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Ashland's mission statement is "Accent on the Individual," meaning that they stress the importance of each student. Whether it is the small classes or dedicated teachers, each student is given the opportunity to feel important and needed on campus. It isn't hard for one to establish him/herself at this school because there are so many opportunities to both get involved and express themselves.


I considered a total of 7 schools - 6 smaller, private universities, and 1 lager, public university. Ashland falls into the first category, and I found it far superior to the other 5 that I looked at for a number of reasons. It really does give a high level of personal attention. Ashland had a very friendly atmosphere. Even as a freshman, I am involved in a lot of different activities, both professional and social. Ashland has the best Recreation Center that I had seen. And, as an added bonus, has some of the best food in the country!


It is smaller than most colleges and it makes it easier to go around, and compared to other schools I considered, their programs seemed to fit my interests and getting to classes is much easier because every building is no farther than a four-minute walk.


Small classes. I really had the opportunity to get to know my professors.


Most professors are willing and able to work with each individual student on more personal levels than other colleges.


Our school is small and there is a low student to teacher ration. We have nationally ranked dining services, and a close-knit community on campus and in the surrounding town. There are opportunities to be involved in many different things on campus and there is a large variety of organizations and groups.


The location. I considered alot of schools down south.


There are small class sizes and no huge lecture halls. This allows a better student teacher relationship and really helps the students learn much better. Also, the campus is a dry campus, therefore there is no pressure at all to drink alcohol to fit in.

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