Ashford University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take your time and research the campuses and their programs. Inquire about the curriculum and course load to make sure it fits with what you are looking for. Also, take the time to find out which colleges offer tuition discounts for unique situations. For example, my college offers a flat tuition rate for every class at a discount because my husband is in the military. Therefore, all of my classes cost a flat, discounted rate no matter what level of class they are. Once you are in college commit to studying hard. College is demanding, much like a job, as it requires time and effort in order to make the most of the experience. You will get out of it only what you are willing to give. By the same token it is rewarding and allows students to continue plunging forward toward the light at the end of the tunnel.


I would tell parents and/or students before choosen any college make sure the college offers what you need to furfil your degree choice. When you find the right school stay focused and always remember you will have some bad days along with good. Do not give up in the end it will all pay off.


Choosing a facility to further your education is a very difficult decision. It is not just something that can be thought about in a matter of minutes or days. This choice should take up to weeks or months. Do not ever choose a school based on the fact that your friends are going there. Choose a university that is right for you based on many different aspects. Whether or not you are social and want a big school to make numerous friends or if you want a small campus because it is a better learning experience. Choose a school that offers your interests in learning and social activities. These are what make colleges so much more exciting than what they seem. College is a privilege and every individual deserves an opportunity to pursue their education.


Take your time. Prepare early and take advantage of every opportunity afforded to you. Never take for granted you have everything under control stay in control.


There are several advice that I would give parents whose children will be attending college , the most important of these would be make sure the college is the right suit for your child. Also look into what kinds of scholarships and grants that are available. Take into account whether it would be cost effective to attend college in state or out of state. Take into consideration the best college in relations to your child's major. Remember to give your child some sound advice. As my mother always says "The college does not make you, you make the college."


The advice that I would offer to parents and prospective students is to make sure and thoroughly examine, as many schools as possible, to determine your final choice. The degree that you will receive is an important decision in the rest of your life's career. Not only is the cost important, but, the type of campus, learning environment, and future benefits of the university are critical to the total quality education for each individual. Most importantly, do not rush into any decision on the school choice you want to attend. Each parent and/or student should research, examine, network, and physically tour each school, under consideration, before making a final decision. The decision is considered to be one of the most important decisions an individual will make in their life time.


Make sure that it fits your wants and needs in a University. Keep looking if the first choice is not right for you.


I would have to say find a college that has all you want. If you want to play sports find a college were you can get your education plus play the sport you want to play. If you want just a good education find a college that will challenge you with all of your education needs. Make sure that you want to go to college before you go, because college is hard and demanding. I will tell you this it will be easier on you if you go to college right out of high school, because the longer you want the harder it gets.


Consider multiple options and apply for all the financial aid options that are available to you. Make a day to sit down with your family and go over all the paperwork. FAFSA is your best friend! Also, you can make it through all your classes. It seems difficult at first, but all you have to do is begin, and then before you know it, you'll be finished with it. Just keep going, and organization is key. Manage your time well so that you can balance school, work, family, and friends without hurting yourself financially or academically.


Be sure to visit different schools even one's you feel are not worth visiting. You will find that smaller universities are friendly and make it more enjoyable while learning. There are more hands on and one-on-one contact in all of your classes. Remember you will be there the next four to five years so you might as well enjoy it.


You have to make sure it is right for you or you will not last.


Really research each choice, see what others are saying about that college online and if you plan to attend at the campus, go and visit. I attend on-line and it is very different when you don't spend time at your school and have to get your work done without the structure of time, and classes. Find what works best for you.


When seeking the right college for someone certain ideas and advice come to mind. One should seek a college that has an aire of personal care and undretsanding for each individual student. A faculty that cares and actually responds to each student with the time and respect that they deserve. Pay attention to the signs as one goes through the admission process. Ask questions, whether they be little or too big to answer. Look for diversity. Diversity is beneficial to every single person because outside of that campus one may be at for four years or more, the real world is one big mixing pot and at some point or another everyone will have to deal with people from all types of religions, races, and backgrounds. Having that diversity around will also help to make individuals more tolerant and less stressed around ideas that they may not understand completely which could benefit their success in the business world. Be sure to ask about any available resources that can be used to help with completing the college degree in easiest possible way.; such as 24/7 tutoring, research search engines with academically correct sources, and around the clock technical help.


As a single mother of three children, I've realized how imperative it is to stay focused on your goals and to constantly review and revise your goals as you progress through your education. As you grow and mature intellectually your ideas and dreams will change and unfold and that can be a great motivator to attaining the end result. Life is all about growing and getting better everyday and when you have a network of other students and professors that are on the same page that you are and working towards similar goals in their lives, it's almost like having a second family. We all need that network of people to keep us sustained when the road seems less traveled and then we can still get up in the morning and push on and become.


Make sure that you feel ok with where you child is going to attend college.


