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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make sure that the degree program is appropriate for the student.


The sky is your limit. You don't necessarily have to know what you are going to college for. I believe you find yourself when you are out on your own and trying new things. Have an idea of what you like to do and understand your interests, and find the best college to fit those needs and wants. Make a list of what you would like to get out of your college experience and compare it to different college brochures and websites. Visit the schools, set up admission interviews, and go with your instinct. If you have a friend or acquaintence, set up a time you can visit with them and possibly stay the night; that way you get a real feel for the "college life" stay. Basically, you have to do your own research and not necessarily by hearsay. Ultimately, this is where you will be living, dining, socializing and most important getting an education. So, it is up to you to make the choice and take your time to do so. From someone who has been there, I wish you the best of luck!


The advice I would give parents and students is that you should check several colleges background before choosing a particular college for yourself or child/children. First, check to see how long that college has been establish, the creditability in the states, and the history. Second, make sure that the student is going to college for the right reason not for just parties, because a friend is at this college. Let them know that this is for them to get a quality education. Thirdly, check the cost of the college with other before enrolling. The cost of college can run pretty high. College is a place for learning not playing around. Also make sure you check out the dorms and food areas. The walking distance for night classes, the security on campus after a certain time of the day. You should ask about the academics, curriculum, and work study. Work study would help pay for college to cut down on students loans. You can never give enough information about college because it just like the very first day of pre-school. You are starting all over again.


As both a parent and student I would tell students to give highschool all they have. Often times young adult high school students do not think that the way they perform in school will impact them as adults or in college; however, I struglled for the first few years of my college degree due to the lack of motivation I applied to my highschool days. As a parent I would tell other parents to ensure that the college decision is a group one. Parents often times have hopes and dreams for there children and really push the child to be what it is the parent wants them to be. Children do not always want to be what it is there parent wants the to be. Parents should except that everyone has different dreams in life and as a parent it is our responsibilty to suport our children in whatever career or school path they chose.


Keep an open mind and follow your hopes and dreams. Work hard and It will come to you.


Research everything and always look at more then 1 choice.


The best advice I can give to students entering school is to take advantage of every oppertunity you can while enjoying life to it's fullest.


My best advice would be to really do the research. Going to school and gaining an education is a huge commitment. Make sure that you are getting the best value for your money and that the educational experience is in alignment with your goals and aspirations. Put forth the effort necessary to learn and keep in mind that each class you take and each skill you master isn't completely about gaining a degree, but has more to do with keeping yourself a life-long learner. Seek out a school environment that promotes that.


Make sure you do alot of reseach on alot of colleges and have fun, I know college is about work and getting your degree but you have to take time out to enjoy your college life because it will be over before you know.


I would advise them to be clear about what their needs and desires are. College should be experimental and still have parameters within which a student can delve, explore and find what it is, that makes them a unique thread of the tapestry being woven. Be careful of debt. Give yourself and your parents permission to fail.


Make sure that which ever you choose that you are willing to commit to a long term investment. Make sure that no mater what find the one that fits most of your needs.


Pick a college that, of course, offers the curriculum and education you are seeking, but out of the colleges that offer that, find the one that matches YOU as a student. If you're from a small town like I am, going to a huge state university can feel overwhelming- why I chose a school that has a rural setting with small class sizes. Before picking a school be sure to visit the campus to get a feel for it- you can be enrolled at the best educational school in the country, but if you're not happy with your surroundings you won't be happy studying for 4+ years!


Let your children pick their major, don't pick it for them. Make sure they have the passion and desire to make it through their degree program.


pick the right one for and make sure its affordable!


My first advise to everyone is to not make the mistake not attending college right out of high school. The chance of ever going then is not very good. Next, I tell them to figure out what kind of education the student wants to recieve and where. I then let them know that there are an abundance of resources to finance the education along with scholarships. Also, never to worry about how much they might have in loans because it is truly and investment on the future, and they will make that back a million fold. The other comparison I make for them is that they might go finance a $50,000 car with zero return and not think twice. There are so many ways to make the most out of college and the experience. First and foremost is to make the grade. Secondly get involved in anyway that one can. The joys and learning of college really are outside of the classroom. You receive another form of eduaction there. Lastly, I have found your best lifelong friends come from college.


Get it done while your young! Don't waste your money on college by NOT taking the time to study and learn. Try to figure out your life's direction before your mid-20's -even if you change your mind later. Never feel too old to learn. Don't forget to care of people first, build a good character, develop good ethics, and do what's right.

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