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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


A good education is the mighty sword that we need, to battle the hard times we face finding the right employment. I have received so far an abundant of knowledge, that other wise I would have never achevied if I didn't enroll in school. I am in my education journey, because as a good parent, I want to set an example and have a good foundation for my children to follow.


I have become more reliant on myself and on my abilities to succeed in school. I have learned that a poor high school experience does not mean that one is not destined to a higher education.


I have learned a lot from Ashford. I have learned what kind of learner I am and also the way we think as human beings. Over the last 6 weeks I know Ashford is the right school for me. I can learn at my own pace and yet have time for my family. My goal from Asford is to get my masters in Early Childhood Education. Once I am able to teach kids, I want them to look back and remember me as the one of the best teachers they ever had!!


What i have gotten out of college so far is knowlege is power and the fine balence of time management when you are working full time and going to school full time. I love interacting with my teachers and my fellow classmates.


I have learned how to push myself and to try and remain focused on my goals of obtaining my Bachelors degree in Accounting. I continue to learn new things everyday, while struggling to find the time to study. Receiving my Bachelors degree will help me take care of my family, so that we are not having to continually struggle to just make it by day to day.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is I made the dean's list for the Summer of 2010. Being 40 years old and disabled, this is quite the accomplishment for me and I am proud of myself. This gives me the extra boost that I need to know that what I am doing is a big thing and that I will be able to help others once I have obtained my degree, which is my goal.


I am a female veteran of the US army and I am a single mother of two teenagers, who is striving to acquire my degree in sociology so I can help make a difference. I love to help guide people in the right direction in life. I would like to see everyone succeed and encourage them to be the best person they can be. Ashford University is preparing me to do just that. I have learned to adapt in a diverse enviornment and have met life long friends.


I have learned how valuable it is to set attainable goals for my children to see me reach.I am a single mom with 3 girls at home and I want to show them it is never too late to pursue your dream.I am able to take it one step at a time,and it felt so good when I got my first A,I realized,I am important enough to finish my degree.It is not easy,but it is worth it,and as I tell my children,"Anything worth being proud of is worth working for!" Thank you for this opportunity at a chance to make my life better for me and my girls. Mildred Suzanne Teesdale


College is my life. I think college as been valuable to be my testing what I can do and cant do. College has been an good expreience for me, and has taught me a lot about myself. College as been a big part of me growing up, i cant have fun like i use to i have to keep my head in the books. so i can be the person my younger siblings can look up to and say my big sister did it so i can do it. Instead of giving up. So thats how college has been valuable to me.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that in this time of century a degree would be easy, convenient, and have more freedom in completing your discussion questions, quizzes or class assignments and it is not a waste of time. It has been valuable to attend because I can complete my college in the comfort of my own home and there is many of ways to pay for my college courses and books with out even paying it back. It also have been valuable to receive a promotion on a job or even apply for a job that I really want and enjoy to work for, along with the experience. And college will enhance my career for a better life style.


I have learned to manage my time in order to balance my home life with school life. I have learned new aspect of the business world by taking Business law. I have also become skilled at Microsoft Office suite, which is pertinent in almost every business office environment. I have also learned that is a must not to plagiarize, and that every author deserves to be given credit for information used by students in research. It is never a wise idea to procrastinate because it will significantly affect grades.


I have got so much out of going to college. My first two years I went to school on campus which is where I met my wonderful husband. College has helped me become the person I am today. It has helped me learn that I can do things on my own. When I moved to the dorms my sophmore year of college, I was scared. It was going to be the first time I was going to be away from my parents. But as time went by I learned that I could go to work and go to school and make sure everything was done on my own. I have taken a lot from college. And I am excited about what else I can take from it.


My college experience has given me an opportunity to make a difference in my life. College has helped me to learn and understand the path that I want to follow for myself. It has given me a chance to make something of myself. To prove that I can go into the world and make a difference whether it be for myself or for someone I do not even know. Attending college has opened so many more doors for me. It is giving me the choice to be what I want to be. I'am able to explore the options that college has presented for me. Attending college has given me an insight into what I want to do for the rest of my life and the path that I want to follow.