Take your time and look into everything that the school you're looking into has what you want. Take advantage of your advisor's help whenever possible, because they are there to help you.


Don't be afraid of the unconventional--sometimes it's the best way.


My advice is hope you have all information needed to complete your major. This is my fifth attempt at college because I always have been given bad advice in how many credits I need. I teach physical education with a certified teacher in my class at all times. I am a high school basketball and volleyball coach because of my experience I just need that piece of paper to get my Bachelors in education.


Choose a school that meets your academic needs.


The best advice I can give perspective students and/or parents is to research several schools before making a choice. If possible, you should visit the campus during both the day and night to see what the true environment is like. If the colleges have online forums, I would also read the comments to determine if there are unseen problems that may affect your decision. Look at all of the pros and cons and make an informed decision and not an impulsive one.


For parents with prospective applicants for colleges, at some point to sit down with their children and not pick the college of their choice (the parent's choice or alma mater), but find what suits your child the best. Most kids don't know so that in their confusion parents may have to do their own investigating. Parents should take the time to sit and go over questions, comments and criticisms as to what campuses their child would choose and visa versa, where this is time consuming it can give the student a better perspective on what he may want. For students in search of the ideal school, no school is perfect and have high expectations. Meeting deadlines and time management are two of the most essential and vital issues associated with school because studying habits change. The freedom away from home (if the choice is on campus situation) allows new choices and liberty to do what you want when you want. Give it your best shot and try to achieve the highest goal possible and there will be limitless possibilities.


Advice that I would give to other students is to be dedicated and motivated to learn. The course that I am taking is the online degree course and it can be hectic at times but the best advice I can give is to stick with the studies. If students continue and not focus on the fast pace learning experience they will benefit in the end. The number one thing I found beneficial to me in my learning experiences is never be afraid to ask. The more questions asked is the more knowledge learned. I chose Ashford University for their reputation and commitment to their students future success. I researched many colleges and Ashford was the college that best suited my needs and made me feel special. Their admission advisors are awesome and they show concern for the students needs and interests.


If I could give any advice it would be research, research, research. You truly do not know what is going to be the best school for you until you get all the facts that you need in order to make the best decision. You cannot allow athletics and popularity be the only determining factor during your search. You must ensure that the educational environment will suit your learning styles in an effore to put you in the best position to be successful in completing your degree program. Once you are a student get involved! There are so many different types of people and cultures that you can only learn from their lives and experiences, whcih in turn will enhance your learning experience as an undergrad. Also, being involoved will allow you to have more than just academics to add to your resume when it is time to graduate and begin the job search. Good Luck!


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college is to research each prospective college for the type of curriculum that will be the most compatible for the students needs. If the student is involved in any activites, look into those activities before making a final decision. To make the most out of the college experience be willing to devote more time to studies out of the classroom than is even required, but take many breaks to avoid burnout. Dedicate yourself to the learning process and embrace the experience! Learning is a never ending journey, never stop!


The best advice that I could give is for the prospective student to make visits to the schools you are interested in. This way they will find out about the community the school is in. Do not choose a school just because of it's name. Choose the school on how comfortable the staff makes you feel, whether you like/dislike the class size, and most importantly if the education you will receive from the school is worth the time, effort, and money you will need to put into it. Choosing a school and how well you do there will affect the rest of your life. It is not a decision that should be rushed into. Research the choices and choose the school that allows you to accomplish your goals without changing the person that you have become. The perfect school will enable you to be yourself, yet guide you in achieving your education. Remember the best school might not be the biggest in the nation, so always leave your options open. If you visit a school and feel comfortable with the staff, students, community, and price that you will pay then you probably have found the school to attend.


It took me 15 years from the age of 18 to finally go back to school and earn my degree. I choose Ashford because the curiculum and financial portions seems reasonable and attainable. I feel I learn more and more each time a take a new class. I can not wait to have my Bachelors and brag to everyone that Ashford University made it possible for me to be a better more professional woman in todays society.


My advice to anyone for finding the right college would be to look for one that supports your needs financally and acidemically. Find a university that you feel comfortable with and one that have very skilled professors. Enjoying your learning environment is definitely a positive in making your college carreer a success.


I would make sure that you as a parent allow your child to choose a college that they can relate to and feel comfortable, because the first year can be very touch on students, it can make you or break you.


Don't stop at the first school that tickles your fancy. Look at many schools, athletic programs, academic programs, classrooms, and evaluate all of it together. Start early and make no rash decision.


Take the time to find not only the right college, but the best college. College is about being apart of a community, come and join us.


