Assumption College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a welcoming, fun, but serious about education, institution in a well organized community.


Assumption College is a welcoming college that invites opportunity and diversity.


Assumption College is very driven for it's students and is very welcoming to all students that attend.


School is very encouraging toward students to succeed and do well.


Friendly. People are willing to help if asked. Liberal School with a wide diversity of faculty and activities. So many resources available. So many things to do.


It is a welcoming but small community based school.


Assumption College is a life changing experience that one would not regret.


Assumption College is a school that is wonderful to attend, and has wonderful people in its campus.


Assumption College is a place where students will mature physically and spiritually.


Small, easy to get around, and great professors.


Assumption College is a four-year, Catholic college that offers a variety of liberal arts majors and minors, and it is focused on forming the person first, rather than the worker.


Assumption College is a community.


Assumption College, is a welcoming, faith based community that teaches its students to help others and to strive to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives.


Assumption College is a welcoming school with a friendly, comforting atmosphere and creates a well-rounded person for one to grow into through acedemics and other various activities.


Great learning and living environment.


Assumption college is an academically driven school of motivated young people.


Assumption College is a very friendly school, with a great atmosphere, as well as teachers and administrators that care deeply about the students and who will do their best to help them succeed.


Assumption College is a small tight knit community that has helped me grow stronger with my faith and has also broadened my horizons by providing me with a liberal arts education


Assumption is a community that welcomes you no matter who you are and where you're going, it allows you to find your niche and make yourself at home!


My school is one that has a great balance between work and pleasure.


A small, private college that incorporates academics, the outside world, good morals and ethics, as well as respect and kindness towards others.


Assumption College is a gerat place to discover who you are meant to be in a manner in which you can control.


My B.A. in English degree provided broad experience and support was excellent at Assumption College. I would recommend this school to anyone and it is a good school for those who get lost in the shuffle. My M.A. in Child and Family studies bridged my special interests and there was a working dialogue between the professor and myself, I could have been more happy and this helped me develop my interests of research, understanding a phenomena, thesis, and website. I am focused on my M.L. I. S. and I am interested in health profession and medical librarianship.


A healthy balance between traditional and progressive education set in a religious, safe, environment which feels like a community or family.


Assumption College is essentially a quasi-party school where the majority of students exert the minimal effort required of them, and a small minority work to their full potential.