My college expereince started out a little rough. I went to a local college for a year and a half. While in that college, I was placed in remedial classes which I did not need. The classes just made me feel that I wasn't getting anything accomplished. My college academic career was going no where, so I dropped out. I took time off to work and figure out what to do with my life. After working for a few years as a daycare teacher. Although it's a fulfilling job, it doesn't pay very good at all. I made the decision to go back to school and my best option was online. I chose Ashford University because it had the major I wanted and also it is accredited and top rated. I love school now. I really feel like I'm accomplishing something. I have a very strong GPA (3.7) and I feel great about all of my classes. My new obstacle is money so I am applying for any scholarship I'm eligible for to make it possible for me to continue. Overall< Ashford has gievn me a brand new outlook on attending college.


I am working on finishing my degree so that I can reach out and help children and families in my community. I feel that my experience from living here as well as the life that I have lived will help me to better serve the families in my community that need help. The ability to provide them with resources that they can use to help make life better for them and their family. I will be able to help parents learn how to advocate for their children and what they need.


When I graduated High school it was recommended that I go to college. The problem I had was that I had no idea what I wanted to do, so college wasn't that important to me. I partied to much and had no drive, so I droped out. I was working at my minium wadge, part-time job for almost a year, and one day I woke up and said to myself that I do not want to do this for the rest of my life. I saved up to get back into Lake Land Community so that I could make my grades and get my GPA back up so that I could transfer to Eastern Illinois University. I wanted to transfer to EIU so that I could get into the R.O.T.C. program and I could get my college paid for. My experiance has taught me that what Ever I want to do, I can acheive if I put my mind to it.


This is my first semester in college so all of everythign I have learned so far is new to me and So far everything I have learned in the last 4 weeks has been very beneficial. I am learning a lot about college writing, I have learned that their is a huge difference in college writing and in everyday writing. I have also learned about motivation and learning types. This is an awesome learning experience especailly since I have been out of school for almost 9 years now. I am anxious and more then willing to learn more then I have ever been.


I have gotten different views of the world through learning many different topics from my college experience. I have also learned that people can make a difference in their community by going to college becuase they better educate which they then can go educate others. My parents never finished college and I have seen how important college really is; sure there are people who tel lyou that college isn't important but now, I don't believe them. College is one of the most important steps that a person can make because they learn more knowledge about the world as well as themselves. Attending college is very valuable because being able to learn new topics and seeing the world through different people's eyes, is always a pleasure. I would stay in school as long as I could because I just love to learn but finding a job and having money to live off of, is a little more important. I will always value my education in college and will continue to better myself so I can better others.


I'm working on my Bachelor's in Health and Human Services after receiving an Associate's in Executive Secretarial Science in 1977. Going to Ashford University on line has been the answer to my prayers!


Although, I have not yet attended college, the appliciant process has been quite an experience. I will be the first person in my household to pursue higher education. My dream/goal has been to become a high school history teacher and coach. I was diagnoised with Dyselexia in fourth grade, and because of that I want to show other young people, that it is possible to get a higher education, if you work hard, set goals and surpass them as I have.


I have learned a lot of things with my college experience. I have learned self discipline, gained knowledge about the business world, the different laws for any type of organization. The significance of human resources, the proper way to plan. I am a volunteer program coordinator for an educational department. With all the coordinating and planning I have to do, the classes I have taken not only showed me the proper way to do the paper work, not only how to set up the projects to where they do not violate certain laws, but how to implement the programs to where they are efficient and effective. These classes helped me a lot, all the information obtained helped me with my planning of a new interactive learning program, fitness program, and the strategy best suited for the online high school diploma program I am currently working on. College has been fun and challenging, it teaches me how to manage my time, how to properly type a paper whether for an essay or a grant proposal. The experience has matured me and prepares me for my future.


