Ashland University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were dedicated, driven, and hard-working.


Classmates are helpful and fun.


Many students are involved in AU's religious life. There are many different services throughout the week that students can attend and there are also religious life retreats and service projects for students to get involved in. Because the Ashbrook Program (political science and history majors) is such a huge academic program at AU, many students are politically aware and active and you will often overhear political discussions between students. In the dining hall, there are definitely clique tables. One one sided of the cafeteria is where you will find your student athletes. In the center is usually the theater and religious life students, near the back is where you will find the Greek Life students, and on the other side is the "free-for-all."


My classmates are nice, friendly, and outgoing.


Most classmates are mature and respectful; generally everyone listens to one another's opinions.


My classmates are very friendly, helpful and you are able to know each and every one in the class.


My classmates make the classes fun. Together, as a class, we engage in intellectually stimulating conversations that neither I nor the teacher may have provoked.


Focused on the class work.


Most are over achievers with a bad superiority complex.


Good people


My classmates are focused, driven, hard-working individuals who have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to do in life, as well as how to get those things.


They are motivated academically and participate in an assortment of campus activites. Each student is involved in several different clubs or programs.

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