These rewards from education has proven to be valuble in all aspects of my life including a greater sense of self and increased self esteem.


I have received good advice from my instructors on such subjects as Psychology and English. It has been valuable for me to attend Ashford University because I found that they offer the type of cirriculum I was looking for and school is online.


My college experience at Ashford University has been invaluable. I have learned so much, so quickly, and with the excellerated courses I will be completing my degree very sooon. I will be pursuing my Masters degree in the fall and cannot thank Ashford enough.


I have learned how to juggle my work, school and home life. I must say it's been difficult. I learned how to have better patients with people and the things life throws at you. I have set a great example for my son by showing him I'm chasing my dreams to make things easier for our family. He talks about what he's gonna do when he go's to college which makes me very proud.


I am a freshman at Ashford University, and so far college has been the best experience of my life. Class sizes are decent and I have met so many people here and I have found my best friends. already! College to me is a step towards your future and it is definitely a big deal to attend college. College will change your perspective on life and people and you can make your own decisions and be an adult! Ashford University has definitely made a big impact on my life already and is definitely starting my future of great! Attending college has definitely been a big part of my life and it is very important to attend college!

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