There are many reasons why college was very valuable to me as a person. First, I learned at a young age that the more education you receive, the better chances you have of keeping a job you will love for the rest of your life. I am the first person out of my family to attend college, my father did not even finish middle school and my mother barely got her diploma in high school. Niether parent believes in a college education, describing it as a waste of time and money. Both of my parents have been living every day of their lives reminding me of how much they hate their jobs. I always think that if they had just gone to college, they could of attained the degree and knowledge they need to be experts in the careers where they could of been very happy. I am single mom with a 16 month son and it is often difficult, working full time, taking care of a baby full time, and then paying and attending school full time. I live on my own and it can be stressful but I know its worth it. College changes lives for the better.


I learned from college the necessary skills to get a job in my field. I am smarter and more confident because of the classes I completed and hope to learn more in my last two classes. I have learned the terminology, how to help people with their problems and I would like to see improvements in them day by day because of my clients work.


I have gained many experiences by going to college. The most important experience I have had is meeting new people from various walks of life. By neeting mew people I was able to get a close look at various life stlyes, religions and so much more. This also gave people the opportunity to learn more about me as well. It has been valuable to attend college because persuing and education and then using my education to help others is very important to me. People will be able to lead better lives because I was able to help them. The knowledge that I gain while attending college cannot be exchanged , it will last me a life time.


I have learned a lot about myself and how to work around my schedule to study. I have also learned that it is important to go to school and make something of yourself. I will not settle for a minimum job after I graduate. It is a blessing in desguise that I have found such a wonderful college. This college has opened my eyes and ears to learning.


College showed me my true potential, and helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. Throughout my college experience, I have always been able to succeed. I held a 4.00 through two years of community college while majoring in science and taking difficult courses such as organic chemistry and calculus. Through Minnesota's Post Secondary Enrollment Option, I graduated with my A.S. and highest honors at the age of 17. This accomplishment showed me I was cut out for science, and helped me choose chemical engineering as my major. I found it very encouraging to do so well in school, to have something that I excelled at. College thus far has brightened my whole future, and will continue to do so by providing opportunities for education, enrichment, and employment.


i havent attended college yet because of the lack of money i have but i plan on attending this semester. i deserve this scholarship because im a good and hard working student and im very dedecated on finishing my schooling to support my family in the philippines. thank you for all your help


Attending college has been a combination of pleasant, rare, fun, hard, sad, interesting and stressfull experience for me. I have learned to be alone, independent, have fun with friends, have fun alone, overcome and solve different situations on my own and with help. It has both positive and negative parts, but mostly positive since I learned to appreciate more, and that hard work really pays off. As an introvertive person, I have learned to open up and socialize because I had no choice. Growing up learning how to manage time and get ready for the "real life" has kicked butt until now but in a good way. I think is valuable to attend college because as hard as it may be, it will pay off little by little in small details you dont get to notice until some time has passed by, extending your knowledge and creating good friends and connections at the same time that will be helpfull in the future. Overall I am sincerely proud of the decition I made of coming to college.


Now that I am older, I value my education and I am very serious about learning. My grades are something that I have earned and hours upon hours of hard work goes into each assignment that I turn in. Learning and knowledge is something that no one can ever take from me. College has given me the opportunity to share with others, be more open-minded on different views, and to respect one another even when we cannot agree. My children see how important school is and what a high value I place on learning. I am hoping that they will adopt my mentallity when it is time for them to continue on to higher learning. After I receive my degree, I hope to share my knowledge with my community and to make a positive impact on everyone I come across.


I have gotten so much vital information out of my college experience. I have learned so much, and was able to finally decide on a major. Due to college, I learned about Audiology. I am planning on going to Audiology school after receiving an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology. I was not even planning on attending college, but luckily I did. I also learned the importance of hard work. Attending college has been a valuable experience to me because I know that some people are not able to attend. I also understand the importance of getting a good paying job, which a college education helps make possible. Attending college has been valuable to me because I can learn the skills I need in order to start a career and generate a good income.


College made it easier for me to choose what I would like to do later in my life. I learned alot about what I plan to do when I graduate. I hope to continue to learn and get more experience in my desired field of study.


