Ashland University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who wants a small, conservative school would be the best candidate, as most classes have around twenty students. Students who want one on one attention from their professors would also be great candidates. Friendly students help to make Ashland a great school for me, and it is very easy to meet new people everyday. Since Ashland is a small school it is easy to know a lot of students that go there.


Ashland University is the school for you if: -You want a school that's small, but not too small. -You want to be involved starting your freshman year - whether it's in sports, clubs, religious groups, or Greek life. -You want personal attention from your professors. -You want to go to a school with a friendly atmosphere. -You want leadership and professional opportunities, starting your freshman year.


Ashland's athletics and academics are both rigorous programs. Our division II teams are some of the top ranked teams and over 50% of the students attending Ashland participate in some kind of sport. Ashland is also well known for their teaching program, so prospective teachers will receive a top notch education degree that will be highly renowned throughout Ohio.


A person that is focused on their academic career and that strives to develop life time friendships and networks.


The kind of person who should attend Ashland University is a person who is serious about their education. If a student is struggling with course work, the teachers and tutors are available to help and answer questions. Many scholarships are also awarded each year to hard working students. Students who want to get involved in school organizations should also attend Ashland University, because there is an organization for very type of student. There are many resources and opportunities available to students, and my school is a place where an individual can make a difference.


Those who attend this school should be driven by great ambitions and seek a good education. This is not a campus to sleep through classes and slack off on homework and studying. The large cost of tuition should productively reel in those who seek a good education at whatever cost and therefore reduce the chance of failure among students. The slogan for this school is ?Accent on the Individual? which stands true due to the personal interactions with professors and the small professor to student ration in the classroom. The professors are really looking for success in their classroom.


Career driven, academically driven, athlete


People who like to be friendly, and who want others to care about them and their success.


Anyone could do well here. Especially if you're interested in business or education - Ashland is known for those programs. Internships and co-ops are available and important for our programs.


A person interested in a community, excellent professors, good friends, and someone who can make their own fun.


someone who is looking for small class sizes with intimate settings. but plan to pay 15 grand per year.


A person that wants to work hard and is ok with the small town feel on their college campus.


Ultra conservative. Someone who prefers to major in business or education because those are the prominent majors at this school. Other programs of study don't get nearly enough attention or finances.


I laid back person who wants to mostly focus on school and not partying.

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