Ashland University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Ashland University has a great education program and professors are willing to do almost anything to help you succeed. As an education major, you are in a field experience your freshman and sophomore years, where at other universities, you do not participate in that until junior or senior year. AU is known for their education, business, and nursing programs. They do a great job of preparing their students for the future. As a bonus, Ashland University's dinning hall has been award winning for many years! The food is amazing!


I do not brag about anything from my time at Ashland besides the fact that the whole student body had a great bond. The teachers cared about the students and the class sizes were awesome! I loved the food too.. nationally ranked!


When I tell my friends about my school I tell them how small and easy it is to navigate. I let them know that the atmosphere is very welcoming.


Ashland University is nationally ranked for their food service! The food is absolutely delicious! I eat healthier when I am at the university, then I did at home. Each week there is a menu so students can plan out their meals for the next week. There is also a nutrition analysis that is available online and students can monitor how many calories they consume each week, and other nutrition information.


Classroom sizes can be as small as five people.


Beautiful campus, great business program (I'm a marketing major) and internship opportunities, and award-winning student dining.


It is very focused for future educators. Very strong education program.


The food was great. I believe the cafeteria was ranked number one out of any school in the country for several years. It is also an extremely friendly place. I met some of the best friends of my life at Ashland University.


Nationally recognized football team.


Out track program is one of the best programs in the nation year in and year out. Also. we have one of the best education programs in the nation! (and the student dining program is amazing!)


The Finance major and Eagle Investment Group


The food here has been rated among the highest in school across the US.

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