Finding the right college is a major decision that is very personal. Relax, allow yourself time to research different schools. The college your friend went to may not suit you. Think about things like if you want to live on campus or attend online. You know yourself better than anyone. Figure out your basic wants; compile a list from the library and internet or bookstore of accredited colleges that reflect your needs. Now it?s time to talk to an advisor. Careful now, some advisors are great salespeople. Advisors should be helpful, not pressuring. Advisors will guide you and help with overall costs, financial aid/loan availability, transferred courses, etc. Feel free to ask advisors questions about campus life, online programs, and diversity. With this information, you can visit the colleges or do virtual tours online and start applying. To make the most of your college experience, you will need to find a balance between your social life and academics. With the right school, curriculum, and desire to reach your goal it will be personally rewarding. The results of your decision will affect you for the rest of your life, so make a sound decision about your education.


Finding the right college can often be a stressful and nail-biting experience. Many hours are spent deciding which colleges to apply for, and which one to eventually attend. Having experienced this myself, my greatest advice would be to follow your heart. Don't do what others are doing, or go somewhere for the name or location. Go to a place that makes you happy. Most of the classes, teachers, and other students are going to be the same where ever you go. So instead to a college that you may be unhappy with down the road, go to a place where you truly feel comfortable. Life is more about experience than anything. Thats why we go to college. To obtain experience. Thats what employers want, and thats why it is so important. It is expensive, and time consuming, but completely worth all the tears and fears.


If you really want it, you can make it happen no matter what, you just need the power to move on it.


The choice to make for attending college is very important, there are many questions you should ask before making the final decision. In considering your field of study, make certain your choices of colleges offer what you are looking for. It is wise to talk to an Academic COunselor, with their knowledge and information, many of the questions you need aswered, will be. Check with the finacial aid office, there are some avenues they can pursue for you and others they will advise to you that you may be able to secure. Please consider your need of housing as well, many locations have housing on campus and suitable housing off campus. Please consider if you are in need of parking on or near campus, some require fees or permits to use these facilities. The decision you make i for your future, choosing the right one will help you attain your goal. To learn is progress, an education is valuable, together they are priceless to one's mind.


Be willing to work hard and believe in yourself when discouragement starts to creep in.


Do as much research as possible. In the research process, make sure you speak with actual students and ask them the questions you want answers to.


To take college serious and do your very best. It is the starting point to the future.


College searches doesn't have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. Students need to examine their self and the reasons for going to college before they start their search. These are helpful questions: Why, really, are you going? What are your abilities and strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you want out of life, something tangible or intangible? Think about the people in your life who are happy and successful and find out where (and if) they went to college. Ask the same about "famous" people.


Look for the college that has an interest in what you want to do. Find one that will get you to your career quickly and affordably without any run arounds. Tell them what you're looking for and find the ones that deliver. Don't deal with all the little loops, cut to the chase.


I believe that the most important thing to remember in your search for the the right college is that the college must fit into your life. I am a non-traditional student, returning to studies after having a career and a family. I had to find a college which would work into my busy schedule as a business owner, a mother, a wife and a volunteer. I found this in a college which allowed for me to earn a degree completely online. That college is Ashford University in Iowa. I have been thrilled that I have been able to continue with all the important things in my life, and add college courses as well. This December, I will earn my bachelor's degree. There is no way this would have been possible without the convenience of online courses. By finding a college which fit well with my busy lifestyle, I was able to complete my educational goals.


When choosing a college the parents/student should search for the school where the student can succeed and have support in their journey toward earning their degree. This would give the student the drive to do well and study hard. The school should have a variety of extra-curricular activities in which the student is interested in order the student can have time to enjoy oneself as well as be social. The best advice I could give prospective students and parents of college bound students would be to search for the most suitable college for not anyone else but for them or their child, with the desire to become a more educated and determined person.


Make sure the finances are in place before starting the school.


Study hard


I would advise parents and students alike to get as much information about the college or colleges that they or their children plan to attend. Information to consider would be degree's offered, housing and financial cost, and tutoring programs.


Just do it.....If I can go back to college anyone can!


As an adult student I wanted ti find a college which would provide me with a great education, committment and affordabilty. I found this at Ashfor University. I would suggest that you take your education experience serious and apply yourself in every class. Learning is priceless, reach your goals!


I think that the best advice to give to someone about finding the right college and making the most of the experience is to try and have some idea of how far they plan to go. I personally chose Ashford online because I work full-time and have three small children, it worked best for me. I graduated with a 4.0 but it was not easy. College is something you really have to want to do. You need to know what you want to achieve in the end and choose a school that is most likely to get you to your goal. To get the most out of the expierience you really should participate as much as possible with your peers and your instructor. Life is short and deciding how you want to live it depends largely on who you choose to become, so choose wisely.


Visit the college before ever deciding to go to it.


Colleg is very important because it allows you to be all that you can be. By receiving a good education, it can allow all your dreams to come true. I went to college 17 years ago and receive my AAS degree and here I am again, back in school to better my knowledge and expand on my eduaction. I am 38 years old and I am still making new goal and going back to school to achieve them.


The advice i would give to the parents is to have patients and explore the options and research the credentials of the colleges and the students to be satisfied. And evaluate each college deparment on the concentration to see which school has the stronger goal to achieve for students.

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