I want to be everything my mother dreamed for me to be. And I want to be everything my son will ever need. I know that to accomplish this, I have to start with myself. The growth and discipline I have regained as an adult by attending classes has made me a better mother. I have learned to analyze and interpret again; lesson that dull over the years if we do not keep them sharp. I find myself teaching my son and learning from him. We have met on a new level because he looks to me as a student, just as he is. He is so curious about the topics I study and asks so many questions. I feel as though my return to college has sparked a true interest in learning for him. And if my choice to attend class gives him the motivation to focus better in his own class, then it is the best choice I could ever make.


A great education.


I have gotten out of my college experience just how important a college degree really is. I have not been in school in seven years, but Ashford helps in a way that I understand things. I am glad, in a way, that I waited this long to attend college or else I would not of found Ashford University. College is very valuable in a sense that everyone needs a college degree these days. It is so hard to find a good job with benefits without a college degree, plus it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you done it, you actually graduated college with a great degree.


I have learned alot so far but I still have 3 years to go so I will learn even more


In the Spring of 1998, I graduated as a PSEO honor student from both high school and college, and successfully completed an Associate of Liberal Arts Degree. That summer I enrolled in pre-nursing classes, with plans of obtaining an RN degree. However, just after I enrolled, I became pregnant with my first son. At that point, my husband and I decided that caring for our infant son while working part-time and going to school full-time was not the best option. Our family continued to grow, and we currently have four children, ages 4 to 11 years old. While my husband worked full time for MNDOT, I worked part time as a Licensed Daycare Provider. Finally, in January of 2010, I was able to enroll in the Nursing Program at HCC, in Hibbing, Minnesota. Things have changed since I attended college 11 years ago. There are more opportunities to learn, including online classes. I can carry full-time credits with campus classes only 2 days per week. Finishing my education is essential to our family's financial health, and it would not be possible if not for the opportunity that online classes provide, in addition to financial aid.


College has not been an easy road for me. Graduated high school in 1992 and haven't been back to school until 2009. That is a 17 years away from school. I always heard the statistics of not finishing college the longer you wait after graduating high school are worse, meaning the odds are against you the longer you wait to go to school. My dream has always been to be a lawyer. I am determined for myself and my family to be a successful college graduate. I want to set a good example and be a good role model for my children also, that is so important to me. I may be one of the oldest students in my class but thats ok. Someday when I walk across the stage to accept my college degree that will be the greatest day of my life! I have taken so much from my college experiences and my professors who have done nothing but encourage me every step of the way. I enjoy college very much and the learning experiences and people I have met along the way from the college staff to my online classmates has been invaluable.


The main thing that I have gained from the college experience is confidence. I am a housewife, a mother of three, and also have a bipolor disorder which for the most part has precluded me from accomplishing even the smallest goals. The support of my family and the assistance from the staff at Ashford University (especially the Disability Center) has ensured success in my educational endeavers. Prior to enrolling at Ashford University, my bipolar condition kept me in and out of the hospital. Regardless of the goals I set, the end results were failure. A new doctor, support and encouragement of family and friends, coupled with education has resulted in a formula that has kept me healthy. This is evident by my current 3.05 GPA I have since starting classes in September 2008. I am excited to tell you that I am expecting to graduate in September 2010. Furthermore, I have decided to further my education by making it my long term goal to achieve a Master's Degree in Psychology. I now have the confidence to pursue my dreams and to become the person I always knew I could be. I look forward to continuing my education.


I have gotten life skills that will help me to succced in life. The things that I have learnt have helped to shaped me in a better person so that I can function properly in life. I have learnt how to deal with and teach the next generation. Witout these skills one would not be able to cope properly.


I am so glad that I decided to go to college for the first time in thirty years. In life we have so many other things that we put before ourselves. I keep putting off going back to school so, I said to myself Cynthia what do you really want to do with the rest of your life. As I said earlier I was so scared when I first decided to go back to school. I was honored and pleased to have a student advisor who was really willing to guide me through this process. My instructor's are great and so are my classmates , we can honestly tell each other how to keep going on and, to never give up. Life throws you so may curve balls and there is always something else to do instead of going back to school. I am so glad that I took the plunge and dived in. My major is Psychology and the class that I have had so far are really interesting to me. I want to be a counslor when I graduate and help young people who feel like they are all alone.


