Ashland University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are many great things at Ashland University; the best thing by far is the opportunities the Nursing program has to offer. Ashland University has just built a state of the art nursing facility off campus in Mansfield; the nursing campus as the best patient stimulators, and equipment. Also, while attending Ashland, I have the opportunity to preform my clinicals in the some of the best hospitals around. All the things that the Ashland University nursing program has to offer is the best thing the university has to offer.


The best part of Ashland University is the education department. Ashland has one of the best education programs in the state. There are many oppurtunites for students. Students get many diverse experiences that will be able to apply to their own classrooms. There are many opportuinties to student teach in unique places. Finally, schools are more likely to hire teachers with an Ashland University.


The best thing about Ashland University is that the classes are all pretty small in size (15-30 people) and therefore everyone gets a chance to become involved in class discussions. Also because of the small class sizes, the professors are more apt to treat everyone like an individual and give everyone the help and attention they deserve.


The food and the campus itself were the best parts about Ashland. I made a lot of great friends and will continue to keep in contact with a lot of my professors!


The best thing about my school is that it is small and it makes it easy to get around. It beats living on a larger campus because some buildings could be even farther away than 10 minutes. Here, everything is close together, making it very easy to get around.


The faculty (at least in the biology & chemistry depts) are extremely personal and caring. They are excellent teachers/instructors/communicators, they are encouraging and push their students. they have also shown tremendous care for their students' personal wellbeing and academic achievement


Ashland University has a very good community around it and the people here are always so kind and accomodating. Also, Ashland is not an enormous school but not super small either, so it is about the perfect size for me! Finally, many of the buildings on campus are very new and well taken care of, and the food is very, very good!


The cafeteria and it's cafeteria ladies.


The small class sizes and the great teacher student communication avaliability.


The community of the people and the support that they provide - students, community members, faculty, staff, local churches etc.


The professors are great. They are more than just teachers. They are definitely people I will keep in touch with.


The food is the best thing on campus. Ashland serves the most amazing meals and you are completely satified with it each and every year you are there. The cooks are just great at it and I don't think there was ever once I was disapointed with something I ate.


THe food.


I think the amount of updated tech nology and ideas and teachings offered. Everything on this campus is state-of-the-art so we are using software and tech that is up to date with most offered in the real world. Very effective when trying to find a job that we know these items and are being taught them effectively by our professors.


Small class size because you can really interact with the professors and learn .


The food and the closeness of the faculty and students.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes; it allows the professors to focus on you as an individual rather than a student ID number.


the majority of the professors are approachable and will work with you rather than leave you on your own to fail miserably, they want you to succeed.


Small classes with very personal interaction with professors.


Small class sizes


I love the atmosphere of the school. Its in the middle of ohio but it feels like its in New England. Its beautiful and welcoming.


The size-not too big, but not tiny either.


The friendliness of the town, faculty, staff and students.


Small scale and intimate campus. You can walk to class in 3 minutes and everyone you see you've seen before.


I believe that the class sizes and the variety of classes are the best thing about Ashland. The classes sizes never exceed 30 people and we are encourged to take classes in the intrests of history, religion, art and much more.

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