The things that I have received from my college experience are patience, self-motivation, committment and perserverance. I know that it will take a lot of effort on my part, in order for me to succeed. I have learned to listen and become open to new ideas. I accept constructive criticism, without getting upset. This experience has taught me to learn at my best and unlearn the worst, which allows me to grow substantially. Meeting new people and learning how to accept how they view ideas and concepts, teaches me how to respect what they have to say and reinforce new ideas of my own. We learn by listening, touching and observing with our eyes. This starts from infancy to adolescence but some of us just want more for our futures. This is valuable because I am prepared for my pathway to success. This experience will last a lifetime.


I have learned a lot about things in my business classes, especially relating to the economy, that I did not know. I have gotten to meet interesting people. I have learned a lot about the history of America that I did not know before. I have gained a lot of insight into the way businesses are run.


Never think that you are in this alone, every professor at your college has an interest in your success. With your family, friends, and the support of an entire college institution behind you, you cannot fail. Follow your dreams, never quit, take time to smell the roses, and dream big. The possiblilities are only limited by your own imagination. Don't push yourself so hard that you fall down and feel like you cannot get up again, life is a journey and the fun is the journey not the destination. Take your time getting there, there is no hurry.


I would tell myself how important it is to pursue a college education right away,with the current recession and job market you need to be as marketable as possible.It's unfortunate that I waited over twenty years to pursue my dreams,but I would tell myself it's never too late to make your dreams a reality and shoot for the stars because anything is possible if your willing to apply yourself.I would also tell myself how much easier it would have been to make the transition to college fresh out of high school.College is actually very exciting and knowing I'm opening new doors to my future helps me strive for excellence,Even as a single father my out look on the future has greatly improved


This question has often popped up on my long lists of, "What ifs?" What if I could talk to myself back then. I know I have made mistakes in my life, and I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not going to college right after I graduated was the biggest one. I told myself I was only going to take a year off. However, I guess, life happened. I got married, started having children, and ended up working jobs I didn't like. I guess this sounds like a lot of people. I put it off, in the first place, because I thought it was going to be difficult, and it is. However, knowing what I know now, that challenge really isn't as difficult. Therefore, I would go back in time to tell myself not to be discouraged.


By staying in college and continuing on to a 4 year college/university this would be a wise choice for a High school senior dicussion on succeeding in life. Especially with the new world of technology and other skills that need to be obtain before starting a career.


Focus can make all the difference when one sets out to achieve anything great. Anyone can see it all year round when he/she hears or sees a particular champion or team of champions rise to the top of any given sport and claim the coveted "Best of the Best" title of their time. Most admire success from people who devote their lives to a seemingly single purpose such as charity, public office, business and so on. The common denominator that drives them all toward their goal is focus. It is focus that allows one the motivation to keep pressing toward "the prize". Focus is the antidote to the failures which have often poisoned the minds of many up and coming people killing their chance of success and greatness. The tragedy here is that one often shifts their focus from the goal to their past failures. It is commonly known how difficult it can be to move forward when an individual can't take their eyes off of what is behind them. When I go back to my high school senior year I will remind myself how important focus is to my goals, my purpose, my dreams, and my life.


I would tell myself to go for don't wait, get your education and start a career. When your older this will be one thing that you can be very proud of yourself for accomplishing and hopefully will not have to struggle when you have children.


I would have strongly pushed myself to do research on grants and scholarships. Not to try to go to college is a major error in judgment. So many students have no idea what they want to be and I was one of them. If I had someone telling me that life is shorter than I realize and how pulling my head out of the dark would make my life easier when I was older and with children of my own, I would have tried harder to prove my parents wrong. However, I do not regret starting college at the age of 37. Not only does this give me the drive to finish, it also proves the point to my daughters. Going to college is a no brainer step in life that has to be taken if you want more than just life happening around you. Do you want more in life? Go to college anyway you can.


Knowing what I know now, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would persuade myself to go to college immediately after high school and get my degree. I would advise myself that an education is a terrible things to waste, and it ss a lot harder to pursue your education while married and with children. There will be time to socialize and hang out with your friends, education before fun!

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